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I love beets. I cannot lie. Beets beets beets.

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Major League Eating: The Videogame

Thanks, Harold! IT was a truly bizarre thing to witness.

Question of the Day: What dish needs to be fast food–ized?


No, seriously, squid. I want fried and stuffed squid TO GO, maybe with some honey mustard sauce.

OMG, they make Cherry Coke Zero now!

The difference is in the cola syrup recipe. What I've been told is that Diet Coke uses the New Coke syrup even though that was abandoned for the non-diet version, whereas Coke Zero uses the Classic Coke syrup.

I have no idea if this is true or not.

OMG, they make Cherry Coke Zero now!

Zero tastes more like regular Coke, which is why I like it. I miss the spiciness when I drink Diet.

Question of the Day: Not for the squeamish--ever get food sickness?

On reading jbrach's post there with the subject matter at hand in my mind, I read the word "gunshy" not as gun shy but as more of an onomatopoeia, perhaps the sound that your belly makes to warn you that you are about to experience the wonders of releasing half-digested food in two directions at once. For example, "Ugh, I'm feeling a bit gunshy. Oh, oh god, where is the bathroom?"

Question of the Day: Not for the squeamish--ever get food sickness?

I had bad food poisoning once a few years ago. I had gone to, sigh, Hooters for lunch with coworkers, and then had felt strangely hungry upon returning home, so I cooked a big steak and ate it quickly. In retrospect, this was a terrible mistake, because, well, you know how food sickness works.

It turned out to have been a salad I'd eaten the day before. Half of my coworkers were also sick. But I've never been able to eat at Hooters ever since, about which I am not in the least bit sad.

OMG, they make Cherry Coke Zero now!

I found it at a Target. The cans are black and have cherries with holes in the middle so they look like zeros. And it is delicious!

I like Shiner Bock so much...

That reminds me - I have an In'n'Out paper uniform hat sitting here on my desk, which sort of counts. I do love their branding, but that is different than loving the food so much that I want to wear the logo.

I like Shiner Bock so much...

I also love beets, but I don't know of any beet brands that I'd like to affiliate myself with.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite breakfast?

Breakfast Burritos?! I say NAY, my friends. The burrito is not a breakfast food! The burrito is a hearty meal best in circumstances where you are really hungry, perhaps from lifting heavy boxes, and possibly also drunk. For breakfast you need something smaller, hand-sized and portable... perhaps a breakfast TACO!

(Soyrizo, cilantro, tabasco and scrambled eggs wrapped in a corn or flower tortilla. Takes 2 to fill you up. And like the silver bullet, they will not let you down.)

Question of the Day: What drives you nuts about other people's eats?

I hate it when people refuse to eat meat. "I'm a vegetarian," they say. "Red meat is bad for you," they say. Boohoo! Eat a steak, hippie.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite dish to cook when you're trying to impress?

Back when I lived in a dirty hovel filled with drug addled musicians and spent nitrous containers, that is to say, back when I didn't know better and didn't care, I would try to impress my lady friends by cooking a sort of honey ginger vegetable stir fry. It was only sort of a honey ginger vegetable stir fry because it only resembled what a normal person would understand as honey ginger vegetable stir fry in that it had both honey and ginger in it. It otherwise consisted of a disgusting, sticky, fried mess, more like an aborted attempt at honey baking a head of broccoli than an fresh asian meal.

I cooked this meal about 10 times for 10 different women. During that period, I believe my maximum number of dates per woman was averaging about 1.2. Looking back, this makes perfect sense.

Yerba Matte: Great beverage or the greatest beverage ever?

ohtorvald - that is the brand they use at Tully's, which is what I have been drinking. Tasty stuff.

Have site feedback? We want to hear it!

I would like an RSS feed of the comments I've made.

Question of the Day: How often do you eat out in a week?

My lady and I have been trying to eat at home more often. With the easy availability of virtually farm fresh ingredients and our vegetarian menu, we can actually eat much better at home than we can at the restaurants in our neighborhood, which skew towards bar food and burgers. And calamari plates. and Macaroni and cheese. And frankly, though I love its from cheesey noodle A to cheesey noodle Z, you can only eat so many bowls of the stuff.

What's the one food you just won't eat?

I love beets! I love love beets. I would eat beets any day of the week. Alaina Browne, you are bad and wrong for not liking beets.

I try to avoid organ meat.


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