• Location: Queens, New York
  • Favorite foods: any type of bbq-eggplant parmiagiana, great bagels, frogurt, any cheese and great desserts especially cupcakes (gee no kidding) & donuts, great cookies
  • Last bite on earth: all of the above

Hungry at night

Funny thing....I usually dont snack late at night..last night I did...snack was a chocolate fudge pop tart-only one.....felt virtuous after eating a mostly "green" dinner of broccoli rabe, escarole, asparagus and brussel sprouts with a slice of turkey.....

What's on the Easter table?

stuffed artichokes, asparagus cheese tart and a pork roast filled with apple raisin stuffing, salad......dessert, cheesecake and a banana cream pie....Looking forward to eating more stuffed artichokes today!!! YUM!!!!!

The Nasty Bits: Trippa alla Romana

this is one of my favorite dishes of all times.....YUM!!! I like the tripe firm and a bit chewy....rather than mushy...again...YUM!

I love Trader Joes

definately the frozen chocolate croissants, their cheese selection, hummus is the best by far, frozen artichoke hearts, olive oil, their brand Greek yogurt, some beautiful floral arrangements, dried fruit and nut mixes.....

Win the Valentine's Day Collection from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

dark chocolate& honey marshamallow ice cream or chocolate cherry cordial ice cream

We Try Every Winter Flavor from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

I'm gifted with this ice cream every Holiday..Some of the flavors I see that were sent to you, like the Icelandic cake, mango and kwi , magnolia and mochi and maybe one other are not listed on the Jeni's web site..I wonder why that is? Anyway, good eating, SE crew!!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

As is, or with figs and melons....

What was on your Thanksgiving plate?

I had to work yesterday-so when I went home, I didnt do traditional...I had lasagna, roast beef, roasted root veggies, mashed turnips, pumpkin cheesecake for .....

Columbus, OH: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Is The Real Deal

I get 4 pints every Christmas as one of my Christmas gifts....This year I had fun choosing: Black Forest, Bangkok peanut, Sweet Potato and marshamallow and goat cheese and figs....YUM!!! It is by far, my favorite ice cream...

Typical Weekday Breakfast

start out with 2 cups of coffee at 2 a.m.-then a Chobani &/or oatmeal and 2 pieces of fruit...spread out between 4 a.m.-8a.m.......

What is your favorite summer recipe?

I second what @WSLunch said as I ate that all summer but on great artisanal bread....YUM! Also braised greens in garlic, eaten cold with a splash or fresh lemon and olive oil...& lots of fresh also we barbequed alot....

Candy a Day: Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

these are addicting...I could eat an entire bag at one sitting!

Candy A Day: Mary Janes

My father loved these like 20 + years ago--and I liked them too....Now, not so much....It seems alot of nostalgic candy/cakes/cookies change but unfortunately, not for the better...

Taste Test: Supermarket Chocolate Ice Cream

@Ghostly-I've noticed that too-the 365 brand scores the lowest on all taste test comparisons-I wonder who does the taste testing for their company?

10 Must-Try Sweets in Paris

I want like 10 of these right now!

Cereal Eats: The Troubled Relationship Between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams

Golden them...

Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

Paula's cooking sucks? Said from a guy who ate unwashed warthog anus still covered in dirt and feces...!

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Pedestrian Cheeses

Hey guys, I'm surprised your forgot to review the umbilicus lint cheese & the Oompa-Loompa breast milk cheese. (found next to the Venezuelan Beaver Cheese in any Asian Market!)

It's so hot! Need Lazy food ideas

I hear ya..I've been living off fruit, frozen fruit bars, water, hummus and raw veggies...It is way too hot to cook and youre right-too lazy to chop veggies for a salad-so made some tuna salad the other day and am living off that...You can make scrambled eggs, tuna salad, sandwiches -on the days you have more oomph to cook-make a big pot of pasta using fresh veggies or whatever you like....
@les-had a good idea-grill enough chickien to eat off for a few days..

What is the most thoughtful food gift you've received?

Sorry for the double post but this sent itself before I finished--my most thoughtful food gift were actually gift certificates to Murrays Cheese, Russ & Daughters and a few other places in NYC...

What is the most thoughtful food gift you've received?

@matamua-your signature truffle beats all-the time and thought-oh, and the time (bears repeating) it took to think of and create something! WOW! That's some friend! Enjoy!

