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Britney Burger

{Spears Cont.} "Ms. Spears proceeded to eat 6 burgers, washed down with 3 Neopolitan shakes, before proceeding to a bucket of fries slathered in mayonaisse and chocolate ice cream. Not fully satiated she ate about 1/3 of the child to her right beofre being pulled off by two large security personnel. Asked for a comment, Britney merely oinked "A ding-dang doo" in her swamp-land twang.

Dear AHT: In-N-Out Is Overrated

One more thing...'these people having never eaten a hamburger before'...come out here and drive around LA, not the LA you see on Entourage but South Central, Downtown, East LA...this is the land of burgers out here, I believe Bob's Big Boy, Carl's JR. and many others began out here, not that that is where I'd go for burgers, but I hate to see everyone retain sterotypes of a city vastly influenced by the South and MidWest and crazy for burgers...

Dear AHT: In-N-Out Is Overrated

Hey, whattup? I wrote the IN N' Put Burfger review, and I'll share my feelings about a year later. When In N' Out is on, it's one of the best buurgers I've ever had, as it was that night of my review...that being said, I have been to In N' OPut at different locations and even the same location, and it has been terrible! Something I don't understand...I don't like Fatburger as much, but it seems to always be consistent. It bums me out though, that our friend from Texas had this experience, i wish In N' out would get its shit together enough so that people could experience what is truly an amazing meal each and every time.

Singing Burgergrams

Is that Ron Jeremy? I've met him...twice!!

Los Angeles' Martin's Burgers: The Chase is On!

Sounds cool Denzylle and Draveed. We'd love to hear more about them if you can find them still around.

Boy, Oh Boy!

Yes, we lost most of our Bob's Big Boys in the late 80's and 90's, however the original still exists in Toluca Lake, CA. And the one in Burbank is host to a famous hot rod and classic car show every Friday evening. I promise to cover this soon!!

AHT Travels to Japan and Hong Kong

Honey P. and Hamburglar Hadley are going to be there too, Tokyo burgers for everyone...Come on, Adam, why aren't you coming to Tokyo?? I'll buy the burgers...


Good idea!! Give to The Red Cross too! Not that giving should be a challenge, Jillian...

Apple Pan: Quality So Far

I agree KillerB, though I remember the burger at Johnny Rockets being pretty good way back in the '80s when they rocked that Melrose location only. One of these days, I might have to see what they are up to. And thanks for sharing the link JustinH. As for Nyburgers, we just got the entire AHT gang together in New York for JG Melon's, one of my top 3 favorite burgers in NYC...I imagine a writeup is on its way soon from the AHT crew.

Save Irv's Burgers!

No, I'm tired of you becuase you never seem to listen to what I say. I keep saying, if what you say is true, I absolutely agree Irv has the right to sell and should be able to unfettered.

Then why can't he Makanmata?

I believe there is a way to compensate Irv and save the stand, without wrecking it and turning it into a chain to benefit Seltzer. Also I am not personally fucking with Irv's property rights(and feel you resort to dramatic lies and assumptions to prove your points), I simply wrote an article supporting The Hongs, who I feel should have a right to compensation and support, and support for the community who should have every right to influence what their neighborhood looks like. Money should not be the deciding factor as to what these people have to look at every day. It's a matter of opinion and I look forwarde to the moment we can agree to disagree.

Save Irv's Burgers!

I'm tired of you Makanmata, you are telling lies that are irrelevant to Irv's. Irv for the 3rd time, does not own the stand anymore!!!!!

Seltzer Commercial Real Estate is trying to develop the property into something else, first it was Peet's Coffee, but they actually showed a lot of heart when told about Irv's and backed off. That's a corporation with a conscience and concern for the nation's landscape and heritage. Peet's and thousands of others understand the plight of Irv's, whereas you do not.

You told me my argument is absurd and you say I make false distinctions, but your arguments rely on lies. Maybe you should have read my previous posts when I said, then repeated, "it was not Irv who is being fought here, it is a developer that wants to take a part of our nation's history and turn it into something we do not need so his company can profit? No one can stop Irv from his right to sell his property" and later "If the Save Irv's folks were trying to stop one man from selling his property I would agree with you. I do not think anyone could prevent that or should. They are fighting to save some of L.A.'s heritage against a greedy developer, not just to save one tasty burger." Do you listen to anybody but yourself?

Are you actually M. Seltzer, resorting to desperate diatribes on our small website to turn the tide against a hard-working family for your personal gain?

