After bouncing from Princeton to Chicago for college and graduate school, I'm living in lovely, freezing Cambridge, MA. Hello, apartment kitchen... and Toscanini's.

  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Favorite foods: Roasted chickpeas, chocolate, Greek yogurt, ripe peaches, tomatoes, pasta carbonara, ice cream, sushi, fried/roast chicken, bacon, salmon, fresh mozzarella, grilled cheese with tomato soup, collard greens, Nutella brioche, french fries with aioli
  • Last bite on earth: French fries and a strawberry milkshake from Dick's Drive-In.

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Oh, good call on the sugar, Littauer. For dessert, I have a reputable source for vegan confections, so I'm just going to buy yummy chocolate-dipped things and rest easy about it.

lemonfair, I suspect you're right, and for a different crowd I'd probably just try to do the whole thing vegan -- I followed and loved both rounds of Kenji's Vegan Experience and have made a few of those recipes. I just have some people coming who will *also* be upset if there isn't some sort of animal protein on the table... it's a balancing act!

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Thanks so much, everybody -- and yes, whenever I'm cooking for vegans I always get paranoid about forgetting things like honey or gelatin, so much appreciated on those tips :) As an ex-ovo/lacto-vegetarian who still doesn't eat much meat, I try to be really sensitive to this stuff. But at the same time, I'm also used to being able to use eggs and dairy! I'll let everyone know how it turns out!

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Thanks, CJ! Between Littauer's chili and your soups, maybe I *will* have to do one of those, after all.

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Thanks so much, you guys! All this stuff sounds great. I might go with the endive option since it would be easy to bang out right as people are showing up...

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

I guess I should say my concern is that it's too starch-heavy right now. The bread pudding is a non-negotiable because it is Boyfriend's favorite.

Your Favorite Slut Food

Funny you should ask, since I *just* ate a pile of buffalo wings and fries. The take-out menu said the order was "good for 2-3 people." But I had a kale salad for lunch, so it's ok, right?

Vegan Superbowl desserts/snacks?

Vegan Superbowl desserts/snacks?

Oooh, thanks everyone! I'm definitely intrigued by the pudding, but there probably isn't time to ripen the avocado -- I'll probably go with one of the tasty-looking cookies.

The Serious Eats National Doughnut Honor Roll

No Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle? Le sigh. Not that the ones you've got up there don't look tasty...

Seattle: Where to Eat at Pike Place Market

I am sad about the lack of Le Panier, but I couldn't agree more about Daily Dozen and Piroshky Piroshky. My dad always stops at Chicken Valley Fried Chicken for gizzards -- not really my thing, but a good rendition if you're into it.

A Guide to UK Chocolate Candy

Way harsh, dudes. I love Aero (especially mint ones!) and Flakes. I also love me some Violet Crumbles (like Crunchies, as skyeyes says above). On the other hand, my mom started me on the stuff pretty young because we happened to live near a British import shop, so maybe I'm just used to it?

If you had a chance to be on FN ...

I agree with KarmaFree - I would do a vegetarian show for FN.

Meet & Eat: Susan Feniger, STREET Restaurant

Most endearing contestant on Top Chef Masters, hands down. And I always wanted to eat her food!

Cook the Book: Miso Tofu Nuggets with Edamame

Ooooh... these look delicious!

You have a Star Trek food replicator. Would you still cook?

I dunno... I think if I were in the Star Trek universe I'd be too busy mackin' on Jean-Luc Picard to cook. Just saying.

"Make it so!"

Serious Entertaining: Valentine's Day

@Sudenveri, but the castration! The castration!

Also, this post is adorable.

New Levain Location in Harlem?

Sign on the door posted today says "Opening Tuesday, February 22"!

Valentine's Day Special: Dunkin's New Cocoa Yeast Donuts

If only Dunkin Donuts were edible in the first place... * sigh *

New Levain Location in Harlem?

That *is* an unfortunate name. And I'm curious to try some pizza that's not from a Kennedy :)
Come on, Levain, open!

New Levain Location in Harlem?

Oops, sorry, Frederick Douglass is 8th. I only just moved here - I still get mixed up sometimes!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 156: Do Birthday Week Pounds Count?

Happy birthday! Most of those 3 pounds are water weight and will go away after a day or two free of restaurant food, but I know what you mean - I just finished knocking off the last of my minor, "seasonal" (i.e. Thanksgiving-through-New-Year's) weight gain and it's always a little demoralizing. Just don't give up! It's ok to have a day off as long as they're few and far between and you snap right back into your usual habits the next day.

Cook the Book: Garlicky Mushrooms and Kale

I'm so going to make this next week. Yum!

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Classic Bread Pudding

I love ATK, but they have a few quirky biases, one of which is that they don't seem big on "eggy" flavor in baked goods and sweets. I happen to like it, so I usually tweak the recipes a little bit, reducing a bit of liquid and adding an egg - at least for less-fussy items like pancakes. If it's a more delicate recipe, I don't change their proportions.

