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The Billy Goat's Bun Problem: Would Another Bun Work Better Than the Kaiser Roll?

Triple much better. It's true! Or a double on the 'kid's bun' (at least that's what Sam calls it...). I'm still a fan of the kaiser roll because that's a big part of the Billy Goat experience. Just man-up and get the triple.

I saw Sam today and will be there again on Sunday nite. I was with a producer from the film fest who had never been there before and she told me, "I want to be drinking at that bar, now." It was 11:45am.

GQ's Burger of the Year: Umami Burger in Los Angeles

It's OK that Richman doesn't care much for the LA burger scene - no one really gives a crap about his opinions anyway.

P.J. Clarke's Revamped Burger Leaves Me Longing for the Old

No Bearnaise Burger? WTF?? Someone over there has lost their mind. That was one of the best burgers in NYC.

The Burger Lab: Salting Ground Beef

Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for this Kenji.

Black Shack, Home of the Bizarro Whopper in New York City

It's a great burger and looks like Nick missed out on the winner at Black Shack - their Western Burger which is piled high with house-made crispy onions. And the shakes kick some ass.

Map of New Mexico's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail

Pretty map, but did you notice that almost 100 of them are Blake's Lotaburger?

Guide to Sliders in Northern New Jersey

Great job Nick! What amazing research. I had no idea there were so many 'Whites' in North Jersey. Is someone buying White Diamond?

Paradise Lost: White Diamond of Linden, New Jersey Is Closed

What a loss. Another primary source for the Great American Hamburger is gone.

Seriously Italian: A Sicilian Breakfast To Beat The Heat

No!, Cosby gave his kids chocolate cake for breakfast, because it has eggs in it...

McDonald's Big Mac, The AHT Review

Whew. Glad that was a joke. I thought the Brit had lost his marbles...

Things I Ate in Milwaukee

Correction: glad you made it to Kopp's for the shake (the burger is not impressive)

Things I Ate in Milwaukee

Huge mistake skipping the Solly's Butter Burger with stewed onions! Glad you made it to Kopp's though.

Paula Deen is pantsless

I didn't need that, and I especially did not need the Zapruder-esqe slo-mo on the YouTube link...

Giant Burger from Hamburger Festival in South Korea

The bun-to-beef ratio looks waaaay off. That's alota bun...

'Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food'

If one more person blames a farting cow for global warming I'm going to freak out.

Hamburger America: Dick's Drive-In in Seattle, Washington

blt76- I never submitted a photo of the Dick's Double to the publisher because the one I shot wasn't too pretty. After looking at it again (5 mins ago) I'm realizing that it looks better than I remember...

Hamburger America: Dick's Drive-In in Seattle, Washington

Adam- Sir Mix-A-Lot is mentioned in the book but removed from this 'abridged' version, Here's the line from the book:

"Even Sir Mix-A-Lot, Grammy Award winner and Seattle native, immortalized the Broadway location in his first hit song. In the lyrics, his posse skips Taco Bell for Dick's. The truth is, if there were more places like Dick's, serving wholesome fast food, we'd all be skipping Taco Bell."

Digital City's List of Best Burgers of the USA

Any bozo that puts Fuddruckers on a best-of list should have their head checked.

In Videos: Barack Obama Orders a Burger on Air Force One

Medium -Well...yikes! At least he ordered a burger. He probably had plenty of choices. Someone has to sneak some Gulden's onto that plane though...

Josh Ozersky and Hamburgers on 'Nightline'

I love that Josh yelled at him (at the end). Let's go to Hildebrandt's.