If I am creating a false distinction, please tell us what you know about this man named Irv and his personal plight to sell a business he owns, which you mistakenly said he started and posseses. If what you say is rooted in fact, you would have a good point, but your facts are best. They are even bigger lies the way you state them with such certainty.

Please enlighten us as to what you know about this guy named Irv, obviously it is a situation close to you. It's not just the Save Irv's folks either, but the Los Angeles Conservancy and the Route 66 Historical Landmark organization involved in saving Irv's. Or are they just "self-styled preservationalists" with no vision or concern for our city?

It is not an attempt to rationalize, but rather my understanding of what the true story is, compared to the well-spoken but factually incorrect arguments you make.

You are rationalizing your point of view too, but don't tell me what I think nor tell me what I claim to lament. I do destest the Starbucks infiltration, I don't just think or claim to hate it, so don't patronize my beliefs like I'm some sort of naive, misguided follower. Stop lying too to make a point.

I understand your points about personal ownership and agree, but it does not apply to this case. I hope you are as incensed that our government recently passed legislation allowing for the revoking of personal property wherever higher tax revenues can be made. Meaning you could lose your personal property if the city/state/nation could make more developing it into a mini-mall. As you say, business savvy schlockmeisters can probably find loopholes to jusitfy whatever they want, meaning this legislation favors them. It's not some Burger dork you should worry about but your nation's representatives.

From everything I've been told and researched, the developer is simply trying to push the renters out, Irv has no prescence in this situation. What right do they have to pressure The Hongs, destroy their business and the North Amercian dream of coming to this country with nothing and working towards a secure life?

What could stop Irv from selling, Makanmata, if that was how simple it was? No coalition of West Hollywooders could stop it. Stop oversimplifying things and if you know some facts we don't, please share them.

It's not only about burgers either, it's about architecture, community and a city landmark. I agree if Irv wanted to sell it and that was it, he should have every right too. But again, the community has every right to protest and plead with him to keep it open, but no legal rights to keep it rented out. I agree food is less important than rights to what one has bought and wants to sell, but this is not the case. The community should also have a right to decide what they want in their neighborhood and not let it just go to the highest bidder.

To quote Irv's website: "Thousands of neighbors and adjacent businesses have written letters, made phone calls and signed petitions to save this iconic burger stand. But the future of Irv’s Burgers is still unknown. We urgently need your help and support. We’ve taken up the cause as great lovers of burgers, Los Angeles street food and the American Dream."

Again, if you'd like to help Irv's visit:

Save Irv's Burgers!

My point was missed even more, Makanmata. Did you read my post when I said it was not Irv who is being fought here, it is a developer that wants to take a part of our nation's history and turn it into something we do not need so his company can profit? No one can stop Irv from his right to sell his property, but as I said before, it is not a matter so simple nor is that the case.

Irv would have the legal right to sell his property, but again, that's not what's at issue. If the Save Irv's folks were trying to stop one man from selling his property I would agree with you. I do not think anyone could prevent that or should. They are fighting to save some of L.A.'s heritage against a greedy developer, not just save one tasty burger.

Some things are more important than making money. Preserving our heritage is one of them.

A great example of this is downtown LA. Full of history, beauty, unique businesses and multi-cultural societies, a notorious developer has plans to create a Universal Studios-style citywalk down there among other monstronsities. Plenty of us love downtown for what it is, but some people won't be happy until it resembles the new 42nd street, with the same stores and restaurants you find everywhere else. We will lose a critical part of our heritage and culture, plus a whole lot of businesses will be forced out to make room for more profitable businesses.

I repeat: This is the situation at Irv's. No one is fighting a man named Irv. They are fighting a developer who wants to take the building over. I believe if the community finds a space more valuable than a group who stands to profit from it, they should have the right to fight it, and I support their efforts to make a community they way they want it, not the way some outsider feels it should be.

But since we are all about burgers here, let's have a moment of silence for some those great LA burgers which have fallen in the last few years: Mo Better Meaty Meat Burgers, Jay's Jayburgers, Suzi's, among so many other's...R.I.P.

Been nice talking Makanmata, let's agree that you disagree with the legions who want to save Irv's.

Save Irv's Burgers!

Thanks for the insight Makanmata. We are both entitled to our opinions. If you have a wesite I'd be happy to read it.

Irv did not build the stand. Irv is also not the issue here, it is the developer who wants to turn the space into a more profitable (for his team) business. If Irv did have the legal right to sell the property and desired to, I don't see how any law would stop him. I'm not sure the situation is so simple or else maybe the Hongs would buy it.

