Super picky eater with an apparent gift of being able to cook. I love the science of cooking most of all!

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Science and Fruit Cake

I don't eat it. What, exactly is the perfect texture? I tried to cut off a thin piece tonite and it kind of crumbled. Granted the knife I was using wasn't my sharpest.It would not cut thru the fruit. I used America's Test Kitchen's recipe

Science and Fruit Cake

hey! thanks for all the help! it makes more sense to me now. Unless my husband doesn't like the added rum for preservation, I think I've got a hit. I checked Alton Brown, but the amount of ingredients scared me. I usually go to these websites for the science of cooking. But you can't put a price on experience! Thank you everyone!

Science and Fruit Cake

lol! No that's for me. I can't stand the stuff. I just want to understand the why's. I was born in MO.. I just gotta know

Classic Sage and Sausage Stuffing (or Dressing)

Thank you Monopod! I think I'm going to try it.
The biggest question I have, that I've searched the internet for, (is) what is the consistancy of dressing before baked. I prefer a slightly dry, fluffy end product. I can follow the same recipe 20 times and will get 3 different results. Dressing seems to be one of the few things I cannot master...That and my Grandma's Blitz Torte


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