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The 'Big 3' U.S. candy bars?


I tend to think you are overlooking the other Hershey bars. For instance, I would have a Cookies and Cream and Special Dark bar at least on the C-list, and would even put them on the B-list.

I have recently gotten in Canadian Candy and must say, Crispy Crunch is amazing. Adding molassas to peanut butter and peanuts seems a little odd, but it works. Coffee Crisp is great as well, as is the Mr. Big bar.

BTW, Zero's are repulsive.

Fast Food: Qdoba Mexican Gumbo Stretches the Definition of 'Gumbo'

Donde estan los camerones?

Reality Check: Burger King's BK Toppers

I don't know Todd. I feel like the beefy burger taste alone -- coupled with BK's new and much improved bacon -- makes these worth it. Although I still find the Single Stacker the best $1 burger in the fast food kingdom.

Win the Valentine's Day Collection from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Goat Cheese with Cognac Figs

Cereal Eats: When Classic Cereals Try New Flavors, Fail

We agree on these new cereals. I've tried all three, and although I actually do enjoy the Blueberry HBO, I found the fake, almost metallic edge of the peach taste to completly overpower the vibe of the other. It's really a shame HBO discontinued the chocolate cluster flavor they had a few years back.

FTC sucked, but I do think you should at least try Bluebbery Muffin tops from Malt-o-Meal. I think, like me, you'll find it sweet beyond eatable, but it is a, uh, different experience.

Maybe a good future post would be comparing all CTC knock-offs, like Malt-o-Meal, Mom's Best, all other "natural" kinds? A bling taste test perhaps?

I love Cocoa Puffs myself, but dislike the Brownie Crunch. I think I'm in the minority though when I say I've enjoyed some less than popular offspring flavors. Cookie Crisp Sprinkes comes to mind, as does Chocolate Lucky Charms.

Sugar=The Devil?

If sugar is the devil, than reading this site is like looking at Dante's Inferno.

IMHO, the "sugar is the devil" question is just the latest "butter will drop you dead asap" or "fat free, how about 'die for free?'" claim out there.

And no, any posted links will not change my mind :)

National ( Food of Your Choice) Day!

Last year (my senior year of college) my friend Steve and I celebrated 4/20 Day as any wholesome and conservative Utah college students would; we didn't actually get high, but did stuff most people would think you'd have to be high to do.

Taking a line from the movie Heavyweights, we tested the theory about putting twinkies on pizza (a Papa Murphey's Take-N-Bake.) It was actually pretty decent. I described it as a "like a toasted marshmallow and pound cake panini."

So from here on out I plan to make April 20th "DO put twinkies on your pizza day."

(Ok, awaiting Adam Kuban and the rest of the slice department to either give it a try or burn me at the stake.)

San Diego: Pigging Out at Carnitas' Snack Shack

+1 on the babe reference. one of my favorite "elementary school" movies ha!

what was the bacon "jam" like? was it tomato or fruit based?

we may be on opposite coasts but I love these reviews btw. nice job as always

Super Bowl Giveaway: 10-Pound Box of Pat LaFrieda Sliders

As a short white guy myself, I clearly I will be rooting for Wes Welker and his "great route running" ability and "fantastic hands." That and eating leftover chili from a cookoff the night before.

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites

"They" should really think about trying to mandate more enticing looking trays and tableware. I'd have a hard enough time going cold turkey from the chicken fingers and churros as it is without having to eat it off of something designed for a Jetsons movie.

Cereal Eats: Wheaties, a Champion Among Cereals

I credit my fantastic fast twitch muscle ability in all pickup sports as a youth to Frosted Flakes, including a short-lived but damn good run through the honey infused goodness of Frosted Flakes Gold. I also credit my Jon McEnroe theatrics and use of all words banned on a little league baseball field to the insane sugar rushes of those days.

Other than that, I've always been known as "that dude" in the press box of NCAA Division I football games to pass on the media buffet in favor of homemade cereal trail mixes.

Fast Food: McDonald's Chicken McBites


Because that wouldn't taste good. Also, because stuff can't stay crispy in a liquid environment like the bloodstream. Duh!

Chain Reaction: Uno Chicago Grill's Artisan Thin Crust Pizza

My thoughts were very much the same Will. My only complaint is the size for the price. I think most people will find one pizza a complete meal, and I think something like $11.99 for the Fig and Goat Cheese.

