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The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

Yay for year three!! I've wanted to give it a try to a meat lite lifestyle and my daughter wanted to be a vegetarian (she is 5), what keeps me from trying isfor one veggies tend to be more expensive than meat based foods sometimes, and that my daughter gets her meals at school which I don't know it they will accommodate as vegetarian for her. So I'll start stocking little by little on pantry itemsand hopefully go vegan with you next year =)

Ads with sound

Yeah, one was for locating people via their mobile, that one is the most annoying with their beeping sound, the other one was a cosmetic brand called natura.

How To Make Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)

One quick comment there is a way i prefer it other than combining all the ingredients, cover a lime wedge with the powdered chili and smear it in the elote afterwards pour a mix of mayo and sour cream over and sprinkle the cheese, we usually go with cotija, more than a difference on the ingredients is the order of application that for me maximizes the flavor.

Mexican Mashups?

I'm from Mexico and I don't know if it's a thing with the burritos over there but here I had one made of Chile Relleno and I swear is the best one I've ever had. Oh and here we make pizzas with carne al pastor as a topping.

12 Tourist Spots in New York That Are Actually Good

As someone who has never been in New York I always wondered about Serendipity, I'll definitely check out Serious Eats picks before i go for the first time.

The Serious Eats Guide to Taco Styles

@Cassaendra It is sesos, it might be a typo

The Serious Eats Guide to Taco Styles

Huaraches, gorditas,and sopes are a category on their own usually we call them Fritangas (fried things), but they are different from tacos


@Maggie actually it's growing on me


I'm not sure i crazy about the layout either, still crazy about the content and staf anyway XD

Goodbye, Dumpling

Kenji sorry for your loss, I always love your posts here but the pics of dumpling were on of the things what made serious eats so different from other blogs to me, I am moved to tears for knowing he is not longer there.

The Food Lab: More Tips For Perfect Steaks

Oh, if i had read this yesterday, anyway I guess I'll have to eat another steak ;)

Flowchart: 'Learning to Cook'

@CEBakes i think in a different chart... where you already know how to cook :(

Flowchart: 'Learning to Cook'

Hi this is why I love serious eats, i posted this ilustration on my facebook as soon as it was published by xkcd, I am on the "put leftovers on the fridge right now" (I'll give them a couple days to see if they suddenly get any better)

Serious Eats Day - how'd it go?

Hi Adam, there was one scheduled at Merida, Mexico, I suggested a venue and another eater joined, but she didn't confirmed in the end so it didn't happen, at least we tried, I'll tell mre people over here about serious eats so maybe next year :)

The Changing Face of Starbucks: The History of the Logos Through the Years

I think is not the F one, is the right and front one in the pic below, the F one was back for a few weeks one or two years ago

How to Make Onigiri

OMG those are beutiful and look delicious too, I had no idea of how to make them but onece I tried to do the Kimchi ones, worked out pretty well, nos as beutiful but delicious enough ;)

International Serious Eats Day: January 8, 2011

There is one for Merida, Mexico but no one is registered yet

What's the Deal with Marzipan?

Hi, here in Mexico we also use pumpkin seeds to make "mazapan", and you can see it a lot in 1st days of November for the "día de muertos"

Poll: Leftover Pizza — Do You Eat It Cold or Reheat It?

I usually reheat but i won't turn down a cold slice in a rush