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Sweet Potato Donut: Mashed or Powder?

Yes I know the idea make some people cringe. I love donuts but commercially sold donuts are so high in sugar and often sickening. Thus I'd like to try to make it healthier.

Unfortunately, canned packaging isn't available in my country. Only fresh.

@Anna Markow
Oh yes, it's my original intention to bake it instead to fry it :D

Asking about Teacher Cocktail

Just able to check back. It's a shame that I don't get the answer I was hoping for but I'm glad to know this is a great community with a lot of helpful people :)

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Food Smell?

The fragrance of sesame oil. I just can't get enough of it.

Sweet Potato Donut: Mashed or Powder?

I have been interested in making donut from sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) as I heard it has great health benefits such as high in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin, and anti-oxidant. However I can't decide whether to use sweet potato powder or simply mash a fresh one.

Making it from powder might be more hassle-free but I suspect the fiber would be gone already as it was broken down to form powder. Also, I wonder how much of the nutrient lost in the cooking process.

Asking about Teacher Cocktail

Hello everyone.
I'm looking for a cocktail that has a name related to "teacher/tutor" or any connection regarding "teacher/tutor".
I've browse through the list of classic cocktail and also googling, yet I don't find any that really meet up with the requirement.
So, anyone can help me with this?

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