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Italian restaurant near West Village

Crispo!! Love that place -- and make sure to request a seating in the patio.

Food blog name

Hello! Another (future) lawyer slash food blogger! I actually really like "Sue Chef", but how about:

Queen of Tortes
Above the Slaw
In My House Counsel

Creative Chip Alternatives

I often cut up red, yellow and orange bell peppers into thick strips. It even has a little curl at the end that holds thick dips!

Ground Turkey

I make asian lettuce wraps with ground turkey. Add diced mushrooms, water chestnuts, red pepper, onion and whatever other stuff you like.

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

1. Salt -- from the sea and the land
2. Butter
3. Lemons
4. Cayenne pepper
5. Yellow Onions
6. Canned tomatoes
7. Olive oil
8. Eggs
9. Buttermilk
10. Frank's Red Hot Sauce... to cover mistakes.

Horseradish Sauces 201?

Horseradish whipped cream! So great with beef!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Filet mignon! But my husband sure likes porterhouse :)

Aluminized Steel Baking Pans Rubbing Off On My Hands -- Help!

OMG amazing explanation! Thanks! I honestly never thought putting them in the dishwasher or using detergent could harm them -- isn't that what "dishwasher safe" means? Oh well :) I'll definitely be handwashing from now on!

So if I somehow wash off all of the black stuff, then are they safe to use??

Help Me Find Grandma's Fav Old Recipe

Thanks everyone! Those recipes look awfully close, but not quite! Definitely a good starting point though! I'm going to head over to the King Arthur forum for sure, but I thought I'd ask here too... have you ever heard of a pie with a middle layer of meringue? Would it have to be baked before adding the additional layers on top?

Restaurants in NYC with gluten-free options...

Check out Emporio in the Soho/LES area. I remember it having a special g-free menu, including pizza!

The United States of Pizza: Illinois (Beyond Chicago Edition)

I'm from Edwardsville! I've never been to Peel, but I've heard great things as well! I'm gonna give it a try while I'm home for Thanksgiving next week!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Always brussels sprouts!! I loves them :)

Naming the family Cookbook

"Laurie's Glories: Mom's Best Recipes"

Looking for Illinois' Best Pizza Not in Chicago

I've lived in Southern Illinois, near St. Louis, for most of my life, as well as in Champaign during college. I think the state sort of splits between Chicago-style and St. Louis-style. When I was in So IL, the provel-on-cardboard (which I love) was very popular, and when I was living in Champaign, the Chicago deep dish was popular. I think those two cities sort of bleed into their surrounding parts!

I can't wait to read your post about Illinois!

Please, tell us where you're from...

Born and raised in Southern Illinois. College in Champaign, Illinois. Law school in St. Louis where my Long Island-raised husband snatched me up and took me to NYC! I'm 27 and have been in NYC for 2 years now.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 142: Are You Good About Exercising While Traveling?

I'm with simon on this one. Exercise is a big part of my daily, routine life, so I just have to include it on vacation -- otherwise I start to feel like I'm in a rut or not myself! Plus, going for a run/hike/walk in different areas is a great way to see the sights! My husband and I jogged through a vineyard in Napa Valley this summer, and it was probably one of my favorite things I did all summer!

Serious Eats Staff Picks: Our Favorite Candies on a Stick

When I was a kid, the only time I was allowed to have Fun Dip was right before (like within 30 minutes) of a swim race. For some reason, the whole swim team was allowed to ingest obscene amounts of sugar during swim meets. I always went straight for the Fun Dip!

Historic recipes that make you laugh

This is such a bizarre coincidence seeing this post first thing today! I was at my parents house over the weekend and found all of my grandma's old cookbooks from the '70s! They have her handwritten notes and additional recipes in the margins.

One of these recipes was called, "G____ Family Favorite Fruit Salad." First ingredient... marshmallows! Awesome, Grandma.... awesome.

What's your culinary 'white whale'?

This is embarassing, but Roast Chicken. I know! Everyone says it's sooooo easy, but for some reason I just cannot do it. Sure, I've only tried once, but it was such a complete and utter failure that I'm terrified to try it again. :(

Need Suggestions For Side Dish To Go With Pulled Pork

I always go with baked, spicy sweet potato fries. Big hit.

People that have actual real -life food/spice names, Know Any?

I know it's only from a TV show, but I have a very nice co-worker whose last name is Trueblood. Pretty freakin' cool.

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

We're all in the "Tree of Trust" --- no judgments :)

eats near AMNH

I agree with Kefi -- it's a great Greek restaurant in that neighborhood.

Do you have a trademark snack?

Not a snack, but I have a "trademark" order at Mexican restaurants -- Fajitas and Chardonnay. Not margharitas or beer... cheap Chardonnay. :)

Are all dutch ovens created equal?

Definitely not... my husband's dutch ovens always smell so much worse than mine. :)