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Considering the Lobsterman: Welcome to Lobstering School, and How to Use Maine Lobsters

The second in our series exploring the the Maine lobstering industry, from the firsthand account of an author who spent her summer aboard a lobster boat in Port Clyde. What she learned about the lobstering and lobstermen may change the way you look at the crustacean forever. Today: learning about the physical realities of life on the boat, and five essentials tips for using Maine lobsters. More

Considering the Lobsterman: How Maine Lobstering Works

@ryuthrowsstuff, Re: toxins. Please see pg. 117 of Secret Life of Lobsters (Trevor Corson, Harper 2005; link below).

You might also look into the FDA's 2008 press releases on lobster tomalley (the green stuff in the head). Look for research on "PSP" (Paraylytic Shellfish Poisoning).


Considering the Lobsterman: How Maine Lobstering Works

Oh, and a fun fact @sparemethecensor and @ryuthrowstuff:

If it makes you feel any better, Linda L. Bean paid $1.75-2.10/lb. for soft shell lobsters during the months of July, then, less than a quarter of a mile away, sold the Maine Lobster Roll at her restaurant, The Dip Net, for $17. Prices can run the gamut everywhere, even a few steps from the water on which they're caught it would seem.

@ryuthrowstuff: you're right - people are willing to pay steep prices still. I think the Dip Net menu is a good example of this.

Considering the Lobsterman: How Maine Lobstering Works

@sparemethecensor and @ryuthrowstuff

Thanks for the comments. Yes, the question you ask is the one on everyone's lips: why, oh why, is lobster so cheap in every part of the country? Especially Maine lobster?

There are a lot of contributing factors, but what I address here, is the issue of third-party processors. Currently, the majority of Maine hauls are processed in Canada at packaging plants that can handle high volumes of live lobster where they're cooked, packaged, and shipped accordingly.

Also, the other fun fact I want to footnote is that lobsters must be shipped *live* so they can be cooked *alive.* If you're looking to buy lobster or processed lobster meat (which I think we should all keep our eyes on), then you're paying for the price of shipping a live creature, not a frozen chicken breast. Plus, one of the weird things about eating lobsters is that they release deadly toxins after death and must be cooked alive for health reasons. (Strange, I know....)

But there's a lot of change afoot, as these trends cannot sustain themselves. The Washington Post reported last week about the new Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. Traditionally, only $200,000 - $400,000 have been spent on marketing Maine lobsters. Now, the newer, larger collaborative will be spending millions (projected: $2.2 million). You can read more about this here: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-09-03/business/41709850_1_lobster-industry-marketing-firm-lobster-harvest

Snapshots from the Caribbean: Eating Goat in Anguilla

I'm loving these eating Goat in different places posts! Not only is there delicious Goat but wonderful photos of exciting places as well.

Rachel Allen's Brown Soda Bread

What a perfect recipe for Saint Patrick's Day Sunday! I've never made soda bread, so I'll be sure to make some soon. The photo drew me into this post and the recipe sounds simple and delicious! Can't wait to make some soda bread.

Healthy & Delicious: Dijon Tuna Burgers

Tuna is so good for you as well as being inexpensive, I just went to the store and got everything for this recipe! I'll let you know how it goes. Do you have any other favorite tuna dishes?

New Goat City: A Beginner's Guide to Eating Goat in New York

This is a wonderful post. I know most people where I live aren't open to the idea of trying goat let alone eating it for a main course. Are they any good posts about making goat meat at home on serious eat? If I'm ever in NGC (New Goat City) I'll be sure to check out a few of these restaurants!

Sugar Rush: Torta di Ricotta at Sirio Ristorante

This looks delicious. All the different tastes coming together and all topped off with blood orange sorbet, it just sounds amazing. If only I could have some shipped to me from New York!

The Vegan Experience: A Fancy-Pants Meal Fit for Vegan Royalty

Your "Fancy Vegan Meal" came out so pretty. I think winter would defiantly be the best time to be vegan, I live on soups and stews in cold weather. @Kenji what would you say was the hardest part about your short stent in veganism?

Sunday Brunch: Corn Muffins with Candied Bacon

I love Brunch. These would make a perfect addition if I needed to add one more course. Your photography of the Corn Muffins and Candied Bacon is spectacular. What kind of camera do you use?

Chocolate Pear Jam

This jam sounds awesome! I love nutty tastes come together with fruit and chocolate. Can't wait to make this recipe.

The Food Lab: 13 Rules For Perfect Prime Rib

@kenji- I really appreciated rule #2. I often have trouble keeping straight the grass fed vs grain fed distinctions in the supermarket and wonder, "what's the big deal?" Especially since I always see signs advertising "grass fed premium beef."

I think you explained this idea "perfectly!" I mean, perfectly, perfectly. . .


It's good to know I don't always need to spend extra money to get good meat.

Ask The Food Lab: Why Do I Pound My Breasts?

@Kenji - thank you so much for this information and quantifying such a "science-y" answer into 4 goals! I feel so enlightened! Normally, I never "pound my breasts," but I'm going to when I make chicken tonight.

Question: are there any dishes in which "pounding the breasts" might not work?

Taste Test: The Best Tortilla Chips

I'll have to try the Natural Tostitos! But I always enjoy the regular Tostitos with some homemade salsa!

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