Fast Food: McDonald's Chicken McBites

Chick Fil A has to do a popcorn chicken version. I love their nuggets but they are a different animal, but I've always found the crunchy parts on their sandwiches to be like eating awsome.

Fast Food: McDonald's Chicken McBites

I need a full proof way to turn soggy mcnuggets which have been bought at noon but not to be consumed till dinnerish into those crispy, salty, right from the fryer nuggets you get off the line. Kenji, hate to ask for advice during your present situation, but got any tips?

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! 20 Recipes to Celebrate

Don't forget Goober Burgers!

Vegan Eating and Nutrition

"Nutrition is a complicated and politically-charged field that I prefer to steer clear of in my writing"

Not to nitpick, but isn't the whole idea of going vegan (ie. your Day '0' post) a politically-charged preface to begin the experiment on?

BTW, have you thought of supplementing protein with (geez, no surprise I'm suggesting this) a breakfast cereal like Kashi GoLean?

Cereal Eats: Kellogg's Krave Comes to the U.S.


I feel like the exterior has too easy a give. As a compulsive snacker who likes mixes, I want something with a little more bite. Like Cocoa Puffs

Cereal Eats: Kellogg's Krave Comes to the U.S.

@ Leandra,

Hope I don't steal your thunder, but I shared my thoughts on the new blog (

I love the concept of Krave, and really hope other fillings will be tossed around. I for one know I could get behind a chocolate exterior and peanut butter "cream" interior. My only complaint is that the exterior is shabby. I wish it had more crunch, but alas, then the milk might not penetrate as well.

Cereal Eats: Kellogg's Krave Comes to the U.S.

Love Double Chocolate Krave. It's like a poor man's chocolate ecclair in the center, and is one of the few cereals I prefer with milk, or, better yet, half-and-half. However, best new cereal this year is still Kelloggs' Cinnamon Roll Little Bites. It's like eating 48 cinnamon rolls for just 190 calories.

Reality Check: Wendy's Cheesy Cheddarburger

I like the melted cheese sauce you get on the Arby's Jr. Ham and Cheddar melt better. The Wendy's stuff is actually a little thick for me, but if you ask for it on the "W" in between the beef with the regular cheese, you get something of an In-N-Out effect. No, you don't get In-N-Out, but last I checked they don't operate off freeways in rural Virginia at 10 in the morning...

Cakespy: Twinkie Tiramisu

When I was in college I once put twinkies on a Papa Murphey's take-and-back pizza to test out the line from Heavyweights. Surprisingly good.

Cook the Book: 'Cooking Light The Complete Quick Cook'

Gotta be eggs. Fry up two, spread some low fat cream cheese on two slices of toasted dark wheat bread, top it will some cucumbers and dill, then hurdle on the eggs. Frozen veggies work great as a side. Just micorwave some forzen peas with mint and lemon juice and you've got yourself a really filling and reasonably healthy meal.

Cereal Eats: Special K

I second the love for Protein Plus. It's a great cereal to add to sugary mixes, and it's 10 grams of protein per serving are awsome. If you're looking for an awsome post workout munchie bag I suggest Protein Plus + Kashi Go Lean + A dried fig. It's all under 300 calories and has 23 grams of protein and a decent amount of sugar.

PS: It might make you fart.

My mom thinks Special K Chocolate is the best cereal ever. I don't see how it's anything more than just brown sugar glazed special K with fake chocolate chips poured in...

Deep fried PB & J

No, but I did cover one in melted chocolate last week, froze it briefly, then consumed it with all the intensity a post 10K feeding frenzy will allow. But to your question, I find hot oil and I go together like sardines and ice cream. Which is to say you must keep those things as far away from each other as possible.

Who's giving/receiving useless kitchen gadgets?

Four years ago I bought myself an air popper for Christmas. Used it four times, then switched back to the microwave. Three years ago I asked for a panini maker. Got a cheap one. It caught fire a year ago, and I threw it in the snow ala Balthasaar's head in Jingle all the Way. Two years ago I bought the exact same panini maker (ok, it was a cheap one) the day after Christmas. I left it in my dorm when I graduated college. A year ago for Christmas I got an ice cream maker and waffle maker for my family. We used the ice cream maker twice before realizing it was easier/cheaper for us to buy Turkey Hill.

