A vegan dude who lives at the Jersey shore.

  • Location: New Jersey!
  • Favorite foods: VP II in the Village, any burrito, home made pasta with chick peas and red sauce, with a TON of garlic and red pepper, boca burgers, POTATO CHIPS, nutritional yeast, Thai, fake duck, fake fried chicken
  • Last bite on earth: A burrito from Tido's in Summit, or Bubbakooz in Point Pleasant!

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Date Night: Bayou on Staten Island

Because nothing will want you to make out with someone more than a mouth full of crab and alligator

The 8 Best Pizzas in the Pacific Northwest

Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, OR, SIZZLE PIE in Portland

Vegan Eating: This Is What Happens When I'm Too Busy To Cook

Right, I can't speak my mind here, thank you for laying it all out for me

Vegan Eating: This Is What Happens When I'm Too Busy To Cook

I think maybe that SE should just stick to it's strength: Being the Hipster/kitschy NPR of Foodland, this is a noble effort, but this is starting to be a major bummer.

People don't eat Faux meat or anything because they want to replicate the EXACT tastes and sensations of the "real thing," these faux products exist as their own entities. I can assure you that, at least to me, I truly don't eat a Boca burger because I want to replicate the flavor and sensations of, say, eating that awesome cheeseburger at the beach food stand every Saturday growing up, I eat them because its a comforting, awesome sandwich with it's own flavor- essentially its own sensation and source of nourishment in its own right.

Yes, I get it, faux products are processed, sometimes bad for the environment (hexane, the killing of field mice and other fauna in clearing wheat fields to make gluten out of, etc), but please, that is a poor justification for trying to even compare the destruction the meat industry is doing to the environment (that scene in Food, Inc.where they show the damage to the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico because of the corn pesticide runoff to harvest enough corn to feed to cows, who only eat grass...anyway) in comparison to say, a few Soy burger factories scattered across the North American continent. Not even mentioning the fact that you tried to catagorize vegans into environmental/moral/health vegans, when in reality, aside from the "rules" (some eat honey, some don't, some wear silk, some don't, etc) veganism is it's own subjective experience for every single person involved.

Too much is getting caught up in the negatives of this "experiment", if anything what I'm getting from this is that it's a patronizing quasi-experiment ultimately leading to some kind of "informed" end result that was really a self-fufilling prophecy from the get go, considering, 1. you are a carnivore 2. have said repeatedly in your posts and other food lab experiments how much you detest the concept of "fake anything".

I don't go on this site so that I can read some dude who knows the ins and outs of every animal and how to prepare said in and outs of every animal (in awesome and frankly, pretty interesting ways) attempt to be vegan without a completely open mind.

Yes, some Vegan pizzas and other items take some getting used to, like a TON of other things. I'm not eating that fake cheese on a frozen vegan za because I want some revelatory experience, I'm doing it for myself/to try to stop killing animals/to help the planet.

I mean come on, this entire website is about indulgence, in fact the only point of SE/Drinks/Slice/sweets/any other site connected to SE is in the name of indulgence, nothing more, nothing less. Yes, in some instances there's an article about a sustainable farm on a Brooklyn roof somewhere. But come on, being a foodie seems to me, for the most part, in making the most delicious and awesome thing you can possibly make, and taking cute pictures of it.

I mean what was the point of this "experiment?" To try to incite the 80-90% of upper middle class yuppy-lite people that comment here to come up with clever passive-aggressive insults on veganism that are based on "My friend used to do this and I thought his/her food was gross?"

Doesn't really seem like there was an open minded approach. Yeah, great, you try to abstain from processed anything, fake anything, great, good for you, but the majority of everyone, carnivore, omnivore, vegan, or whatever-a-vore, have to sometimes eat processed stuff, making this entire "experiement" just some sort of cute patronizing joke.

Don't get me wrong Kenji, you are one of the biggest reasons I even come on here. I was at first, really psyched about this. But now, I'm really counting down the days when you do another burger bender, or try to replicate some crazy fast food item in your kitchen.

Vegan Eating: This Is What Happens When I'm Too Busy To Cook

Come on dude, we all get it, YOU personally don't like faux anything, that truly does not mean that "there is no reason for any of them to exist."