@Bananamonkey-Is it wedding time already? I remember when you announced in one of the threads that you got engaged! Time flies!

Are You a Food Blog Addict?

Definately yes~I've gotten many great recipes and also great cooking ideas from many.....

My latest food obsession...

This type of melon called Hami's a cross between Honeydew and canaloupe but refreshing..

@KarmaFree--try potato chips with cottage yummy

Difference between Chantilly, Pastry and Bavarian creams?

there is also something called "French creme" which is a combo of fresh lightly sweetened whipped cream and pastry cream (custard) -so so good, creamy and awesomely delicious!

Goodbye, Dumpling

Ive gone down this path before and it is never easy losing a pet because they are your family...I'm so sorry for your loss......

For the love of a Spaghetti Squash ...

I really wanna like spaghetti squash but everytime I seem to make it, it comes out "meh". So many people love the stuff. Cooking it properly is not the issue. I look at the naked spaghetti squash strands and think, "now what?" If you guys have some good recipes to share, I would love to give it another try. I am open to ALL tastes-sweet or savory, it doesn't matter...lay 'em on me, folks....Thanks :o)

Shout out to DHORST....

Dhorst-- I have made the "Orange Chicken" recipe you've mentioned once before & it was deeeee-lish! I lost the print-out of the recipe. Would you mind telling me once again where I can find this recipe so I make another copy? I would like to make it sometime this week......I would appreciate it so much! Thank you :o)--Italiancupcake.........................

What Are We Eating Today-10/14

How I love these posts...Seems like it's my turn to get the ball here goes..

A grazing type of day today:
Breakfast- a kiwi, cactus pear & an orange and 2 eggs...

Lunch-leftover greens and beans-escarole and canneloni beans sauteed in olive oil & garlic and crushed red pepper flakes

Snack-hummus on some crackers

Dinner-Hadn't given it much thought yet. I'm thinking butternut squash soup or roasted red pepper tomato soup-something light and maybe a couple of homemade double chocolate chocolate chip cookie with walnuts.....

What's for dinner tonight?-10/02

I will be flying all day today for a cruise tomorrow and won't be able to keep up for a few days but I thought I 'd cap off the week with a "what's for dinner" thread as I enjoy them so....Dinner last night-leftovers. Braised chicken & veggies, salad with beets, walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese and followed by a nice cup of jasmine tea to calm me as I finished up a "last-minute-throw-every- pair- of- shoe- I- have- into-the- suitcase" frenzy... Anyway....I will check back from time to time over the next few days to catch up.....Take care, everybody :o)..Happy Eating!

What's for dinner tonight-9/29

After a gluttonous weekend, it's exercise and tilapia in a horseradish sauce with spinach and roasted red pepper in foil. As a side dish, it's roasted asparagus with lemon, garlic and olive oil .....had butternut squash soup for lunch and salmon salad..


Hi everyone...A friend had about 30 cans of canned corned beef & since she couldn't use it all, she gave me a few cans. I've never used this and I have no idea how to prepare this. I would appreciate any recipes you may have....Is this the same concept as Spam?

What are you eating this weekend?

Saturday's eating was an adventure of Doughnuts n' Dumplings...and due to my earlier posting of "inexpensive meals on Saturday", I received wonderful suggestions from all and went with Vanessa's Dumplings. Thanks to BOBEATSBIG -- great dumplings and wonder how they can afford to stay in business? I guess it must be volume of customers as the place was packed with standing room only. Anyway, I went with the Beef Congee for 75 cents and pork n' chive dumplings and a sesame pancake with ham and poached egg...all excellent...I even bought a bag of frozen dumplings- 50 pcs. for $8.00-tasty food-great price...My friends were very happy with their steamed buns, chicken corn soup and and crab dumplings & bubble teas (Taro and Almond Honey) time it's Pho Grand, a suggestion from Vegetarianka
Next stop Doughnut Plant-being too stuffed from Vanessa's we just brought home our doughnuts--POOCH are you reading this? We essentially bought out the place....the blackberry jelly made with fresh blackberries was bursting with jelly & delicious! Creme brulee: don't let the size fool you-packs a whallop of flavor! That doughnut is a must have--also bought the pistachio, tres leches, blackout, carrot cake and even a cinnamon bun...Guy behind the counter was very helpful and told me which ones freeze well to eat at a later time...
Today, Sunday, a more low keyed day. Eating leftovers--stuffed cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes and a salad...maybe a donuts for dessert!! I have a nice jelly one waiting for me..:o)
You guys give me the best ideas! So what are ya'll eating?

