My earliest memories are standing in the kitchen on a step stool watching my father cook sunday dinners.

  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Favorite foods: Pasta and roasted meats.
  • Last bite on earth: A Chicago Hot Dog.

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Chocolate Banana Cake with Chicory Glaze

I loved this, mine didn't turn out rubbery at all, soft and moist, very similar to this recipe I will definitely be making this again. I should also add that I used almost close to 1 cup of banana and didn't really "puree" it but mashed it with a fork, less dishes.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

I read a lot of the comments before I attempted this. I used a wide mouth pint mason jar and a Braun blender which fit snugly into my mason jar and it turned out perfect and came together in 30 seconds. I also used a cheapish olive oil from Costco incase it failed I wouldn't have felt bad about wasting the oil. I will be using this recipe over and over again, I am picky about my store bought mayos! Thanks!

Sagrantino: A Grape Emerging from Darkness

Ahh- I was in Montefalco last summer and learned a lot about their very prized sagrantino grape, brings back great memories.

Cooking for people with food restrictions

@Cary- I think this is a Casein allergy not a lactose but I think what @jo_wang was saying is true as well, butter does not have lactose/or has less lactose at least. I'm no expert- i'm just doing what I'm told.

Cooking for people with food restrictions

@JulietRomeo I've done the quinoa thing in the past with a salad and some sort of gluten free cookie and it has always been successful. I wanted to mix it up but it is definitely my backup, thanks!

What'd ya get?

earthenware pickling crock :)

help with caramels

Thanks for the help... It was my Chanterelle (pretty reliable I've found) cookbook that said 260. Although, I agree I thought it was high when compared it to other recipes. I will break down and buy the syrup- although I wasn't at a total loss with this batch- its more like honey almond caramel sticky toffee than chewy caramels!

DIY: Garlic Powder

I made this recipe as is but in a food dehydrator- my oven in my rental is less than par. I was all prepared for my house to smell like garlic but what I didn't account for was that I was going to smell like garlic for work the next day. I walked in the door and all my boss could say was "WOW" Will be making this recipe on a weekend next time ;)

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

@CandiRisk- I have to say it's nice to hear someone else struggles with a slow cooker. Sometimes I read sites and posts and feel like the only person who can't get this stupid appliance to work for me. Thank you for your suggestions! I do like using my slow cooker to re-heat and keep food warm for parties and such- so far the only good thing I've figured out.

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

@yankeesgal- Yes it is removable and it is a higher end model (it is actually borrowed) I have another but it doesnt kick to the warm setting once the desired time is reached which I like because of how long I need it to be on for. I don't even know if "metallic" is the right word- it almost taste like the heating element of the cooker itself. I appreciate your help though- exactly like the kind of post I was hoping for!

Kofte Kebabs With Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce and Grilled Flatbread (Minced Lamb Kebabs)

What are you supposed to do with the other half of the herbs? Garnish? Does it go in the meat mixture?

Taco March Madness: Final Four Winners

Just bought 3 packages of those tortillas from our local Bodega for .59 cents a package... I love Mexican groceries

Spice Hunting: New Things to Do With Rosemary

I just made Rosemary Shortbread cookies over the weekend and they were fabulous. Followed this recipe from Martha...

Honeymoon eats....

Can't give you any suggestions but I will be honeymooning on the Big Island and in San Francisco this November!! Congratulations! Have fun!!!

Starting another Chemo Thread

When my father was diagnosed he was given a great cookbook aimed at recipes to manage symptoms called the Cancer Fighting Kitchen. It outlines how different foods aim to help different symptoms of chemo and radiation while giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep fighting. I would check it out.

I wish you all the luck in the world, keep fighting.

Breakfast Burritos.. Do they Exist on the East Coast?

This might come as a shock, but California isn't the center of the world.

Ground Turkey

I just made asian string beans with ground turkey, i sautéed the turkey with chopped ginger and garlic and chili flakes, added a couple dashes of soy sauce and a dash of fish sauce then added the green beans, sautéed until the were tender, then finished it with a little sesame oil...sooooo soooo good.

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

I sort of resent the caption for Pizza King... what does being from the midwest have to do with anything.

Hey SE'ers-What do you do for a living?

Great topic!

Office manager at a small local PT clinic, bakery assistant on nights and weekends, and I'm starting to make wedding cakes on the side. I'm 21 and trying to get my feet on the ground:)


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