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  • Last bite on earth: We have a secret family recipe for spinach ravioli. Assuming that I wasn't dying from intestinal issues, I would GNARF those until the grim reaper himself came to take me away.

Dinner Tonight: One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf (via Food52)

Welp I ended up making it for a midmorning snack and it was absolutely delicious without any cheese or nuts/nut products. So, never mind! :)

Dinner Tonight: One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf (via Food52)

I'm extremely allergic to nuts and cheese (particularly goat cheese) but this looks realllly good. Do you guys think it would be too flavorless if I took those things out? Is there something I should substitute in to add more flavor?

Gluten and Dairy Free Gift Ideas

@Elizabeth -- wow! Those snickerdoodles look reallllly great! I'm not sure how he feels about snickerdoodles but I don't imagine that he'd complain :)

The kinds of things I used to make him were along the lines of chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, home made oreos, fruit pies, ice cream (which might not ship so well anyway haha)... I'm not sure if he had any favorites, but since we both went gluten and dairy free I haven't baked anything for him because I was worried that baked goods without gluten AND dairy might not be as good as the real thing!

Suggestions for Deep Fried Onion Rings

Have you thought about making a variation of Bhaji? I think its wayyyyy yummier than traditional American onion rings, and a bit lighter too in terms of both taste and texture. When I make it, I usually use a combo of chickpea flour, rice flour, baking powder, turmeric, cumin, sometimes coriander, salt and pepper and then I just pan fry them in a ton of vegetable oil. I don't know how traditional this is, especially because I don't slice the onions very thinly but instead I try to go for thicker rings, but its tasty nonetheless!

Quinoa Recipes

I absolutely love quinoa. I hate eating it cold though. I usually serve quinoa hot with a number of different veggies in it and some sort of protein.

One of my favourite things to do is make it with either water or broth (broth if you want more flavour) and eat it hot with spinach, mushrooms, basil, chopped up shrimp/chicken/whatever, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Its one of my favourite go-to meals.

Why Coffee Dates Make Great First Dates

Say what you will about needing to go on a real date like a grownup - I'm a fan of the coffee first date. Of course, its always much better to go to a nice little café rather than a loud, busy Starbucks, Peets, etc. I've generally found coffee dates to be completely enjoyable - they're generally really relaxed, cheap, and conducive to conversation. Not to mention that they have somewhat of a time limit, and so if my date is a real asshat, I can exit politely once the drinks are finished. Or, if the date is going well and we're both enjoying ourselves, it can be extended to a post-coffee dinner or what have you.

Also, its sorta nice to snag cup of tea and go for a walk together instead of sitting down and being sedentary. Taking 22 credits means I spend a lot of time on my can anyway! :-p

Who amongst us, has the best pickiest eater story?

@timotheos When my brother and I were little, we would refuse to eat eggs with any brown on them... until our babysitter told us that the brown was simply love that she put into making the eggs. Not sure why that would make me want them though...

I dated a guy last year who would only eat cucumbers for veggies. He would refuse to even try any other veggie (except for iceberg lettuce smothered in ranch...) so every single time I cooked dinner he would get upset if I hadn't sliced up and seasoned a cucumber. I never ever want to eat a cucumber again.

He refused mushrooms too. One time, I sliced up some oyster mushrooms and sauteed them in a ton of garlic and a bit of olive oil, and didn't tell him that they were mushrooms and he loved them. But once I announced that he had just eaten mushrooms and liked them he changed his tune... haha

Thoughts on sharing recipes?

I've always shared pretty much all of my recipes, especially because most of them are just made up on the fly. I have had bad experiences, though.

For example, I spent a lot of time and effort developing recipes for my chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, pies, ice creams, etc a few years back. At the time, I was baking for my boyfriend about once a week or so. His older sister asked me for my chocolate chip cookie recipe and I didn't even hesitate to give it to her. He and I broke up, and I found out that shes been using my recipe at her frozen yogurt shop (for profit!) and she never asked me for my permission, no credit was ever given, etc. BOO.

USDA picking fights with pizza-lovers.

@ZoetMB - that's a bit of a given considering that obesity and diabetes are somewhat directly related.