Inexpensive restaurant suggestions for Saturday ...

I have out of towners coming for a visit and they would like to go to Doughnut Plant. (LES- Grand Avenue, NYC) They would also like to try a restaurant, not too expensive, within walking distance. A sizable walking distance is fine too. I am not too familiar with that area. Any suggestions would be welcome. We can eat anything from mainstream hamburgers, pizza, to ethnic foods & beyond...nothing is off limits.. We're an adventurous bunch...thanks!!

What's for dinner tonight???

Thanks to Banana Monkey for the resurgence of this thread, I'd like to keep this going. Tonight I am making cod with miso broth, leeks and shitake--got this yummy dinner suggestion right from yesterday's "The Come back Gator Pam" thread....I love to read what people are making for dinner as it gives me some great ideas if not for that day but another day....Most everyone has great dinner suggestions or innovative food ideas ...
@Sugartoast---thank you for my dinner tonight!

Has anyone tried Edy's Tart Frozen Yogurt??

Hey everyone!! Has anyone ever tried the New Edy's Tart frozen yogurt. This comes in 2 flavors Tart Honey and Tart Mango....I wonder if this yogurt is supposed to mimic either Pinkberry's yogurt or Frogurt which is served at the 40 Karrots restaurant at Bloomingdales? I love Frogurt and wondered if Edys' was trying to develop a yogurt which is similiar in taste. If anyone ever had this please let me know if it tastes anything like frogurt....Thanks!!

Farmer's Markets... Any on Long Island?

Now, that spring is around the corner, I was wondering are there any good Farmer's Markets in the Long Island area? An outdoor market dealing in baked goods, fresh jams, honey, as well as good produce. You would think there would be a few but I have yet to see any in years past. The only one I know of is in NYC. I would appreciate any of your suggestions. Thanks everyone!

Looking for a recipe for my Haricot Vert beans

Was in Trader Joe's and bought a big bag of frozen french style green beans...My dilemma: I have a lonely bag of green beans sitting on my counter defrosting at this very moment, begging for a great recipe! I usually prepare them with tomatoes, white wine, garlic and olive oil, and sprinkle with grated cheese or dry saute' them. I would like to try something different. Any suggestions would be great and you'd make a girl and her Haricots very happy! :o)

Uncle Giuseppe's Italian Market: Anyone Been?

I just recently saw this place via late night TV commercial ..This place looks seriously great, especially the chocolate fountain that the shoppers indulge in while doing their shopping. It looks like a full scale supermarket catering to Italian food, homeade pastas, great sandwiches, takeout food, a kick ass butcher shop, great seafood selection and an awesome bakery and sweet shop..Question: Anyone ever been? If so, how good is this place or is it just hype?

Ace Assortment: Does Anyone Remember This Cookie from Days Gone By?

Does anyone out there remember a cookie assortment called "ACE" assortment...The assortment consisted of vanilla and chocolate cookies shaped like a deck of cards--the chocolate cookies were the spades and clubs and the vanilla, hearts and diamonds.. These cookies were mentioned during the holidays and were just mentioned today by a neighbor. My neighbor loved these and was trying to search online for them, on sites such as Hometown favorites and Nostalgic food. They were from his childhood--(ranging from late 1960's and discontinued sometime during the late 1970's.) I don't remember them as these cookies were before my time, but I have been trying to locate them, to no avail...They may be a Nabisco product but we're not sure...If anyone can give us any info on that product, it would be so appreciated!!!

What is your favorite snack &/or dessert?

Are you a sweet or salty fanatic? Or both! I love really good desserts! Can't wait to try Momofuku Milk Bar (wanna try the Pistachio soft serve and a share & compare some cake slices with friends) and Bouchon Bakery! (wanna try the TKO and Nutter Butter) Would like to try a macaron-but don't know of a really good place--any suggestions? Got the idea to try both, Momofuku and Bouchon based on the Serious Eats reviews--Love a great cupcake too!!
I also love, love, love the plain frozen yogurt from 40 carrots in Bloomingdales! Too bad you can't find it elsewhere. Or can you?
Garrett Popcorn is another great find...To my surprise I just discovered a shop in NYC. Went to Garrett popcorn shop while in Chicago!! "Oh My God" is all I have to say!!!! Anyone out there ever have this incredible stuff!! .

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