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The Best Chocolate Chips for Cookies

Hi Krissy! Ack - I meant to clarify that a bit better! I like to chop up *some* of the morsels that I add to the cookies, but definitely not all. This helps stretch them out just a bit so I don't use the whole bag (which means another batch of cookies later!) Sorry for the confusion!

Video: Minnesota State Fair's Food on a Stick

There must be something in the air -- I just wrote about this video yesterday too at my other site! I would love to try one of those Pronto Pups, I've heard they're amazing.

The Best Chocolate Chips for Cookies

emgroff - do you mean the World Peace Cookies? Those are tasty!

Wayward - I do agree, Guittard are delicious as well. Like you said, unfortunately hard to find, though.

Chew - I haven't been able to get my hands on those yet, but when I do...!


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