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Simple Rice Pudding

@Thomas_Traveler: I like Basmati, but that's probably because it's the rice I'm most likely to have around in the pantry. Sushi rice and other sticky rices require a bit more milk than their long-grained cousins, and their plump form prevents from rice breakage, although personally, I like that extra crumbledness. Honestly, the beauty of rice pudding is that it's extraordinarily forgiving, so as long as you have some sort of regular milled white rice (not parboiled or precooked!), whole milk, and some time, you will be satisfied.

Lady Gaga's meat dress: Identify the cuts, and then COOK it

I don't know if I'd want to cook any old, sweaty steak, but I did think Lady Gaga's dress looked familiar--check out Jana Sterbak's Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic (1987)