Dim Sum restaurants New York City

Wow! Thank you all for your recommendations. Being that we're travelling with our 4-year-old son who enjoys a spectacle, we're leaning towards one of the suggested large and busy dim sum palaces with carts. Probably either Asian Jewels in Flushing or East Harbor in Brooklyn.

Dim Sum restaurants New York City

We'll be in NYC, visiting from Philly, for four days over Christmas and are considering a dim sum outing on Christmas Day. While we'll be staying in the city, we don't mind schlepping to the suburbs on public transportation if that means better dim sum. There's been some previous discussion about dim sum at Serious Eats, true, but a few of the favorites mentioned have closed and it has often been our experience in other cities that the best dim sum place at any given time was not the best dim sum place a year ago. Any recommendations for New York City dim sum restaurants would be greatly appreciated.

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