Pasta With Braised Broccoli and Tomato

If you're worried about protein, throw some Garbanzo's in there!

Vegan: Pasta with Braised Broccoli and Tomato Sauce

Since you constantly worry about protein, you should throw in some Garbanzos in that mofo

The Vegan Experience, Day 0

I also expect that in a month, a glorious post about Shake Shack and some assortment of Sichuan-fried pork stomachs or feet will be combined for a welcome back to meat meal. Psyched on all of this!

The Vegan Experience, Day 0


The beef/meat industry damages more waterways in the US than any other industry in the US, and, you're assuming ALL vegans eat nothing but processed foods. Some foods that are considered processed are pretty simple to "process" on your own. How damaging is it to the environment to press soybeans into tofu, the oldest "processed" food?

Now, I know what you mean, but whatever, to vegans, processed food can be processed all it wants, as long as it didn't contribute to animal suffering, then it is fine.

Yet, again, it is a PERSONAL choice.

And who cares?

The Vegan Experience, Day 0

I have come out of retirement to post this! Kenji! Hell yeah! This must be the year of the Apocalypse...I open this page and see that you are going vegan! Heck yeah!

Don't listen to anyone on here, the most important part of being vegan for any vegan is that it starts as a PERSONAL choice. It's just coincidental that you're probably helping out the environment, animals, and yourself in the process.

Also, be prepared to ask what the ingredients are in everything(unless you do go to a vegan restaraunt) if you plan on being super stringent.

Learn to love Nutritional Yeast and Mrs. Bragg's liquid aminos.

And go to VP II in the village and get the crispy soul chicken!

Eat for Eight Bucks: Tofu with Tomatoes and Cilantro

Yeah Woozle, Sprouts and Tofu is so unhealthy, sheesh. What planet are you from? If you love eating chicken so much, go post on the Korean Fried Chicken post! Nasoya, one of the biggest producers of Tofu, strictly use NON GMO soybeans in their Tofu.

Don't you realize chickens in general are genetically modified? They break their legs under their own weight! They've been engineered! But I certainly don't go on posts about chicken and act like a frightened 8 year old. Go bully yourself. And maybe realize that while chicken has a ton of protein, it has far more fat and cholesterol than sprouts and tofu. What vitamins does chicken have over sprouts?

The Vegetarian Option: Tipsy Parson

Hmm. That would be really awesome to find a place that could fit that criterion. I would suspect really only Indian/Thai/Korean/Chinese places would fit it.

The Vegetarian Option: Tipsy Parson

"Do all chefs think their vegetarian customers only want to eat fried foods, mac and cheese, and salad every time they go out to dinner? Or do they care?"

What? Every one of your articles focuses mainly on this! Almost every food you try is dairy-rich/fried vegetables. At least that's what it seems to be. You could try more traditional vegetarian places, like foodswings, VPII, Red bamboo, kate's....other than fancy pants restaurants with mac n cheese and cheese and cheese and cheese and cheese in their menus.

Just sayin.


Guys, let's encourage this poster, and stop with the role playing of being an English professor. It was an non-formal post, and show some sense of community, would you please?

Best of luck Egordon! Start reviewing places on your own, and who knows what will happen! Sky is the limit- there is nothing you cannot do if you believe it and work hard for it!

If anything can go well, it will! 8-D

Meet & Eat: Lingbo Li, Serious Eats Intern

Forecast today: Cloudy, with a chance of BABESTORM

Seriously though, I am a fan of Sriracha too! It opens the eyes really quick during the morning hours

The Burger Lab: In Search of the Best American Cheese

Aw come on!

The Wholesome Valley melts normally, at least!

Photo of the Day: Guaranteed to Raise a Smile

BAHAHA wow and I LOVE the Beatles! Clearly I didn't have my brain that day. Thanks Adam!

Boca chikn patties

Bess- try it with mayo

wilma- I do the SAME THING! Haha...sometimes I make two and cover them both with pasta, nutritional yeast, and of course tons of marinara. mmmmmm

Boca chikn patties

That's true. Maybe if I griddle cook the boca in a vat of three day's used soybean oil? And leave the rolls out for a day or two?