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How to submit to Photograzing?

Hey missmochi! Sorry, I just saw this thread, but I manage Photograzing and wanted to let you know radish gave some awesome advice. Since you posted your query it looks like some of your submissions did indeed make it onto the site(!) so total props to you for keeping up with it and looking forward to the next submission!

Mission Chinese Food: Initial Reactions

LOL. Ed looks like he's about to slump over and pass out.

Delivery Advice - Sunnyside

Here are a couple of suggestions below...I live in Sunnyside and have ordered from them all multiple times and been happy. They're all listed on Yelp so should be easy to look them up if you're interested!

Thai - I Am Thai
Pizza - Sunnyside Pizza
good greasy (but not too greasy) chinese - China Garden
solid diner - Pete's Grill
Turkish - Mangal Kebab (eggplant salad + home bread is my fave app)
Korean - BCD Tofu
Lebanese - Habibi or Souk El Shater (I think the owners are related)
Mexican - De Mole
Indian - Saffron Garden

It's Back: the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's

sadly still have yet to try one... WHEN WILL MY TIME COME??

10 Things to Do with Peeps

I'm just waiting for a Peeps ice cream flavor... choco covered peeps would be a good mix-in methinks

Taste Test: Cabbage Kimchi

zomg korean pride!

My favorite type of kimchi is actually the cubed radish crunchy and refreshing.

I actually hateeeeeee Sunja's. It was the official kimchi supplier in college, probably because no one else sold kimchi up in the wilds of NH.

Long Island City: For All Your 24-Ounce Burger Needs, Head to M. Wells Diner

what a beautiful hand model in that picture... :)

i really liked the burger, even more so the next day when i reheated it in the oven. and those ONION RINGS! saltiest onion rings i've ever had, but by that i mean just a good touch of tasty.

i still don't really believe they flip it with jsut a regular spatula!

Shamrock Shake Sightings: Now Out in NYC


now it seems like they're everywhere... I will definitely have to go try one.

Barcelona food/restaurant recommendations

Repeating some reccs I know, but these are some of the places that were definitely worth the time and money.

-Cal Pep - tapas - just make sure to go maybe 20 minutes before the restaurant opens and you'll be seated immediately once they're actually open
-Cinc Sentits - modern Catalan - expensive, but the restaurant is tiny, beautiful, and intimate
-Paco Meralgo - tapas
-Escriba - really delicious pastries/desserts
-Tapac24 - tapas - also convenient location near Passeig de Gracia
-in la boqueria - Pinotxo and Universal
-Can Paixano or El Xampanyet for cheapo cava and greasy, yummy nibbles - both can get terribly crowded though at night

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 92: What Happened to Caffeine-Free Diet Coke?

Oh gosh Ed. You're just like my parents! There were always cases of the stuff chilled in the garage when I was growing up.

Do You Have a Favorite Mustard?

Fox Hollow Farms mustard! da beeeeeeeeeeeest

Snapshots from Paris: Lobster Sandwiches and Goose Fat Fries at Spring

champers + lobster + goose fat = perfect saturday

wish I was there with you!

Does anyone carry their own condiments around?

I would definitely not think you're strange as my sister does this all the time! She carries tabasco usually, but she has also found packets of sriracha that are super convenient. Once, she also brought her own (cooked) bacon to the cafe she usually goes to get coffee/breakfast since they don't have good bacon :)

Not Technically Food Books, But Books with Good Food Passages

Totally agree with everyone on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books... I've always wanted to try roasted pig's tail after I read the description in the first book, Little House in the Big Woods. Blowing up the pig's bladder always sounded really fun too!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 82: Peanut Butter Portion Control

I don't lurve the peanut butter so I've never had this problem. It's something about that stick to your mouth thing... why would I want that?! BUT cake? cookies? That's what I really binge on!

How to Make Patbingsu (Korean Shaved Ice)

@HeartofGlass - It's definitely not savory, but it's just lightly sweet. I suppose it actually really depends on how much sweet stuff like the fruit cocktail, condensed milk, bean paste, etc. that you add to it.

@AppleSister, hungryhungryhippo - wow, maybe it's just my family that likes to mix...and everyone else loves not mixing!

How to Make Patbingsu (Korean Shaved Ice)

Yes! I thought it was a perfectly fine consistency and it was super fast, easy to assemble/take apart, and there's no real cleaning necessary.

Dessert Fail: Raspberry Beignets from The Little Owl

@intheyearofthepig - I understand that a beignet is not exactly a doughnut, but I find that it's a loose and flexible term in NYC. I do like true beignets, but this was nearly inedible and I imagine no one would like an incredibly tough anything for dessert.

Best Raw Oysters in NYC

re: Wild Edibles - they have a great deal of something like a dozen oysters for $12 between 3-6 pm

chopt'd, toss'd, stress'd!!!

My favorite from Tossed is the Cobb Salad, but with the blue cheese on the side because I think they add too much for my taste. Also, love the honey dijon dressing.

Watch It with Us: 'The Next Food Network Star,' Episode 7

methinks jamika is getting the boot! but i agree debbie definitely annoys me the most