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Food Writing Recommendations

@studyzone Thanks! I've actually never seen her column, will check those out.

Science question for Kenji, regarding thickening with starches.

@Nillo Do you think this is also true at low concentrations of cornstarch? Or when they've swelled during cooking? Thanks for the oobleck btw!

Science question for Kenji, regarding thickening with starches.

I have a somewhat related question regarding starches. Can shear stress affect thickening properties? I read somewhere that certain thickeners (more specifically xanthan gum) actually liquefies when exposed to shear stress (like a blender) and then goes back to its original thickness after the stress is removed.

Food Writing Recommendations

Hi Guys! I've been interested in food writing for a long time but I can't seem to find many places online for good recommendations. Are there any books or articles recently that you could recommend?

I thought "The Glabrous Fruit of Samarkand" by Adam Leith Gollner in Lucky Peach #2 was really good. Anyone else read it?

Also good are "Swimming with Spears" by Endo Tetsuhiko and "Eating Ukraine and Its Lard(er)" by Katrina Kollegaeva

The last two articles are printed in Gastronomica and I got to read it using my university account.

The Physiology of Foie: Why Foie Gras is Not Unethical

Video or photographic footage of one badly managed farm or even a thousand badly managed farms does not prove that the production of foie gras, as a practice, is necessarily harmful to the health or mental well-being of a duck. Foie gras production should be judged not by the worst farms, but by the best, because those are the ones that I'm going to choose to buy my foie from if at all. More