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nymilk Introduces 91% Butterfat Cultured Butter

any idea how much does 8oz of this butter goes for at eataly?

Nice Sitdown Mexican Restaurant for Dinner?

Take the 7 Train to 46th Street in Sunnyside and go to De Mole. Its one of the better (if not best), more authentic sit down Mexican spots in the city. The food and service is top notch, and it is incredibly inexpensive. You're severely limiting yourself if you're looking for good Mexican food in Manhattan, and depending where you live, getting out to Sunnyside can be quicker than going some places in Manhattan.

Grand Sichuan

I think St Marks is the best all around, but the Chelsea one can be way better if they get it right. the one near 55th has really gone downhill.

I think its a different owner, but the one in chinatown has great hot pot.

NYC: Best Wine Bar for a Beginner?

I really like Terroir and the food is fantastic. From 5 to 6pm they have a great happy hour and free sherry. I only went because of the Serious Eats review of the gorgonzola stuffed beet risotto balls (thanks). I was extremely happy with the drinks, food and service. the Yoshi's Fried Chicken is incredible, if they're still doing it.

Taking A Look at Irish Whiskey

Paddy's tops them all... except (maybe) Redbreast.

Best place to buy scallops fresh and in the shell??

Eataly has them as well, but they're quite expensive

Dim Sum in NYC

I think Sun Sai Gai has the best roast pork buns in the city, and a couple of the combination buns are big enough for a meal. Its not a 'traditional' dim sum place, but its definitely worth checking out. The roast meats are also excellent.

Jade Asian Restaurant in Flushing is my favorite dim sum spot in the city. best to get there before 10am on weekends, or else you'll have to wait for a table.

Dim Sum in NYC

Jade Asian Restaurant in Flushing is my favorite. Sunday mornings before 10am seem to be the best time to go.

If you're looking for roast pork buns, Sun Sai Gai in Manhattan chinatown is by far my favorite. Its not a dim sum place, but definitely worth checking out if you like roast pork buns.

Dim Sum for 2 in Chinatown?

Jing Fong's is probably my favorite in the area, but I'm generally disapointed in the Manhattan Chinatown dim sum... I would go to Flushing instead. Jade Asian Restaurant is great, especially if you get there early. Going for dim sum after 10/11am anywhere decent typically means a long wait and communal seating.

Good Steak in NYC

I know its cliche, but Peter Lugers is the best steak I've had in NYC

Mexican in NYC?

Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights is great and the Red Hook vendors in the summer are worth the trip

Yakitori NYC

Totto seems to be the general consensus... i'm really looking for a place that puts all the emphasis on the yaki tori as opposed to the other dishes. i will check out some of the others later on for comparison. thanks all!

Butcher in Manhattan/Brooklyn

Meat Hook is great - that and Ottomanelli's (Bleeker around 7th ave) are my favorites.

A Look at Burger King's Latest Whopper Bar in NYC and Their New Pizza Burgers

is the burger patty like a regular BK patty or is it real/fresh meat?

Poll: Do You Like 'Fusion Burgers'?

the problem with 'fusion burgers' (is this a new term?) is that the meat and toppings/sauce are generally bad. the concept of a pizza burger isn't wrong, but the problem is that you're typically not getting good sauce or cheese. a quality burger with a nice fresh tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella sounds good. a frozen patty with jar sauce and polly-o (or much worse) sounds like a bad use of even worse ingredients.

same goes for mexican burgers, bbq burgers etc etc... making them at home with good ingredients tends to turn out better than what you get at a local bar...

that being said, the best burger to me is still nothing fancy - a good patty with some american cheese, red onion and nothing else (maybe russian dressing)

The Problem with Canadian Whisky

Canadian Club is a great mid/low price whisky. its mild, which is nice if thats what you're looking for.

And saying that "Most Canadian whisky is just awful" is kind of ridiculous. like any liquor, there are great bottles and terrible bottles. I can name way more disgusting bottles of bourbon, scotch, irish whiskey, and any other liquor than I can of Canadian whisky. I'll take Black Velvet over Clan MacGreggor any day. I think critics should avoid making generalizations like that.

Best Asian Food Before Moving Out of NYC

You could make a day of it and get a few great dishes at a few different restaurants... I would suggest:

-Soup dumplings at Joe's Ginger or Joe's Shanghai (pell st)

-Gui Zhou Chicken and/or Chong Qing Beef at Grand Sichuan St Marks (the dan dan noodles are really good there as well)

-Mount Qi noodles from Xi'an famous foods (east broadway)

-Roast baby pig from great ny noodletown (bowery)

-House special chicken from Congee Village (Delancy)

If I had to pick one overall restaurant, it would be either Grand Sichuan on St Marks or SriPraPhai in woodside (a nice place with really cool garden out back)

New to Astoria, Queens Suggestions Please!

Arharn Thai on 36th Ave and 32nd street has some of the best thai food I've ever had. its a smaller menu than Sri Pra Phai, but what they do I think they do better. this is a very underrated spot. the crispy duck salad, pad see ew (with beef) and tofu kra prow are amazing. great staff too

Cook the Book: 'Molto Gusto'

Grand Sichuan in New York... The Gui Zhou chicken keeps me coming back.

Times Square New York

Lidia Bastianich's restaurant, Becco, is a couple blocks from times square. Its great, and for $22 they serve 3 pastas (unlimited) and a salad or cold antipasta.

Szechuan Gourmet is on 39th btwn 5th and 6th if they're looking for good chinese food without having to go to chinatown.

Buying Country Ham in NYC?

I think Fairway sells them... at least in Red Hook they do. It might be worth calling the UWS location to see if they sell them. not sure about the quality, as I've never bought one.


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