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Crimes Against Pizza: An Opinionated Guide to Not Messing Up Your Pie

Ms. Kerr,

Welcome to the ongoing gentrification of Serious Eats. While nostalgia and an omnivorous love of pizza in all it's many many regional forms is quaint, serious eats is serious business now.

Seriously though, I also miss the general "feel" of the site from even just a year ago. Coming here and reading the articles, comments and forum discussions was like hanging with your buddies over a couple of brews at one of your homes and talking about the best and hottest plate of wings you've had... relaxed and just hanging. Now, it's grabbing a pretentiously named craft beer at the local hipster gastropub.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Importance of Mentors

First thing I thought of when I say the picture for the article "Oh, so Martin Scorsese is into making pizza now?"

Latin Cuisine: How to Make Colombian-Style Sopa de Albóndigas (Meatball Soup)

You need to do an article on Pelmeni. Making them, garnishing them, deconstructing them. Pelmeni Pelmeni Pelmeni. :)

Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

mmmm….a delicious slice of Neopolitan pretension with a hint of ego baked right in...scrumptious.


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