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What Are Your Essential Whiskies to Have Around?

Celebratory: Nikka Yoichi 15, Hakushu 18 or others that can't be found in the US
Guest: Hibiki 12, Yamazaki 12
Table: Yamazaki 12

Searching for America's Best Yakitori

I'm going to share a secret. Aburiya Kinnosuke in NYC has some of the best Yakitori around. Definitely better than the Tottos with much better service. The Tsukune is hand formed on a paddle, painted with sauce, then slow roasted around an open charcoal pit. When it's ready, it's cut off the paddle into a serving dish and a very soft boiled egg is dropped over the top. Words cannot describe it.

I just got back from Tokyo after having made sure to eat some awesome Yakitori at the Yurakucho stalls. I haven't found anything in the US that comes close to it in quality (or value, $2/skewer), but Aburiya does a pretty good job.

What's the story behind your SE screen name?

Mine is my last name Takayama or 高山. I somehow feel proud about having a last name that has physical meaning.

'Don't Forget the Donuts'

OMG this is the cutest thing!

Shun or Global?

I second Tam's comment. The conclusion that I've come to after reading numerous of message boards and visiting various knife shops is that Globals and Shuns are decent tools but they are generic and mass manufactured.

As mentioned, Korin has an great selection of Japanese steel. I personally would take a single Nenohi Nenox, Kramer or even a Tojiro over a full set of Globals or Shuns. Knives are like timepieces--they're something that should carry far importance than purely functionality. There's a good reason why you won't find Globals or Shuns at Korin.

Fooded7, I know that doesn't help you decided between Global or Shun, but Korin is definitely worth a visit.


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