I wouldn't say that overweight people don't deserve to eat pizza. I'm saying that a suggestion by the USDA (who, btw, are a total joke) that pizza should be a "sometimes food" isn't the worst thing in the world. I wouldn't say that its an attack on pizza and pizza lovers alike, I would say that its just a good example of a fast, easy food that is often eaten in excess, not to mention that most pizza between the coasts doesn't automatically come with a whole wheat, thin crust..

After all, we might not have as much of a problem with obesity and diabetes if people knew how much of everything (portions and individual nutrients) they should eat. That's all I'm sayin :)

Gift ideas for my dear, (soon-to-be) bedridden mother?

Oh wow! Thank all of you guys so much for all of your ideas and your well wishes. I somehow completely forgot about Draeger's deli dept, which then reminded me of Pasta Pasta (across the street). I hadn't even thought of going through the junior league et al. She's not really a sweets person, but she does love jams and jellies. Maybe some really good coffee too - she's a latté addict!! I don't drink coffee though, so does anyone know of any good espresso beans?

I think these will all be things she would appreciate. After all, I was talking to my dad about it yesterday, and he told me that he and my mom were just discussing how they were going to organise their meals during her recovery.

He offered to cook (bless him) and she just looked at him and said

"honey, you're so, so sweet but I don't want to die." Hahaha!

USDA picking fights with pizza-lovers.

Its probably worth considering that the people on SE actually care about what they eat, and the people who care about what they eat make up a relatively small percentage of the people in the US. Everyone knows that everything is alright in moderation, but its becoming increasingly clear that a staggering number of people don't know what moderation means with regards to food and nutrition. Something like 30% of American adults didn't end up being obese from eating pizza in moderation.

Veg Food

101 cookbooks' Ostu recipe is one of my fav vegetarian dishes, though its not really a fall/winter dish...

Poll: Four Loko, Ban or Don't Ban?

Honestly, I don't see FourLoko being that much of a problem. Being a whiskey on the rocks kind of girl, I don't exactly go quattro crazy on the regular... but when I have, its been because the price tag makes it way more desirable.

Seriously, though - FourLoko is so gross I don't see how anyone would realistically drink more than 2 in an hour (let alone in a night) anyway without simply vomiting from an extremely upset stomach.

Dinner Tonight: Farro Salad with Roasted Kale and Beets

Any suggestions for a subsitute for the goat cheese? I've got a pretttty gnarly goat's milk/cheese allergy but this looks AWESOME.

Good Food in Eugene, Oregon?

Wow! Thanks guys! We love the Vintage and Sushi Domo :)

I hear Ta Ra Rin has great Pad Thai and we've been dying to try Papa's Soul Food too!

Does anyone know if there's good Pho here?

Slice Poll: Do You Eat Pizza-Flavored Snacks?

Never. Just the memory of the pizza-flavoured goldfish that my roommate once fed to me while I was drunk makes me want to vomit. Granted, I pretty much detest any snacks that are _______-flavoured.

Dinner Tonight: Slow Cooked Salmon with Ginger and Scallion

This looks awesome! Quick question - I don't have a skillet that can withstand oven heat - do you think I can use a pyrex or something?

Have You Ever Been Kicked Out of a Restaurant? (Or Just Walked Out?)

Yes. After my sophomore year of college, my friends and i came home and went to a local, relatively quiet, upscale sushi restaurant on a Thursday night.

We ordered two rounds of drinks, and then did four-five rounds of sake bombs each. We were wasted by 10 pm and asked to leave because we were disturbing the other diners. Oopsies!

Acid Reflux: Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Spices, Hot Sauce

Sorry it took so long to respond - midterms, go figure.

But, luckily the time away has allowed me to try a few things, and have noticed steady improvement. My boyfriend has those tempurpedic memory-foam pillows that don't really squish down too much, and so i've started using one when i stay at his place - miles better! Also, eating an apple seems to help a great deal (i never tried it because for some reason, it felt somewhat counterintuitive).

To @sudenveri - i feel your pain, i have lots and lots of other dietary restrictions (like a really random goat's milk allergy) and so i already leave all of those foods out anyway :). i do go to U of Oregon, though, so the alcohol helps to pass the time, and gives us all a reason to go out into the fall and winter drear.