Seattle: Low Expectations, Extreme Value at Dick's Drive-In

I agree that for what Dick's is, it's great - cheap, greasy burgers, very respectable milkshakes, and salty salty fries. I don't understand the fries hate, I have to say - sometimes they're a little soggy, but I've found them to be consistently satisfying and potato-y tasting as long as you eat them right away.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates' Edible Chocolate Holiday Box

Chocolate cream pie!

Critique my (veggie-friendly) open house menu!

Hi guys,
You've never let me down before so I come, hat in hand, begging for your aid once more. My gentleman caller and I are hosting a small, weeknight (i.e. lots of simple/make-ahead things) shindig and want to make sure that the two vegans coming will have things to eat. Do you think I've covered them well enough? I'd also love any suggestions for another dish or two, vegan or otherwise, or even just something easy I could grab at the store and throw on the table.

Baked fennel-garlic white bean dip w/ veggies and French bread
Beet and citrus salad
Pizza (a cheese-less one with olive oil and rosemary and a cheesy one with sausage)
Vegan stuffed mushrooms (the filling is basically garlicky breadcrumbs)

Spiced apple cider (with some rum for spiking as desired)
Some sort of wintry beer

Caramel apple bread pudding
Various nuts and fruit dipped dark chocolate

Vegan Superbowl desserts/snacks?

I've been invited to a Superbowl party (about a dozen people), and the lady of the house is a vegan -- we've all been asked to bring food, and while it doesn't *have* to be vegan, I'd like to do something she could eat, preferably a dessert (since everyone else I've spoken to is doing something savory). Ideas? Help!

Where to eat in Denmark? Aarhus/Copenhagen

Eaters, I know I haven't been around the message boards for a long time, but you've never steered me wrong. I'm going to Denmark with the boy for 8 days - we'll be in Aarhus and Copenhagen.
Give me restaurants! Street vendors! Bakeries! Even just dishes I should try (though after perusing SE, it seems the things to get are hot dogs and pork cracklings... which I am totally down with). Help me out!

New Levain Location in Harlem?

Hi all, maybe this is old news, but I saw that they're opening a new Levain Bakery on 117th and 7th (or Frederick Douglass), not 2 blocks from my apartment.

Apparently the space will include their business office and a larger facility for their mail-order business, but there will also be a retail storefront. Which means I'm going to be so fat.

Anybody have more info on when it's going to open? All the sign on the door says is "Opening in Early 2011."

Lunch in Portland, Maine?

Hi Eaters, the boyfriend and I are taking a day trip up to Portland, Maine in the coming week and are looking for somewhere tasty we can have a pleasant lunch - nothing super fancy/expensive, but it doesn't need to be on the cheap, either.

Suggestions for cooked white beans?

I made a giant batch of Great Northern beans some time ago and am getting down to the last of them - I've done a sauteed greens and beans with pasta and a thick bean stew, each of which fed me for a week. Any suggestions to finish off the batch? I was thinking a gratin of some sort, or some or maybe a brothier, minestrone-esque soup... but something with a little more zest might be nice.

(FYI, I'm not a vegetarian, but I prefer not to cook/eat a lot of meat.)

Apple-picking outside Boston, MA?

I'm going to be back in Cambridge/Boston for the weekend, and the boyfriend and I are looking to go apple-picking: apples, cider, pretty trees, and (especially) cider doughnuts.

Anyone have recommendations? Thanks!

Trying to eat thoughtfully - what do you do? Priorities?

Hi all,
I think it's fair to say that anyone who spends more than a few seconds thinking about food is liable to overwhelmed - how do I feed myself without causing too much harm to the planet or to myself or underwriting poor labor practices? Oftentimes, labels aren't helpful because much of the terminology isn't regulated or doesn't mean what you'd necessarily think it does.

For me, the only rational thing to do was pick my battles to the best of my ability and then compromise on the rest (for example, I rarely eat meat but don't rule it out altogether, and I don't buy strawberries in the dead of winter, but I can't do all my shopping at farmers' markets - and I'm on a budget).

What are your guys' priorities when you buy food? Organic? Local? Humane? Sustainable? None of the above? How do you make sure food has been produced the way its label claims? Or do you? Where do you feel it's worth it to spend time making sure your food is sourced the way you want?

Sorry for the long post. I'm just curious.

Lunch/brunch in Lincoln, MA?

Hello Eaters,
I feel like every time I post it's to ask for restaurant recommendations, and this time is no different. The boy and I are going to the DeCordova sculpture garden/museum and Walden Pond on Saturday, and we were curious about any good lunch or brunch places in the area. Any recs? Or are we better off bringing a picnic?