Nonetheless I have every right to bemoan the loss of a business with character for the placement of another chain store. Chain stores are typically corporate and their tactics are brutal. They make plenty of profit but often squeeze more out by shutting other, pooer businesses down. That is the essence of greed and I feel is against what our country stands for. We don't gain from their gains, but we often lose a lot.

Everywhere we look, the landscape of our country becomes more similar, with Bed, Bath and Beyonds and Starbucks ruling our sightlines. I have every right to not like that and to share my opinions on the site I work so hard on.

The "corporate greed" was originally a reference to Peet's Coffee jockeying for the space. I'd removed references to them as they were no longer the bad guy and had apparently been cool about everything once they learned of Irv's history.

For all I know about the Hongs, they may be unable to find a space with such a great location, size and rent for their budget. Relocating out of the neighborhood will kill their client base. This country was founded on private enterprise and I also bemoan how much more difficult that's become.

Irv gets rent, it is not as if he is being stripped of his property. I am not alone in perceiving corporate greed as strangling private enterprise, whether it applies to this case or not. I am glad you enjoy the site though.

Save Irv's Burgers!

Great Oliver and Justin!
You should also check the Apple Pan for a solid, classic L.A. burger with awesome ambiance. I have a list of over 50 burgers to try in L.A. Can't wait 'til the next one!!

3 Cheers for the Cheeseburger Bill!!!

Well Dan~ I am against big business strangling us to death, but really feel we need to take responsibility for our choices. When we eat a Big Mac a day and want to blame others for getting fat, we are in a culture of denial that needs to be halted. I agree, it's sick that living in a low-income neighborhood, it is almost impossible to eat healthy, but if a health food store could prosper in one of those neighborhoods, don't think they would not be there. Companies have one obligation unfortunately, to increase profits, and their only obligation is to its shareholders, not the public. This system, in ideals and essence, allows health food chains to compete with McDonalds. If making a bigger juicier burger is more profitable, they will make it bigger and juicier. If making it carb-free is more profitiable, they will do just that. Cash rules in this society and dictates what companies do. If we lived in a culture of responsibility we could hold both humans and corporations more responsible. But McDonalds never made a pact towards being helth food, why would we limit their freedom to make whatever product they wish. If parents, teachers and the nutritional advocates of the government cannot teach people to make smart choices, why should it be up to fast food to lose profits in attempts to be something they never claimed to be. Still, good points to be had, Dan. Change of consciousness against commercialism seems more important these days, then forcing anyone to change themselves.

Fanelli's Cafe

I love Fanelli's burger! Along with J.G. Mellon on 74th & 3rd, and Walkers downtown on North Moore, I think are these my 3 favorite hamburgers in New York. The Luger burger kicked azz too!

Mister Hamburger

I talked SO MUCH SHIT to Mr. Hamburger (who had emailed me out of the blue saying I and my city suck) that it was completely unprintable in AHT. He was too chickensheeit to write back apparently. That being done, I respect his ratings system and think we shouldn't be engaging in this Least, I mean, East Coast-Best Coast tribalism. We are brothers in burgers and brothers in life, and I would gladly show him the better parts of L.A. next time he is forced to be out here. Peace n' love!!

White Castle Madness

Yes, maybe that's why I left NYC. Still, there's a good reason In N' Out in Hollywood has a gun-toting security guard in their parking lot. We are nice out here, but just can't stop thuggin'...

Review: The Counter

I appreciated that SFU character too, Ms. P! So sorry about the privacy violations, I told you I didn't know that was you in the shower...or changing that other time...and I swear I thought that was my bed on the 4th, not your's. In any case, I am self-imposing myself to exile in my dark closet for upsetting you...only to see daylight when it's burgertime. Your slave for eternity~HH

Review: The Counter

Yes TJ~I am a big promoter of Honey P., as a more beautiful woman I've never seen. Hopefully, someday she'll see the light and eat with me forever 'til we go together to that great big cheeseburger in paradise. However, such is her beauty, we're staying away from photos, I 'spose as her visage is too beautiful and is possibly dangerous.

Taking 'I'm Lovin' It' a Little Too Literally

Apparently, Weird Al's son loves burgers more than we do!

Review: In-N-Out Burger


Thanks for checking out our site on your way to If you'd like to read about hamburgers, please come again.

Review: Original Tommy's

No no no, I should have stressed, I was not driving. I had a wheelman as always and do not drink and drive.


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