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The Best Mexican Sandwiches in San Francisco's Mission District

Kenji, did you manage to try a torta or two at El Metate? During my torta quest a couple years ago, I was surprised that they made my favorite torta - the La Mar with seasoned, fried fish. They used to sling tortas from their corner market La Tiendita, but they folded that into the taqueria a couple years ago.

Bartender's Choice: 5 Cocktails at Bar Agricole, San Francisco

Fantastic review of one of the best cocktail spots in the city (and country). With so many great drinks it's hard to choose a favorite, but the Presidente and Rye Gin Old Fashioned always hit the spot. Their giant ice cubes are ridiculous and melt perfectly.

First Look: Southern Pacific Brewing, San Francisco

Every neighborhood in SF could use better beer bars, so it's great to see one opening in the Mission that's brewing their own beer and taking it seriously. Can't wait to spend some time in the beer garden when spring arrives.

San Francisco: Avedano's Meat Wagon, A Mobile Butcher Truck that Delivers Luscious Lardo Burgers

Nicely done! I'm a firm believer that the key to a good burger is juiciness. Between Avedano's burgers and your cooking, that looks and sounds like a great burger experience. Great call on the Martin's rolls. I remember those fondly from childhood in NY and NJ.

Daily Slice: The Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza, San Francisco

I've been a deep dish convert for a couple years and Little Star is the place that won me over. Such a light & flavorful cornmeal crust and every combination pie is delicious. Your first pic of the fresh slice coming off the pie is fantastic, by the way. I just ate breakfast and now I'm hungry again!

San Francisco: The Burgers and Non-Burgers at Gott's Roadside

Sure, the prices are high and I still call it Taylor's, but when you grab the trifeca- real hamburger, fries and shake- and eat outside it's a great experience. Just watch out for the swooping seagulls!

San Francisco: Burgers and Spy Games at Prospect

Though it looks like the burger was undercooked (even though that's much, much better than being overcooked) and perched on a giant bun, that's a sexy meal you got! I'm going to head there soon for a burger, fries and high-end cocktail.

First Look: Umami Burger Comes to San Francisco

It sounds and looks like Umami brought a top-flight burger to SF. Count me in!

First Look: Casey's Pizza Truck in San Francisco

I agree- Casey's has delicious pizza, but the prices shocked me. For reference, the Margherita Pie at Pizzeria Delfina is $12.50 and the Funghi is $16. You think food would be cheaper from a truck than a restaurant, but I seem to learn something new every day!

San Francisco: The Tasty Kimchi Relish-Topped Burger at Namu

Fantastic review! The Namu burger was already one of my favorites in San Fran, but the article reminds me that it's been a long time since my last meal there. Kover nails it- even with all the funky toppings, this burger is perfectly balanced, juicy and delicious.

Snapshots from Ecuador: A Burger at TropiBurger

Glad you could guinea pig that one for us! Sorry to hear the burger didn't measure up- a fried egg usually saves the day for me, but not when it's fried to a crisp.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Having a party at my place. The highlights are always the local micro-brews and 7-layer dip assembled from the best taquerias in San Francisco.

Baconnaise: Bacon-Flavored Mayo for the Masses

For your viewing pleasure, here's the link to Jon Stewart eating that pancake wrapped sausage with Baconnaise on the Daily Show. He's a real pro for keeping his composure!

Arinell Pizza, San Francisco: Tasty No-Frills Slices

I've lived in San Fran for years and I agree that Arinell is by far the best place for a tasty slice. So many places in SF miss the mark entirely and there's even one that offers "fresh slices"--after you order they form dough into a triangle for your slice. Takes forever and doesn't even taste good.

Chipotle Mayo: For Southwestern Style Burgers & Fries

For Jerk Mayo, just pick up some Jerk Seasoning at the Supermarket and mix it with mayo, cilantro and lime juice. I'd start with a small amount of the seasoning, say 1/4 teaspoon and add from there depending on how much spice you like. It's just a small change to the Chipotle Mayo recipe:

Chipotle Mayonnaise

For Jerk Mayo, just pick up some Jerk Seasoning at the Supermarket and mix it with mayo. I'd start with a small amount of the seasoning, say 1/4 teaspoon and add from there depending on how much spice you like.

San Francisco: Topping Wizardry at Ragazza

I just ate lunch, but your descriptions of the creatively-topped pies and great pictures have made my dinner decision easy- I'll be heading to Ragazza. I love to hear that they're able to use powerful toppings judiciously, like gorgonzola and chiles.

San Francisco: Pizzetta 211 in the Outer Richmond

Very well written review: Gotta give a shout-out to the "pie-curious"! That's the pizza line of the year in my book. And pizza crusts that are "nicely tanned" will warm the hearts of anyone who's ever been to the Jersey Shore.

I haven't been to Pizzetta 211, but your pics are great (especially the first crust-shot, Tomato-Basil, and Potato-Sausage pies) and make me want to try them soon. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know if I think the crust is too thin & crispy.

San Francisco: Flour + Water and Lots of Toppings

Great first review, David. I'm excited to read your tour of the best pizza by the Bay. I've been to F+W and your review captured the vibe, food, and best of all, the pizza. I'm heading back for the Fungi with an egg. Looks and sounds amazing!


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