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The Absolute Best Of Union Square Green Market

Gorzynski Ornery Farm has incredibly unusual, interesting, and delicious produce, and uses super environmentally friendly growing techniques. Those 2 women from New Jersey with the cheese stand have unbelievable sheep milk ricotta. And, of course, Milk Thistle is amazing.

Snapshots from Greece: The Modiano Market in Thessaloniki

I always spend several hours wandering around markets, whether or not I'm on vacation.

Blogwatch: Fiddlehead Salad

Has anyone in the NYC area found any fiddleheads lately? I've come up dry at the greenmarkets.

What We Learned at the Brooklyn Food Conference

Actually, one of the cool things about this particular conference was the diversity of attendants. There were a number of workshops on feeding under-served communities. More and more New York City greenmarkets are accepting food stamps, and distribution subsidies would primarily benefit small, struggling family farmers.

Market Scene: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Hmm, maybe the people who told me that were trying to protect their monopoly. Thanks for the advice Simon. I've been dying to plant them and will definitely check out that website.

Where to Find Serious Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

The papas con chorizo and carne enchilada tacos at Chavella's are INCREDIBLE.


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