Brass Sisters Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding Recipe?

It's in their book, Heirloom Baking... I can't find it on GoogleBooks or anywhere else on the interweb. It's out of print, apparently, and I can't bring myself to shell out $60 on Amazon for a cookbook (particularly one I really just covet for a single recipe). But, for reasons too complicated to divulge here, I MUST HAVE THIS RECIPE. Anybody have it? Please?

Serious Deliciousness Between SF and Mendocino?

Hello, Eaters. Your suggestions have never let me down yet, and I come asking for advice yet again.
My parents are going to be in California in August and will be making a drive from San Francisco to Mendocino during their time there. On the map it looks like there's not much past Santa Rosa - does anyone have suggestions for a nice lunch place (or somewhere my dad can get his beloved iced mochas) they could investigate along the way?
Thanks all!

Recommendations for birthday dinner in Seattle?

Hello Eaters,

I'm returning to my native Seattle in June a few weeks from now, and my parents want to take me out for a slightly belated birthday dinner. I'd like to try somewhere new, since I'm not around my hometown very often and I'll be visiting enough old favorites while I'm there anyway (hello, Top Pot Doughnuts - there are no good doughnuts in Boston!). It doesn't need to be super-fancy (although that would be just fine), just delicious. Seattle proper is preferred (I don't want to drag my parents out to Woodinville or Bellevue).

My list currently consists of: Tilth, Branzino, Serious Pie, brunch at Lola, Salumi

I'd love more suggestions from you guys, though - what am I missing? What should I try?

A Salt and Battery or Gray's Papaya?

Weird topic, I know.

I'm going to be in New York Thursday afternoon/evening before an event at Columbia, and I will be able to consume only *one* meal (plus, of course, dessert). I spent a lot of time in the city last year and have been to most of the restaurants on my "must eat" list, but these two (among others) have yet to be visited. I'll be back in a month or so (I live in Cambridge), but if you had to pick just one for dinner, which would it be?

Additional information: After fish and chips at A Salt and Battery, I would likely be obtaining a toasted marshmallow shake at Stand. After hot dogs at Gray's Papaya (duh), I would procure a concrete at Shake Shack.

Help me out!

Growing herbs indoors - advice?

Hello lovely Eaters,
My neighbors' basements have stopped flooding and, as I look out the window, I see sunlight - spring is coming! I am curious about the feasibility of growing some herbs indoors, as I am an apartment-dweller without access to a yard, deck, or window boxes. Has anyone attempted this or does anyone have suggestions about how to go about it? I was thinking of parsley, basil, and mint or rosemary.

Rave for Zuni Cafe

Some of you may or may not remember my plea for SF restaurant recommendations for my boyfriend, who wanted to take me out for my Christmas present - we got shut out of a few places for making reservations too late and ended up at Zuni Cafe last week.

The food was great: fried baby artichokes, a salad with shallot vinaigrette, almonds, and Manchego, perfect little clams in lemon, butter, and leeks, and the roast chicken for two with bread salad and greens. To finish, we had two wonderful cheeses and a chocolate-and-meringue dessert with cocoa nib brittle. The atmosphere was warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Service was friendly, without being intrusive, and totally unsnobby, even though we didn't order wine (I thought I was allergic for a long time and am still not a big wine drinker).

I would highly recommend it to any SE'ers in the area, and thanks for all the thoughtful and helpful suggestions from everyone! :)

Nice dinner out in SF?

My delightful boyfriend of two years is taking me out to a nice restaurant in San Francisco for my Christmas present, and he (very sweetly) says I can pick the place, regardless of price. However, I'm not from SF, so I don't know the restaurant scene too well, and I'd rather not bankrupt the guy with ridiculous tasting menus a la Michael Mina or Fleur de Lys. From my research, I was thinking maybe someplace like Delfina or Zuni Cafe, but I'd love suggestions. Help me out!

Bad mood, bad food?

I tried making dinner for my parents tonight, as a thank-you for putting me up before my big move to Boston - everything (roasted squash, quinoa with caramelized onions and dried cranberries, chicken braised with sherry and mushrooms) was good in theory but kind of suffered in execution. I've been in a terrible mood all week, and I honestly think that's what killed dinner tonight.

While I was in Boston with my boyfriend, in contrast, I had fantastic cooking mojo the whole time I was there (over a month) - perfect roast chicken, baked heirloom tomatoes, butterscotch brownies, eggplant parm, baked chickpeas, and on and on. I was also deliriously happy while I was there.

Do you guys ever find that a case of the blues shows up in your cooking? What do you do about it?

Recipes for dried chanterelles?

I have a bag of beautiful dried chanterelles from the farmers' market, and I don't know what to do with them. I was thinking of making mushroom stock or rehydrating them for pasta with olive oil, herbs, and garlic... but I could use some more suggestions. Help!

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