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  • Favorite foods: Salmon Belly, Hamachi Kama, Salmon Skin, Escolar, Eel, Sashimi & Grass-fed Beef
  • Last bite on earth: All of the above foods

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Food habits

EVERY DAY I eat = Salmon, Spaghetti Squash, Nori, Spinach & Green Beans! They're just second nature to me and I love them so much! ha!

How do you eat whole artichokes?

I steam them up, then marinate them in olive oil and then I grill :)

The Food Lab: How to Roast Fall and Winter Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are PHENOMENAL!!! They bring the sweetness out of the veggies :)

- GiGi

Dinner Tonight: Seared Scallops with Salsa Verde

I was totally going to buy scallops today but they're so dang expensive! :( I have been craving them though!

Top Chef: What It's Like to Be a Diner at the Taping

I met Padma once and she GOT ME IN TROUBLE! So I now am no longer a fan... but I LOVE TOP CHEF! ha ha.

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

YES! When I flew to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific... and going on Turkish Air wasn't bad either - that is of course because I was in a better class than coach!

10 Spices That Should Be in Your Pantry Right Now

What's in my pantry:
- Kelp Seasoning
- Paprika
- Cinnamon
- Cilantro
- Garlic
- Hot Pepper Flakes
- Stevia (would you consider that a spice/seasoning?)
- Parsley
- Herbs de Provence
- Fennel Seeds

Splurge-worthy ingredients

Definitely grass-fed/wild red meats and salmon! I also cannot resist sea vegetables oh and yes, of course: SASHIMI!

Your Favorite Meal?

1. Grilled Hamachi Kama, Roasted Salmon Skin, Sliced to Perfection Sashimi

2. Salmon Baked with Clam Sauce

What do You Eat for Breakfast the Day After Thanksgiving?

The usual: butternut squash + pureed pumpkin + egg whites + cinnamon + stevia = cooked pancake style.

Honestly, Thanksgiving isn't really a SPECIAL meal in which I eat A TON... because I ALWAYS eat a ton at dinner! :P

What would you put on a Cafe Menu?

I love Nicoise Salads! Definitely have one of those... and a whole bunch of different poached egg dishes... not all on english muffins... you can put some on grilled portobello mushrooms! :)

Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

JUST AT DIA, and went to my fave little French Restaurant... got a nice Salmon Nicoise Salad... I could have gone to the Denver Chop House (which is equally as good) but I wasn't in the mood for anything super heavy... plus it was a bit more expensive than the French Restaurant!

Settle an argument

Ha Ha Ha! I specially ORDER salmon SKIN from Whole Foods... so obviously I ADORE SKIN! :)

mail order food gifts

Vital Choice Seafood would be perfect, especially if your niece is breastfeeding because all the healthy omega-3 fatty acids will benefit her baby!

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Most amazing dinner here!!! 6-7 ounces of salmon belly fillet... and 5-6 ounces of roasted salmon skin (with meat bits still intact)... along with spaghetti squash (that was warmed underneath the salmon belly & skin when cooking, so it absorbed all the flavor), roasted green beans & onions, raw spinach & nori sheets! :) Thank goodness I get to have a repeat tomorrow night, it was just so good!

Sushi Poppers: A New Portable Sushi?

If I ate rice & fake fish... then I'd be ALL over this... but since I eat neither I will stick to making my own sushi rolls with nori, eel/salmon/salmon skin/hamachi, spaghetti squash, spinach... and anything else I can think of! :)

Butternut squash?

I eat butternut squash every morning, it's pure deliciousness! I simply skin it then chop it up into cube and roast it in the oven for an hour to an hour and a half @ 375 with olive oil (or spray olive oil) and cinnamon! No need to add sugar at all!

Which is your favorite meal?

I really just love them all but I think I like breakfast & dinner better than lunch only because lunch is typically relatively small and quick... Breakfast is great because it's like dessert (well what I eat is like dessert - pureed pumpkin & butternut squash) and dinner just rocks because I always cook the food I love... salmon belly, eel, hamachi! Mmmm!

Weird food quirks?

* I eat ketchup & spinach (just like someone would chips & dip)
* I basically DRINK fish & animal fat from the pan after I cook these things
* I wrap nori around almost everything
* I love love love crispy egg whites
* When I eat whole eggs, I eat the egg white part first and then pop the whole yolk in my mouth & let it ooze!
* When I eat a piece of salmon that isn't cut so it's all "belly"... I will save the "belly" until the last bite!

help me enjoy asparagus!

Steamed Asparagus topped with minced hard boiled eggs, drizzled with olive oil and minced anchovies! DELISH!

Whats your favourite breakfast food ?

Favorite Breakfast that I eat every day:
- Pureed Pumpkin
- Roasted Butternut Squash Cubes
- Cinnamon
- Stevia
- An Omega-3 Enriched Egg
- Egg Whites
- Cilantro
- Pepper
- Salt