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Full English Breakfast

Be scared Southern_bella .... It's a mushroom

Full English Breakfast

Hey Adam... thanks for the link :) I'm at the Frontline Club in London RIGHT NOW - just arrived - and I'll be eating this tomorrow AM :) hey, you might want to watch the debate about media tonight ??

Starts 7.30pm UK time

Slice on Facebook

No, no, no, I don't give a monkeys about your pizza group. I wanna play scrabble...

Slice on Facebook

Now you've might actually have given me a good enough reason to re-join facebook. Tiles at the ready... later this week.

In Order That You May Furnish an Account of All These Places

Great wee snapshot of things past Adam thanks - would've commented at Jason's place, but you know... you can't. Wise bloke. I've been digging around in there myself. An amazing archive. I hope more newspapers do this

Photo of the Day: Best Sandwich in the World

@Kbear919 Funny innit, I live in a great gastronomic region in France now and I absolutely love the food, but I'm just not quite as enthused by it as I was in Vietnam... I do live an amazing market though...

Alas, I won't be moving back to Saigon, but I may be visiting. And looking at that sarnie again, I can remember the motorbike fumes, dink dink dink of building going on, car horns and shouting. You need that kinda backdrop for a sarnie like this. These things live on the street you know :)

Food Bloggers: Going Legit(?) and Entering the Mainstream

The Top Chef thing sounds daft - if she was good enough to beon the show, is she not good enough to open her mouth. I presume she knew what the score was before she went on the show. I doubt if I'd have agreed to such an idiotic idea, but that's me...

As for restaurant girl, dunno... I emailed her and cced you. So, let's see.

No Chex Please, We're British

The burnt bits are the best bits... heathens :(

Food Bloggers: Going Legit(?) and Entering the Mainstream

No jamieforrest - her allegiances - according to Ed - are clear on her blog. They are probably not quite so crystal in the newspaper. That's a BIG difference. Transparency across outlets would help. If it's PR dressed up as a review, say so.

Food Bloggers: Going Legit(?) and Entering the Mainstream

I wouldn't say this is a necessary new phenomenon. A tonne of us have been recruited by the food press over the years or features and columns. I myself commissioned 8 food bloggers for BBC's Olive mag last year.

I would however be somewhat concerned about Restaurant Girl - I've never read her - if she is as closely related to the chef scene as you say. She's not exactly getting off to a credible foot...

The other point though is why would any really good food blogger want to go the deadwood route? As you know, I recently started blogging for the blog end of Observer Food Monthly. I get paid to blog and I love blogging there. I can do print too, but I enjoy blogging more. Just as many print journalists find the leap to blogging difficult - even impossible - I think many food bloggers would find the leap backwards equally difficult. It's a totally different style. Not so natural, more studied, not necessarily more credible but there's little or no room for the off the cuff.

No Chex Please, We're British

Twiglets ARE covered in Marmite. They're baked not fried, so they're great for a diet and Nik Naks are still available. In fact the Scampi and Lemon flavour was brought back "due to popular demand" See wikipedia

No Chex Please, We're British

Adam :) It's like a slow burn crack cocaine addiction (I imagine...) You have to work at it... I'll just throw in a couple of AMAZING Twiglets factoids for stateside readers - Princess Diana loved them. They were invented by a French man.

Is Bahn Mi sandwich heaven? If not...what is sandwich heaven?

If we're talking the whole of planet Earth as opposed to Planet NYC then you are all Sorely mistaken. This is where you'll find your topnotch sarnies -

All the Chips Fit to Print

Sad to hear it... the interesting thing is that I phoned around the manufacturers of Twiglets to see what they knew about what people were saying online. They gave me the spiel about how they listen to customers, love to receive feedback and all that crap. So, I said what are you gonna do about the epetition to bring back the Worcester sauce flavour... "Errr... what petition's that? There's a petition!!" No idea, not a clue what's going on with their customers. I'm beginning to see a MASSIVE gap in the market here for these companies to farm out internet monitoring and engagement to the hardcorediehard fans of their products. Hmmm???

The French Have Some Catching Up to Do

have to agree with maki, things aren't too shoddy down my neck of the woods in Toulouse

The whole market is seasonal - some things came in earlier this year due to weather, but the locals tell you to hang on to the real season to get the best tasting stuff. The market (Cristal on blvd du Strasbourg) is always packed Tues - Sun and sells stuff far better than the hypermarche

Which Plain Potato Chip Rules? What's Your Favorite?

As stated in the previous post. There's only one. And it is Twiglets. You NEED to get yerselves over to Myers and give us the full Serious Eats rundown. Seriously.

All the Chips Fit to Print

Hmmm... I'm having issues with this NYTimes feature Ed. When will Americans learn that Twiglets are the greatest crisps, sorry... CHiPs, and they always will be. The UK's greatest export that never was.

But... one question. I've been looking into the disappearance of some crisp flavours and brands in the UK at awholelotofcrunch Some flavours come and then they go. Crispeaters are rarely informed as to a flavour's planned longevity and/or their imminent demise. Is it the same story in the States? Or are you forewarned.

Freshly Killed, Squirming Octopus Tentacles

Have to say I found that pretty light. This is far more like the deal I knew and did not love while living in Korea

What Happened to the AG?

Totally agree on the video and all the rest of it. My taste buds are as ragged, if not more so, than AG's. But, we came in here talking about the written word. That's the only bit I, and I think some of the other folk in this thread, have an issue with. Remember this is someone who has a book deal. I don't think his writing is up to snuff and I'm wondering how that will translate, or not, into a book.

What Happened to the AG?

Livetotravel/Lou - don't get me wrong I have absolutely no problem with AG. I couldn't give a damn about the odd lapse in spelling or grammar - and on an edited site like SE that's not all down the writer. I'm just surprised that a commercial site like SE can carry him when the rest of the content, in my opinion, is several notches above.

What Happened to the AG?

Livetotravel, you honestly think Slice and AHT are behind where they used to be pre-SE? I'd like to see the stats to prove it. I don't think Adam has lt up, far from it. I belive his overall output has gone up, although the review slots may have decreased a little.

As for Amateur Gourmet. I'm sorry, I just don't geddit. I know I'm not alone in thinking this, but I think he stands out on SE, and unfortunately not in a good way. His writing has been described to me by one prominet NYC editor as a train wreck. I know it's just an opinion and all that, but his prose is shockingly well.... amateur.

Far be it for me to dis' another blogger, but I'm kinda stunned at the total absence of criticism on SE on the contributions made by this blogger.

Question of the Day: What's the best food song?

Only one. It's bad, but in a good way, Toast with Paul Young

Best rhyming couplet is from Betty Boo's song, Let me take you there,

"cashews and schampers"


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