Anyway, thank you guys so much. it's silly that my gi doc is so quick with the prescription pad that he doesn't give any real advice as to homeopathic solutions and/or dietary/lifestyle changes to help soothe the reflux!

Acid Reflux: Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Spices, Hot Sauce

Hi all - Thanks so much for your responses!

@shecooks, @CJ McD, I have seen a Gastroenterologist - we remain in close contact because i've had gi surgery when i was 18. He's good friends with my father (also a doctor), so i can get my questions answered pretty quickly. He prescribed me an strong medication that binds with acid to create a buffer and act as a protective barrier as it travels through the body. i am active and of normal weight.

its been working pretty well but i still experience symptoms a few times a week and i've noticed that on those days, i eat any combination of acid-producing foods.

@bareneed - i hadn't considered my pillow height since i usually dont use one. i'll try, though - that makes a lot of sense to me.

@ketherian - i have not done any food elimination testing, though it seems like a good option.

Thanks for all of your suggestions, guys! Much appreciated!

Poll: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Oh, and a "framble" is a combo of frying and scrambling. Discovered out of laziness - crack the eggs in the pan, let em fry and right before they start to set, scramble em!

does anyone else do that?

Poll: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Eggs frambled with bacon and cheese (any combo of pepper jack, cheddar, and gruyere, if im feeling spendy) with toast. Perfect cheap pre-ski breakfast and it keeps you full for ages.

Too bad it makes your butt grow exponentially if you eat it too often :p

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Have You Been Drinking Cheaper Booze?

i'm still in college, and i'd rather just smoke a bowl than drink the crap my friends do if i'm strapped for cash. Burnett's (enter gross flavour here) vodka, peach Andre? i'll always stick to Jack or Jim Beam black if i'm in a bind.

By the way, does cheap vodka give anyone else wicked heartburn?

Serious Heat: How Do You Stuff Your Peppers?

i LOVE stuffing bell peppers with my family's secret recipe for ravioli stuffing. Spinachy-cheesy-melty-salty goodness.

Your Favorite Thanksgiving leftover dish...

Turkey, gravy, and fresh whole wheat bread!

Shipping frozen food?

Hi y'all

I am hoping to send my roommate some homemade cookies and cream ice cream from San Francisco to Orange County. Does anyone have any experience with shipping frozen foods?

So far, I understand that dry ice is pretty much a "must," and that I somehow need to get my hands on one of those handy styrofoam cooler boxes. Any ideas as to where I might find the latter?

Any overall advice as to how to do this in a cost-effective way?

Cooking Class Recommendations

Hi there. I'm looking to get my brother and his girlfriend a gift certificate for some cooking classes but I'm not sure where to start.

He lives in the flatirons, she lives in NoHo, so I'm sort of hoping to find something near there.

Does anyone have any reccommendations?

Gluten and Dairy Free Gift Ideas

So, my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I'm looking for some ideas.

I live up in Oregon and he lives down in San Francisco, and I was hoping to send him something home made. I used to bake for him all the time but he's since gone dairy and gluten-free, which makes baked goods a bit more challenging.

Do you guys have recipes/ideas for gluten and dairy-free food gifts that ship well?

Healthy/Cheap Restaurants in Portland, OR?

My cousin is flying into PDX this Friday night and I'm driving up from Eugene to pick her up and take her out for dinner before we drive back down to my place.

Do you guys have any recommendations for restaurants that are relatively healthy, cheap, and are likely to make accommodations for me (as I am both gluten and dairy free due to allergies)?

Thanks in advance!

A Single Burnt Cookie...

Hi guys. I've got a cookie baking question --

Every time I make my chocolate chip cookies (which, I'll admit, are the only cookies I make here at school), there is always a single burnt cookie in each batch, while the rest are pretty much perfectly baked. (Uploaded a photo to Imgur: )

At first I thought that there might just be a hotspot in my oven. But then I figured that probably wasn't the case considering that I rotate the pan halfway through, so if this were the case, there would probably be two burnt cookies (right?).

Any thoughts as to what this might be about? It'd be nice to solve the problem, but I'm honestly just curious as to what the issue might be!

