What are your favorite premium recipe books?

Thanks for further clarifying!

What are your favorite premium recipe books?

Thanks! I'm gonna check them out.

Any Sites with Loads of Food Images?

:D AH! I can never get enough of these images!
Thanks a lot for these links.

In Videos: Istanbul Ice Cream Trickery

Why do they want to make fun of their customers!

What Are Some Food Classics?

Why do many people actually consider sushi as a classic?

What Are Some Food Classics?

@HeartofGlass - I was thinking, I supposed 'American or regional classics' would overlap that of nostalgia foods, so I meant both of them. Basically food that had been passed down for generations. Pie is a good example.

What Are Some Food Classics?

@HeartofGlass - I meant: 'nostalgia food that tastes as good now as it did 'back then''

Vintage ads, do you like them?

@PerkyMac, I'm not so sure if my personal definition is right, but I always have this idea that I would consider anything around the 70s as retro and vintage would be say, around the 20s or 30s. How do you guys differentiate?

Vintage ads, do you like them?

@PumpkinBear, thanks for your explanation, I was wondering what you really meant. :)

@hungrychristel, thanks for sharing the website, really nice!

Didn't know there's many vintage ads lovers here, glad to know you guy do like them!

Vintage ads, do you like them?

Do you guys like them in a way where they provide good humor, or are you still attracted to them like you'd feel like buying/eating something in the ads.

For myself, it's rather mixed, though sometimes I wish I was in that generation so I could truly experience those ads myself. Without laughing at them so much.

Vintage ads, do you like them?

@PumpkinBear, can you elaborate your point about sexist?

Vintage ads, do you like them?

@pearl, you're still awake at these hour! and so it's true that marketing & advertising professionals work a lot of late nights! :P

Glad to hear that you love vintage ads too! Hope others who like or dislike would give their comments too. :)

What do you desire most?

@Cassaendra - AH! I love your answer, it's the least that I've expected yet so true!

Horseradish: Way or No Way?

@JerzeeTomato - I really love Long's!

Is food an art or mastery?

I think I agree with VerasTastyFreeze.

Is food an art or mastery?

My apologies, I have mistyped 'an' as 'and' in the question.

Is food an art or mastery?

@ccbweb - I was wondering if you consider food or rather the process of making it as a form of art, for expressing and satisfying oneself, or is it something very much based on skills.

Weird Foodie Gifts

Thanks for the share, I'm amused by some of their products.

Really love this product that converts your can drink into a 'bottle'.

I can make ___ but I almost always buy it.

Way more convenient to buy than to make.

Foodie jokes, anyone?

@caramel, that's not exactly a joke unique to foodie, is it?

How do you eat your horseradish

I've once tried it with Asian Chicken Rice, it was pretty good. :)

How do you react to food visuals?

have you ever got too attracted to a certain visuals that you just end up buying the product it's promoting?

Preferences of Horseradish

Apologies about my previous comment, I overlooked that mepolo has given me the link already. Thanks!

Preferences of Horseradish

@suegsf, what web site can I get Miller's?

How I wish there's a brand that can sell something similar to ones that we grind ourselves.

Preferences of Horseradish

Thanks for the warm response! Seems like most people prefer to grind horseradish themselves than buying prepared ones?

What about those prepared ones, but without cream, say this one from Silver Spring, (I've yet to try this, would it be quite the same as fresh ones?)

Has anyone heard of or favor Long's Horseradish, at the Central Market in Lancaster?

@mepolo, I saw the cranberry one on Silver Spring website, has never tried it myself, quite a weird combination no? :/

Classic Luxury Foods?

In continuation to the classic food topic I posted, I'm also keen on finding out what kind of luxury food do you regard as classic.

(I'm not sure if I used the word luxury correctly, I mean the expensive stuffs that we don't usually eat day to day, only once in a while.)

I drool at the thought of scallops! :P

Vintage ads, do you like them?

Does anyone happened to have the same liking as I do? I've recently been surfing about vintage ads and found some of them very interesting, some others are crap.

Here's a Coca Cola ad:

How do you react to food visuals?

As a foodie, do drool over pretty food visuals on tv/ads/photos, or are you more concerned about the health, ingredients, preparations, accompanying texts or other things if any?

I'm a semi-techie-foodie person, as far as tech gadgets are concerned, I look in the specs immediately. When it comes to food, I'm always very attracted to pretty visuals. Just wonder how do you react?

Preferences of Horseradish

I know most horseradish lovers like it as raw and as fresh as possible.

How do you guys prepare your horseradish or what's your favorite brand and best brand?