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Best brands for veggie products?

@Royce S--I enjoy the Morningstar chik'n patties myself! You might also like the breakfast sausage patties in the Morningstar line.

Gardenburger's barbecued ribs and meatballs are good, but I would stay away from their burgers.

Quorn is great used in almost any way you might use plain chicken or turkey--not tasty on its own, but a great vehicle for flavor.

Avoid vegetarian hot dogs and vegan cheeses.

Video: Fluffernutter Commercial

Robyn--you always find the best commercials! They don't make 'em like they did back in the 60s and 70s!

I love how the presence of the ubiquitous kid on a skateboard makes every food automatically 'healthy' in the 80s and 90s.

How to use up two bags of marshmallows?

You could use the chopped up graham crackers to make 'indoor s'mores' just like you would with Golden Grahams (I posted a recipes for Golden Grahams s'mores several weeks ago).

Actually, almost any cereal can be made into bars, by subbing the cereal for the Rice Krispies.

Cooking for My Mom

Like others have said, I'm so sorry for your loss. My mother and I spent a period of caring for my aunt when she was pretty much 'shut-in' and my mother is not a cook. When shopping for her (and I'm modifying to make things a bit more 'home-cooked' than the stuff my mom bought), a typical list might look like this:

One or two roast chickens, cooked in two different ways (can be used to make chicken salad, or shredded with vegetables as well as eaten plain)

Lettuce (pre-prepared) with salad greens--put in a bowl, undressed, cover and leave it to be 'served' when needed.

Pasta salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, or shrimp salad--if you make it yourself, use slightly lower-fat mayo, or a more vinegar and mustard-based dressing to make it healthier.

Sliced cheese (either by yourself or bought pre-sliced from a deli). These can be used for sandwiches (grilled cheese) or melted on white potatoes.

Bag of white or sweet potatoes--can be microwaved or baked in the oven

Oatmeal--ideally steel-cut, but if your brother's cooking skills are really sub-par, you can get some plain instant stuff. Dried fruits, honey can spice it up and even make a quick dinner.

Cooked turkey breast--from deli or made by yourself.

Frozen, bagged vegetables in single-serve, or two-serving containers. Make yourself and pre-package, or buy in freezer section.

Fruit of various kinds.

At least two loaves of bread.

Peanut butter, cream cheese, and jelly for sandwiches and toast.

Cottage cheese and/or yogurt to be eaten with fruit and cereal.

Cans of tuna and salmon (your brother can simply mix with mayo, chopped celery).

Eggs to be scrambled or hard-boiled.


Lots of times older or sick people can't manage a whole meal. Getting something she can 'pick' at like a chicken, a bowl of salad, and so forth, might be the best way to get her to eat.

Got Leftover Bagels? Turn Them Into French Toast

@Emily H--I will pass that info onto my friend!

@seriousb--you might like these, if you don't like a 'fluffy' interior for French toast.

And I love the idea of English muffin French toast! A great way to 'work' those nooks and crannies!

Got Leftover Bagels? Turn Them Into French Toast

@dhorst--a Croque Monseiur/Madame would be a true blending of culinary traditions, and might even take the edge off @shoneyjoe's bacon craving!

@arm1970--with mini-bagels (although they tend to be a bit tough and would require a longer marinade, probably 30 minutes, rather than 15-20), you could even make a breakfast bento!

5 Ways To Eat More Apple Salads

@CJ McD--and I always adore YOUR recipe 'round-ups' too! Apples and hazelnuts sound like a perfect, overlooked combination--and I will put fennel, carrots, and different types of slaws--along with brie--on my apple 'bucket' list this fall!

@tcbpdx--that's so horrifying--I would almost put it on a 'extreme foodie' experience list. And on Thanksgiving, as well!

Maple Bacon Biscuit from Huckleberry in Santa Monica, California

I've always loved maple oatmeal scones--given how yummy biscuits are with butter and honey or maple syrup, having the maple infused in the biscuit seems like one of those 'why didn't I think of that first' food concepts!

Fluffernutter S'mores

@hmw0029--how funny you said that! When I was playing around with the recipe, I first used a mix of chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter chips! However, I found the butterscotch a little bit too sweet with the Golden Grahams. But you could certainly give it a try--perhaps a mix of butterscotch chips with the darkest chocolate chip you can find might be yield a better result.

Fluffernutter S'mores

@Feedmillgirl--oh no! I wish they would make different nut butter chips! I don't have an allergy and I'd be 'all over' cashew butter chips!

The best suggestion I could offer would be to use 2 cups of chocolate chips. Then, after the bars have cooled, heat up 1/2 cup of almond butter and a tablespoon of honey (you made need more, given that almond butters vary greatly in consistency) and drizzle the mixture on the finished product in swirls.

You could try substituting almond butter for the peanut butter chips, but I haven't tried that--yet--so I can't officially say it will work.

Quote of the Day

During one food phase of my life, I ate quite a bit of Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and Stouffer's French bread individual pizzas, all averaging around 350-450 a 'slice.'

