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Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Korean BBQ can be fun - but 20 people cooking their own food could get messy and I would think it would end up being groups split up in different tables. I'll suggest it to some of the others but will likely save that for a smaller group. I am keeping the Cafe Asean idea for a smaller group as well.

Thanks for all the ideas - I'm definitely in a better position to figure this out now.

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Honestly, I would love for it to not be a dinner. I was toying with the idea of doing a gastro pub like Distilled, Brooklyn Star, or maybe something like like Pearl and Ash or the Musket Room.(20 people at any of those examples seems like a stretch) However, it seems the consensus is that a dinner is what the people want and despite my advising against it I am a mere servant of the people.

While I do love some BBQ there are some non-meat eaters on the list and whether it be Fette Sau, Brisket Town,Dino, Blue Smoke, Hill Country, Mables, etc etc there aren't enough options for them to enjoy the festivities.

I was actually weighing out whether Ill Bucco, L'Apicio or L'Artusi would make sense but wanted to see if there were other options outside of Italian. I like places like Franny's, OTTO, or Rubirosa but none are the right vibe for the occasion. I guess as much as I didn't want to take the easy route and do Italian I may have to as there are simply more options given the prerequisite criteria - at least there are enough creative Italian spots to choose from. Surprised by the ringing endorsements for Cafe Asean for a large group.

Thanks all.

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Thanks for the responses - For more context it is for a joint birthday party but there are some that I cannot afford to splurge and I do not want to impose and make them feel uncomfortable. I do love Family Style Chinese especially Sichuan style and was thinking to go this route but it may not be for everyone. Plus my ideal spots in this genre I would think are generally too busy to accommodate 20 plus. Craft Bar may be a good option I will look into what they can offer. If anyone else out there has some other options I'd love the recommendations.

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