My earliest memories are standing in the kitchen on a step stool watching my father cook sunday dinners.

  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Favorite foods: Pasta and roasted meats.
  • Last bite on earth: A Chicago Hot Dog.

Chocolate Banana Cake with Chicory Glaze

I loved this, mine didn't turn out rubbery at all, soft and moist, very similar to this recipe I will definitely be making this again. I should also add that I used almost close to 1 cup of banana and didn't really "puree" it but mashed it with a fork, less dishes.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

I read a lot of the comments before I attempted this. I used a wide mouth pint mason jar and a Braun blender which fit snugly into my mason jar and it turned out perfect and came together in 30 seconds. I also used a cheapish olive oil from Costco incase it failed I wouldn't have felt bad about wasting the oil. I will be using this recipe over and over again, I am picky about my store bought mayos! Thanks!

Cook the Book: 'The New Midwestern Table'

Home. Not everyone lives on the coast ;)

Sagrantino: A Grape Emerging from Darkness

Ahh- I was in Montefalco last summer and learned a lot about their very prized sagrantino grape, brings back great memories.

Bake the Book: La Boulange Bakery: Cafe Cooking At Home

Cooking for people with food restrictions

@Cary- I think this is a Casein allergy not a lactose but I think what @jo_wang was saying is true as well, butter does not have lactose/or has less lactose at least. I'm no expert- i'm just doing what I'm told.

Cooking for people with food restrictions

@JulietRomeo I've done the quinoa thing in the past with a salad and some sort of gluten free cookie and it has always been successful. I wanted to mix it up but it is definitely my backup, thanks!

Our Search for the Best Zinfandel Under $20

Seghesio- hands down

Best brand of soft tortilla?

What'd ya get?

earthenware pickling crock :)

help with caramels

Thanks for the help... It was my Chanterelle (pretty reliable I've found) cookbook that said 260. Although, I agree I thought it was high when compared it to other recipes. I will break down and buy the syrup- although I wasn't at a total loss with this batch- its more like honey almond caramel sticky toffee than chewy caramels!

Ice cream flavors that go well with pie?

Brown sugar cinnamon

DIY: Garlic Powder

I made this recipe as is but in a food dehydrator- my oven in my rental is less than par. I was all prepared for my house to smell like garlic but what I didn't account for was that I was going to smell like garlic for work the next day. I walked in the door and all my boss could say was "WOW" Will be making this recipe on a weekend next time ;)

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

@CandiRisk- I have to say it's nice to hear someone else struggles with a slow cooker. Sometimes I read sites and posts and feel like the only person who can't get this stupid appliance to work for me. Thank you for your suggestions! I do like using my slow cooker to re-heat and keep food warm for parties and such- so far the only good thing I've figured out.

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

@yankeesgal- Yes it is removable and it is a higher end model (it is actually borrowed) I have another but it doesnt kick to the warm setting once the desired time is reached which I like because of how long I need it to be on for. I don't even know if "metallic" is the right word- it almost taste like the heating element of the cooker itself. I appreciate your help though- exactly like the kind of post I was hoping for!

Kofte Kebabs with Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce and Grilled Flatbread (Minced Lamb Kebabs)

What are you supposed to do with the other half of the herbs? Garnish? Does it go in the meat mixture?

Sugar Rush: Brunch Sweets at The Hominy Grill

Oh I love the hominy grill :)

Taco March Madness: Final Four Winners

Just bought 3 packages of those tortillas from our local Bodega for .59 cents a package... I love Mexican groceries

Spice Hunting: New Things to Do With Rosemary

I just made Rosemary Shortbread cookies over the weekend and they were fabulous. Followed this recipe from Martha...

Honeymoon eats....

Can't give you any suggestions but I will be honeymooning on the Big Island and in San Francisco this November!! Congratulations! Have fun!!!

Starting another Chemo Thread

When my father was diagnosed he was given a great cookbook aimed at recipes to manage symptoms called the Cancer Fighting Kitchen. It outlines how different foods aim to help different symptoms of chemo and radiation while giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep fighting. I would check it out.

I wish you all the luck in the world, keep fighting.

Breakfast Burritos.. Do they Exist on the East Coast?

This might come as a shock, but California isn't the center of the world.

Ground Turkey

I just made asian string beans with ground turkey, i sautéed the turkey with chopped ginger and garlic and chili flakes, added a couple dashes of soy sauce and a dash of fish sauce then added the green beans, sautéed until the were tender, then finished it with a little sesame oil...sooooo soooo good.