This year my sister got me Star wars waffle molds for my birthday. I'm much more interested in Waffle Crisp, though I love Star Wars. Yikes, what will it be this December 25th?

Anyone else have a habit of blowing money on cheap, potentially beneath you cookware? Anyone buy or get really high end stuff they never use?

The Great Birthday Eats Conundrum

So my birthday's coming up, and again I'm confronted with the question of what to eat. I'm sure my fellow Serious Eaters have found themselves in a similar position before. Do we cook our favorites, engaging our shared loved of the food itself with the act of preparing it and preparing it amongst friends? Now I'm thinking a homemade pizza of figs, ricotta, and pistachios...But wait, maybe we want to live adventurously and try something new. That "Best of" restaurant 30 minutes away with the designer burger of Foie Gras and some fancy cheese I've never heard of. ..But will I really, truly enjoy it, or just the idea of it? Maybe what I really want is a trip down memory lane, to my 8th birthday and a Happy Meal at McDonald's. Crap, would my family be down for chicken nuggets and fries?

Too much thought, I'm sure, but I'm interested in what others do for their birthdays, and what part of their Seriouse Eater they like to engage on their own "Big Day?"

Cheese, in my Oatmeal

Has anyone every experimented with adding different cheeses to oatmeal? The other night I was looking to jazz up a bowl of oatmeal with some juicy and ripe cherries, and instead of adding butter I added about an once of Brie. A really nice change of pace flavor wise, although the texture came out a big runnier than I would have liked. I've got some crumbled goat cheese and blue cheese in the fridge, not to mention some pears and dried figs, as well as several different kinds of nuts. I'm thinking the combinations are endless. Anyone ever experimented with adding cheese to oatmeal? If so, any tips, techniques, or favorite combos?

Best (No-Cook) uses for fresh Ricotta?

I grew up eating a lot of low fat ricotta loaded with stabilizers, and often had it in desserts. Yesterday I was looking to expand my horizons a bit and bought some whole milk fresh ricotta at a Farmers Market in Southwestern VA. Obviously I noticed a different taste and texture from what I'm used to (actually, the label doesn't list pasteurized whey - just milk). My question is what they best way to feature the ricotta would be? What are some of your favorite no cook or at least no-fuss ways to use it? Also, is it something that could lend itself to some Panini and or pizzas applications that you would suggest?
Thanks all!

Spam filters killing my emails?

Kind of a two pronged question here. I've sent in many emails to SE in the past. Everything from emails to individual writers to submitting ideas for burger reviews for AHT. Only once gotten a response, and when it came, is was about a month after I sent the email. The writer actually explained to me that my email had been marked as "spam" and she never saw it. So I was just there anything I can do to not have emails marked as spam, is in fact this is the case? Should I be using a certain email address (currently using Gmail)

Realize everyone here gets flooded with emails, and have no problem not receiving responses, but I just hate to think my emails are never being seen because of spam filtering.

On the same note, what exactly is the protocal for submitting sandwiches for A Sandwich a Day or burger reviews for AHT? Do SEers just give tips to places, or, if we'd like to contribute a review, should we just go, type up a blurb, and email it in?

Thanks all.

What the heck does Hemp 'go with'?

Long story short: Early 20s, likes cooking and flavors, lacks baking equipment and blender, looking to put on weight. Also: cheap browser of supermarket reduced aisles, comes across Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder for .99 cents as a markdown, and figures "what the hey."

First experiment: morning oatmeal, what doesn't go well with oatmeal and sugar and cinnamon? Lets just dump a whole bunch of brown sugar on there. First impressions: wow, this stuff came from earth? and dang, I'm going to need a lot more sugar

Obviously, I should have done some research, but SEers have never failed me, so I was wondering if anyone from the "natural crowd" (and I say this in the most loving way possible that a child of 1990s cartoon character cereal can) can help me out here. Does Hemp have an affinity for any savory flavors, spices, or mix-ins? I guess I'd love to work it into oatmeal or some other quick cooking grain some way just because it's part of my morning routine, but open to all suggestions that are not overly labor intensive.


