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I will certainly answer my own questions in due course of time :)


lol thanks for the interesting responses. Yes i am pushing a certain lifestyle, either vegan or vegetarian. For various reasons such as, Cruelty to animals, go watch a few videos on youtube and visit a few slaughter houses and find out what exactly happens with meat that ends up on your plate. secondly for health reasons, eating meat is not healthy which ever way you look at it and you can debate that with me till you drop, but it doesn't make sense. thirdly various things in the environment are being destroyed and depleted due to the practices of agriculture and the meat and dairy industry. None the less people make their choices and have to live with the consequences of their choices, whether it's food or anything else in life. In regards to my questions i will certainly answer them if you like. thanks and have a good day :)

Are you an onion crier?

I definately have the onion tear thing going on, my eyes actually burn, even from a distance. So.. i never peel onions, i prefer leeks and spices or something like that to add flavour to soups etc.


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