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

I sort of resent the caption for Pizza King... what does being from the midwest have to do with anything.

Hey SE'ers-What do you do for a living?

Great topic!

Office manager at a small local PT clinic, bakery assistant on nights and weekends, and I'm starting to make wedding cakes on the side. I'm 21 and trying to get my feet on the ground:)

Cooking for people with food restrictions

I need lunch ideas for a group of people with several dietary restrictions and it also has to be portable with no ability to reheat.
Here goes the details...
No Wheat
No Milk/Dairy but butter is okay
No Apples or Pears
No Cayenne Pepper
No Garlic

It has to feed 6 people and I have to be able to send it with my husband in the morning with the only thing to keep anything warm would be a crock pot or it has to be okay eaten cold. Any ideas?

Many thanks to Kenji

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to say thank you to Kenji- my very first Thanksgiving turkey was absolutely perfect and I have all your hard work and genius to thank for that!

help with caramels

I tried to make chewy caramels last night and they turned out like brittle. Normally I would expect this to happen if I over cooked the caramel, which I could have done although it registered on my candy thermometer as 260 which is what my recipe called for. However- I did not include the 1 Tablespoon of corn syrup it called for. Does anyone have caramel experience? Did I just overcook it or is it because of the corn syrup omission?

Best way to cook a 30 pound turkey?

My local whole foods was running a great sale on a fresh local bird at 99 cents a pound but by the time I went to sign up for one all they had left was 28-30 pound turkeys. I figured- eh what the heck I can cook a 30 pound turkey. At first I planned on doing the spatchcock with a smaller bird but something this large won't fit in my oven like that. I don't really want to cook it whole (i'm trying to participate in a 5k in the morning) I thought I might be able to cut it in half- but then realized I might not have the right tools to cut the breast bone without hacking the poor thing to pieces. Any suggestions??

Things to put in my dehydrator?

I'm borrowing my friends dehydrator (to try out the DIY garlic powder recipe from last week) and I was wondering what other seasonal foods I can dehydrate- not exactly a fan of banana chips. I was thinking apples and also trying onion flakes and herbs. Any other suggestions? I only have a week or two more before my "borrowing grace period" runs out!

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

I came home tonight to another disappointment in my slow-cooker. I am having a couple of specific troubles. Let me start out by explaining I have a Rival slow cooker with 5 heat settings 4 and 6 hours on high and 8 and 10 hours at low and a warm setting. I want to use this slow cooker as a way to get cheap meals on the table with no extra cooking when I get home (okay maybe some pasta or rice or something). I only use my slow cooker on days when I'm gone for a full 12 hours so the it has to stand up to all that time. I am finding that my food comes out tasting metalic, over cooked, mushy, swimming in grease, or like nothing at all.

I don't want to be using boneless skinless chicken breasts and to me chuck roast is a splurge in the budget. I want to be able to use pork shoulders or bone in chicken thighs or whole chickens and it actually come out tasting like something. I'm not even looking for recipes so much as tips on how to use it. Should I be taking the skin off of chicken? How much liquid should I be using? What vegetables don't really work? Can I use frozen chicken or should it be thawed? Please help...

Are your plates to big?

I recently got married and received a set of colorwave dishes in a suede color and while I love the color and look and feel of them they are too big!

Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like my food is dwarfed on my plate and it frustrates me how large they are. I want a normal size plate for my normal sized food. Is it just me or companies increasing the size of the plates because American portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger.

Cooking Injuries?

I was trying to pry open a mason jar full of canned tomatoes from the summer when my butter knife (brand new) slipped, sliced open my thumb and lacerated my tendon. Just had to have surgery on it today to repair the tendon, and it got me thinking... any other good stories of kitchen injuries?

Wedding Food HELP!

I need suggestions for my wedding menu for this November 19. The wedding is in Pittsburgh and I am having a brunch which is to start at 11:30 AM after the ceremony. I wanted to offer two passed hors devours that are simple and not too expensive. We will offer them just while everyone comes in gets their seats and gets drinks while we finish up our photos. Some ideas we tossed around were mini yogurt and granola parfaits or mini frittatas. I can't really decide what would be a good idea. I originally considered a fruit display with scones, muffins, and other breakfast breads but I hate the idea of cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberry display in November...It just doesn't feel right to me. The main course will be a choice of braised beef hash with a poached egg and pumpkin bechamel or an apple cinnamon brioche french toast, both with a butternut squash soup starter.

