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All natural super high fat diet - Good idea?

I found myself researcing one day is to why people that had never smoked in their life got lung cancer.....the answer was high fat diets.

HELP!!! Cream Cheese Icing Falling off my cake

Amazing tips and tricks, THANK you all so much, this is an amazing site and so glad I found it when I my state of panic...with a little chilling action the cake came out beautiful with a little shaved chocolate on top and the combination of the chocolate cake with the white cream cheese icing was so amazing......THANK YOU>>>>THANK YOU Everyone

HELP!!! Cream Cheese Icing Falling off my cake

Oh my, thank you so much, makes a whole lot of sense to me....One more question if you dont mind. Should I need to refrigerate the cream cheese icing before icing the actual cake once it comes out of the freezer or can this be done at room temp? It seem as though I am always having to refrigerate it to get it to a spreading consistency?

Are you a liar?

My motto is never cook with a headache! Chicken pot pie from scratch, made it many times and always turned out wonderful...this time forgot to add the chicken...hmmmm..... like the ones you buy in the store WHERES THE CHICKEN!!!!! LOL

HELP!!! Cream Cheese Icing Falling off my cake

This is the recipe.
8oz White Chocolate chips (melted)
12 oz cream cheese, room temperature
3/4 cup butter ,room temperature
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
3 cups powdered sugar

Could something be off!!!!

HELP!!! Cream Cheese Icing Falling off my cake

Thank you for your speedy comments, the consistency a little thinner than Im use to. I used a new recipe (white chocolate cream cheese) it is fabulious. I always make cakes from scratch and we all love cream cheese but it always seems as though I am heading to the refrigerator to save the day and cake. I know I must be doing something wrong...I would love a recipe that did not have to be refrigerated....Any suggestions would be most helpful


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