Gift ideas for my dear, (soon-to-be) bedridden mother?

Hi! My mom is having both of her feet operated on next week, and so she'll be out of commission for awhile. My dad is completely and totally useless in the kitchen, and so I figure that the entire time she's off her feet (4+ weeks), cooking is probably not going to be an option. My brother lives in New York, and I am attending university in Oregon, so we can't exactly help her out either.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about food-related gifts (homemade or store bought) that we could send her that might be comforting and that might make her recovery time easier.

My parents live on the Peninsula in the Bay Area. Does anyone know of any good food/grocery delivery services out there? Even something as simple as that could be a nice option.


Nut gift baskets?

Hi there -

I have a bit of an obscure question. My dad is a doctor and helped out a friend of mine when he was sick in the hospital and far from home. He wants to send my dad a gift and I thought that he should send him nuts rather than chocolates.

Does anyone know of a company that sells packages of gourmet roasted/candied nuts?


Good Food in Eugene, Oregon?

Hi guys

My boyfriend and I are students at the University of Oregon, and are looking for new places to eat. We always seem to go to the same places that we LOVE (Café Zenon, Cornucopia, and Marché to name a few) and we're looking for a new routine!

Any suggestions for relatively healthy and relatively inexpensive restaurants??


Acid Reflux: Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Spices, Hot Sauce

i've had bad acid reflux for awhile now, but i have always chosen to just take medication and consume whatever i wanted regardless of whether or not they would make my condition worse.

i finally got sick of being in pain, so i decided to continue on the medication and *gasp* cut out all of my favourite foods, beverages, etc. that are known to exacerbate and/or cause acid reflux. Although I quit smoking and have cut back on caffeine, but i'm hard pressed to stop drinking because i'm still in college.

Also, most of the dinners that i throw together center around at least one of the "bad" foods because i love them all too much to go on without them. Does anyone have any recommendations for tasty, flavourful meals that aren't spicy or that aren't centered around Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Foodie gift for a friend's family?

Hi guys -

i'm wondering if you have any ideas for a food-related gift to give to my best friend's boyfriend's family. They are from Germany and they absolutely LOVE food and wine. They always let me crash on their couch after a long night of partying (they live on Stanford campus), they always feed me, they brought me to the big game yesterday, they took me to dinner...

After yesterday, they deserve far better than just one of my usual thank-you notes!


Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

So, i've got a friend that works at Barclay's Cap in New York. He's 27, very sophisticated, and looks absolutely dashing in his Oliver Peoples and his blue suit (think Christian Bale in "American Psycho" without the mischief and murder).

Upon first glance, one would assume that he would only eat the best things from the best restaurants. Turns out, my dear friend eats one thing for lunch and one thing only. Jif Peanut butter and Smuckers' jelly on two slices of Wonderbread - in an adorable little lunch box. if someone orders food to the office, he politely turns it down to munch on his sammy :)

Of course, i have things that i eat every day, but i can't say that i can think of anything that i would consume literally 7 days/week, 56 weeks/year, every year until i bite the big one.

Do you have anything that you grew up with that you won't give up?

Gifts for an Aussie?

Hi all -

A friend of mine lives in QLD, Australia, and has a big birthday coming up. Since we always make fun of each other for being "SO American," "SO Australian," (also "SO Canadian" - but since I'm living in the states right now its a bit irrelevant), I thought it would be fun to send him a bunch of stereotypically American stuff (food or not) that isn't necessarily available in Australia.

Of course, if we are talking about foodstuffs, they would need to be prepackaged (like Reeses' PB Cups), and can't contain any sort of fruit or veggies (like, I heard that even dried chilis are a no no).

Anyone have any thoughts?


Where to Eat Near AT&T Park in San Francisco

The park has some great food choices inside its palm-tree lined walls, but it's also in San Francisco, meaning there are all kinds of good eating options nearby. The SOMA neighborhood really does step up to the plate (sorry, had to) when it comes to a delicious, varied selection of game day food. Whether you're looking for the best sandwiches, beers, or sit-down dinners before or after the game, here are our favorite spots, all within blocks of the ballpark. More