We are going for a very relaxed Saturday morning Jazz brunch feel with great coffee and music. Any/all suggestions welcome!

Southern Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

My brother and future-sister-in-law are getting married in June in Charleston, SC (destination wedding). So we were thinking about throwing her a southern themed wedding shower in a few weeks. But (being from the North) I don't have a ton of great ideas for food. Any and all suggestions welcome!!

Work party help

I work in a physical therapy clinic and we are hosting a 'girls night out party' I need to make two appetizers to have for about 20-40 women. We have only a microwave (and a pretty weak one to boot) so they need to be cold or room temp. I am going to make a fall crostini with homemade ricotta, butternut squash, mushrooms,apples, and carmelized onions. I need one more appetizer. Any thoughts?

Serious Wedding Cake Success

I just wanted to share my success of my very first wedding cake! I made my sister a three tiered tiramisu flavored cake adorned with fresh flowers. It tasted great and looked beautiful! I am so excited about the whole thing! Don't you just love when you are successful at a project:)

Cooking for 80 people

I need to make some sort of cold salad for 80 for a family reunion tomorrow. I would like to keep it as inexpensive as possible and easy. The basic potato, coleslaw, pasta are already being covered. Help Please!

Chocolate Mousse Help, please

I need to make a chocolate mousse for a wedding cake. I can't seem to make one that is stiff enough to hold up inside the cake without running or getting gooey. How do I get a stiff mousse that won't fall apart sitting out for several hours before and during the ceremony? ( I have all other parts of the cake down pat, just stuck here)
pleasee helppp meee

Wedding Cake Help

I am making my sisters three tiered wedding cake for her August wedding. I need some help. I have been practicing and trying out different recipes but I am having some trouble with the cake and fillings. Does anyone have any good suggestions or trusted recipes? Also, I can't seem to get mine perfectly straight and flat. Is this something that just comes with practice? And should I ice it when the butter cream is totally soft, like right after i've whipped it, or is it better to do it when its a little harder? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Lavender Salt

My amazing boyfriend just sent me a package with a bunch of different specialty salts and spice blends including thick grey rock salt and lavender. Besides adding it to my homemade goat cheese, any other suggestions on how to cook with it??

Food related Job help in San Francisco

So I am finishing up my junior year and I am looking for a job in or around the San Francisco area. I am studying Environmental Policy with a focus on agricultural policy. But I really want a job that deals with food, food culture, agriculture, environment, anything really. Honestly, I've been searching and searching, and I just can't come up with much. I thought maybe anyone had any ideas or suggestions, place to look, websites, companies. Anything would help a struggling college kid. Thanks!

Event help

This is an odd questions to post on SE but I need help. I need to attend some sort of environmental event in New York this weekend. Even a decent farmers market would work if it was held by an organization. Does anyone know anything happening Saturday or Sunday? Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

California Travel Suggestions

My friend and I are taking a 15 day road trip throughout California over the holidays in December. We will be starting in San Jose and working our way up to San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite, then over to Las Vegas to visit friends, down to San Diego and back up to San Jose, tentatively. We are not opposed to skipping any of these places or stopping elsewhere along the way. We love cool eclectic towns, we are a moderate budget (we are college students). Please if anyone has any suggestions on restaurants we shouldn't miss or even just awesome places you think we should see. We are totally open to anything!

Awkward Eating

I was sitting in my class (Women Artists) today around lunchtime. I packed myself a mortadella sandwich on a baguette. The bread was a little stale and tough. As people starting walking in, there I was ripping apart my sandwich with my teeth. It was kind of awkward but I was wondering... Should it be awkward? Am I being rude? I wonder what is going through everyone's head while I am obviously struggling with this sandwich. Do they even notice? Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?

Caraway seeds

I have a restaurant sized bottle of caraway seeds and I don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions?

Potato Chip HELP!

I work in a small grocery store and I am trying to make homemade potato chips to package and sell withint he isles. I am using russet potatoes and slicing them very thin on one of the deli slicers. However, when I deep fry them in our industrial type deep fryer they either get too brown or aren't cooked enough. I am looking for them to have a light brown color and still be crispy..PLEASE HELP!

Green Beans

I bought this huge bag of green beans from the grocery store I work at for $1. But now I don't know what I should do with them besides the basics. Any creative ideas?


I was wondering, why does everything have onions in it? What does it REALLY add to a tomato sauce, stew, soup ect? Beyond the fact that they taste good. Why soo many onions?

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