Help in making Oatmeal not as good for me

So yea. Basically I'm one of those people who spends six out of seven days a week with my pretentious bowl of oats, cooked with skim milk, a sliced banana, and some nuts. You know the spiel - healthy fat, protein, complex carbs, blah blah blah. I even get really creative at times, adding savory herbs, veggies, low fat cheeses, heck, even bacon (one of my favorite combos is bacon + dried figs + black pepper + balsamic vinegar). But I really have no experience making oatmeal, well, rich. I want to taste the earthiness of the grain and richness of an addition - not a conglomeration of flavors which some columnist is getting paid to tell me is of ideal health value. So my question is what's the best way to go? I've never had oatmeal with even 2%, much less added butter or half-and-half or what have you. What are some of the more sophisticated ways to add richness and intensity to oatmeal that don't overwhelm the natural flavor of the oats with other elements? Many thanks in advance.

Hello, I'm 22 and would like your kids menu...

My apologies if this doesn't come across as "serious," but I need some advice. I love extensive, exotic and expensive menus as much as the next guy, but there are times in which I'm out at a restaurant and I want to order off the kids menu.

Sometimes this happens when I'm at a chain that doesn't have any worthwhile menu items to offer. Sometimes this happens because I'm a sucker for portion control. Other times, because I'm a monetarily challenged college student. But in most cases it happens because I believe that one of the main attachments we have to food is that nostalgic "x" factor, and because the allure of chicken fingers is just too damn strong.

It's not a problem at fast food restaurants, of course, but I've never actually ordered off the kids menu at a "real" restaurant (or even major chain for that matter). It's not that I haven't looked or even discreetly inquired, but so often I'm deterred from actually ordering off it because of the "Under 12" clause.

My question to you all is whether or not anyone has ever really pressed the issue with this apparent "rule." I understand there are reasons for it (someone once explained to me that kids menu's aren't meant to incur profit for restaurants), but is there anyway a restaurant can actually preclude you from ordering off a kids menu other than to frown at you and pretentiously bash you for not ponying up to the big table?

For what its worth I'm smart enough to understand that there are many a social and professional situations where even making this inquisition wouldn't fly. But what can I say? I'm a very nostalgic eater at times...

Sauced: Blueberry Ketchup

Escaping the thought of ketchup as a singular tomato-based sauce led to this blueberry ketchup. It has the familiar sweet and tangy flavor but with a bright fruitiness that opens the door to a wide variety of uses. "Blueberry ketchup?!" you say. (We can hear you.) Try it as a dip for sweet potato fries or spread on some grilled pork chops. More

Top This: How to Make the Thai Carrot Pizza from Thomas Hill Organics

The pizza begins with a savory base of garlic, ginger, and puréed carrots, crowned with a flavor-packed array of unusual toppings: Anaheim chilies, coconut cream, sesame seeds, cashews, toasted coconut, and cilantro. Made without cheese or tomatoes, this carrot pie pushes the limit of most people's notion of pizza. But those willing to take a risk will reap a sweet and spicy reward. More

Chocolate Chickpea Cake

This is a very dense, not-too-sweet cake with a nice chocolatey flavor. It's also pretty healthy, packing tons of fiber from the garbanzos and protein from the eggs, and is actually a really nice breakfast sweet. It keeps well in... More

Holiday Granola

This crunchy, sweet granola is studded with toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries and peaches. Feel free to substitute any combination of nuts and fruit, or swap the maple syrup for honey. It makes an ideal holiday gift, and... More

Chicken Balsamico

Yes you can make a gourmet-style dish in just 30 minutes! It's as simple as this skillet chicken dish, served in a creamy balsamic sauce with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese...yum! More

Cranberry Orange Mustard

Sweet, tart, and tangy, this brilliantly-hued mustard would be a delicious accompaniment to a cheese plate. Of course, it would also be fantastic spread on turkey or ham sandwiches made with holiday leftovers. Very loosely adapted (more like inspired by!)... More

Healthy & Delicious: Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Healthy food has its time and place, and it's not necessarily the fourth Thursday in November. However, when a Thanksgiving recipe is nutritious and delicious, there's no need to leave it off the holiday table. That would just be mean. With that in mind, Ellie Krieger's Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes need to go on your Turkey Day menu, post-haste. Satisfying and subtle, they'll please guests of every age. More

Extra Crispy Duck Fat-Fried Fingerling Potatoes

There are three keys to getting extra crunchy fried potatoes: First, you've got to cook them for long enough to allow the gluey starch inside the cells to dissolve and work on the cell walls, gluing them into a thicker, more robust shape. Secondly, you've got to heat their surface in order to dehydrate and crisp them. Finally, you have to maximize the surface area, giving the potatoes more places to crisp up. More