For some reason, despite the fact I was reading a great deal of French deconstructionist philosophy, it never occurred to me to mentally deconstruct the frozen dinner and put cheese and tomato sauce on a piece of French bread myself.

Graduate school will do that to you.

Grilled Lazy Day Summer Sandwich Bread

It's amazing how evenly it's colored, given that it was cooked on a grill! No signs of uneven heat at all--that's really cool!

@dhorst--no doubt Santa's elves are at work as we speak ;)

End pieces of Bread Loaves

@sheri1970--perhaps Sir Mix-A-Lot got his name 1990s because he made lots of breads, cakes and muffins and I misheard the lyrics to his most famous song all these years. Hey, he did also say he liked buns--hon--right?

End pieces of Bread Loaves

I love bread butts and I cannot lie!

An Ode to the TMT: Tomato, Mayo, Toast

Hurray for the tomato--but the Jersey tomato in particular! And although I always enjoy reading the Food Lab, no matter what is on the menu, it's nice to see something even vegetarians can enjoy!

I can't resist adding that Harriet the Spy, the famous children's book heroine, adored tomato sandwiches.

@CJ McD--I've heard about radish and butter sandwiches many times, but I'm embarrassed to say I've never had one--that has to go on my sandwich 'bucket list.'

Recipe Goofs - Where are the Proofreaders?

The answer is clear--both of those books were published before Kenji was born!

Seriously, especially in older cookbooks proof-reading was much less rigorous, especially books like Christmas annuals which, regardless of the publishing house, may have been released in a slap-dash manner.

Those books were also published when it wasn't uncommon to see recipes published with instructions like "cook until done," because it was assumed that the reader or the cook had enough knowledge as to what 'done' was....

Finally, in very old cookbooks and recipes (like the 19th century) the equipment would vary so much from household to household (like the temperature of a fire or oven) that cooking times would be less useful than they are today.

In the first example, it probably just wasn't caught, and when it was they thought, "oh, the cook will know when it put it in anyway," and they didn't bother amending it.

Market Scene: Cumberland United Methodist Church Farmers' Market in Atlanta

@chiff--I wish I could send you some! It's funny, I never appreciated how much people long for Jersey tomatoes until I started reading food blogs and SE and realized how they were coveted all over the place. They say you don't miss something until you haven't got do have a longer growing season in the south, though...

Even if roadside markets aren't worth 'traveling to,' necessarily, it's nice to see people sell their wares even if they aren't really gardeners by trade!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

How cool that Erin Zimmer got to eat at Zimmer's seafood! And Ed looks fantastic in that photo--very fit and trim.

I love the moose. Cute cartoons + pancakes = perfect Saturday morning comfort food associations.

Market Scene: Cumberland United Methodist Church Farmers' Market in Atlanta

@chiff--I LOVE that sign--Farmer's Market, Tai Chi, and church services!

There are lots of roadside farm stands like that in Jersey--you see hand-painted signs that say "Jersey Tomatoes: 99 cents a pound." Tomatoes. Corn. Maybe some zucchini. That's it. In the fall they switch to pumpkins and mums.

No-Bake Orange Slice Candy Cookies

@BananaMonkey & GinkoDante--I've been putting off buying a new digital, SE-quality camera for quite some time--this weekend I should (really) finally have time to get one!

Another common no-bake are cornflake cookies with cherry 'centers' or halves pressed into them (very common around Christmas)--this is an oatmeal version using orange candies.

Jersey Shore-Style Pizza: Dorian's on the Beach in Ocean Grove

I live about 20 minutes, tops, from this place and have never visited it!

Jersey Shore represent! @pizzasnob--you're so right that Jersey Shore pizza deserves its own 'regional pizza' category--Pete and Elda's offers the classic example of the matzoh-think crust in the shore area.

Breakfast Cereal Marshmallows: Yea or Nay?

@gargupie--I think you're right! Kind of like a 'contact high' from the sugar!

@moonlyt--you're so right--Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes would be all over these!

Breakfast Cereal Marshmallows: Yea or Nay?

Up until the age of seven or eight, I would have been all over this stuff like a sugary film over an empty Lucky Charms bowl.

Now, not so much, but they do bring back happy memories!

I wonder when someone's going to come out with raisins that taste like the raisins from a box of Raisin Bran. Is it just me, or do they taste....different...with that sugar coating...

Poll: Do You Buy Store Brands More Often Than Name Brands?

I suppose I'm the weirdo or the exception, because I'm Wegmans all the way: I can't recall the last time I bought a store brand, when the cheaper, just as (if not better) Wegmans version was available.

I swear I don't work for them, even though it seems like I'm always posting about my Wegmans' love!

Serious Salad: Summer Squash Ate My Garden

@carol--haha! Thank goodness we didn't know one another when we were 12, though--I think more girls 'like me' plus the squash would have been more than my mother could have endured! I know you garden and would get a kick out of that story--I have to admit, although I love squash now, I'd be a bit hesitant to plant it....

@janaatwg--the red streaks were actually supposed to be blonde originally...not only was my hair over-processed, but I wasn't that good at dying it!