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Poll: Are These Dishes Played Out?

hmm... it was mentioned in the paragraph but not the poll, that whole beet and goat cheese combo is quite a bit worked out. It is still delicous, but I will make it at home when I want it now, use that menu space for something else.

Food Shopping- "List" or "Scramble"?

If at some normal grocery chain like Publix, Sweetbay, Kroger etc.
Scramble when at some place that has cool specialty items like Whole Foods or The Fresh Market. Also a little list and a little scramble at farmers markets.

TV Chefs Worth Watching...?

Alton, Ina, Mario, and Jaime are the only four I really love. Although some of these new cooking channel chefs might get added to that list soon...

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

To be honest, I was entirely taken back when I found I actually enjoyed the goat curry on a Kenya Airways flight, it was really tasty, a little spicy, but the pieces of goat were so succulent! I also had an fairly ok crepe on an Air France flight.

My worst airline food experience was by far on an Aeroflot flight...but alas, thats another post.

Hidden gems of the cereal isle...

@PommeDG- Lol, I actually thought this was going to be a discussion on the mystical foods of some far away, little known geographical location call cereal isle... at least I figured it out before my computer loaded the page and I felt like a complete idiot.

Critic-Turned-Cook Steps Up Her Game at Tom Douglas' Culinary Camp

Well that sound like super fun. I went to Vij's in Vancouver, and the restaurant really just that amazing. Douglas' places are also exceptional! Seems like an awesome camp!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Grilling Minus the Meat

Some straight up inch-or-so-thick slices of tomatoes (rubbed with olive oil, some salt and peppa and dried parsley on it of course) grilled pretty good with parmiggiano-reggiano melted on top and a little bit of tarragon pesto drizzled on top is pure summertime bliss. A great side.

I'd rather be called a X, Y or Z than a "foodie"

I think the words culinarian or gastronome are both good terms for any serious eater. Those terms are intelligent but lack the pretentiousness that the term "foodie" holds. I believe the both have a more specific applcation than "foodie",which now pretty much applies to anyone who has ever had Iron Chef on their TiVo.

You might be a foodie if...

... when your friends come over for dinner and serve them several courses, plating their dishes, instead of just throwing it all on the table and telling them to 'go at it.'

...when you read the NY Times restairant review every Wednesday morning before you even start to make your coffee the end of the day you look at your internet history and realize about 3/4 of the sites you visited were those of well-known restaurants.

How to Say Pizza in Sign Language

If you ever need a personal SE ASL interpreter I'm open. Lol :)

Top Chef Masters Season 2 Premieres Tonight: Who's Who of the Cheftestants

Maria Hines of Tilth would be great, but the only one I would root for even more than her would by Wylie Dufrense, he's the best!

What's The Best Sandwich You've Ever Had?

A Po' Boy! Lovely piles of Fried Shrimp and vegetables and a few good dolloops of hot sauce. So tasty!

Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Top 10 Breakfast and Brunch

I loved having breakfast at Cafe Medina when I was in Vancouver. The fricasee is amazing!

'Top Chef Masters' Season 2 Chefs Announced

Wow, some good names on the list (not as many I know). Go Wylie, and Maria Hines!

Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Top 10 Grab and Go

You forgot Japadog? That is one of the most unique things I had in Vancouver and it was delicious!!!

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

I would absolutely and positively recommend Vij's and Tojo's in Vancouver. I ate at both and both were phenominal meals. I would personally give the edge to Vij's a little due to the extreme kindness of the staff.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

No refrigerator pie (just dumbed-downn quich really)? oh wells. Love the polls, keep em coming.

Going to Japan

Well the most important advice I can give is be adventurous and don’t go with too full of an itinerary. There a few ‘destination’ places you will want to eat at but other than that make sure to not plan too much because some of the best meals you will eat will at small traditional little places you had no idea you would find. It is these kinds of places that made my eating experience in Japan truly special.

Anyway, as for specific places I can best offer up Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo as a must-see and must-eat destination. The place is so amazingly massive (it should be as it supplies 90% of fish for Tokyo, so remarkable since Tokyo is the world’s largest city and the Japanese eat more fish than anyone else) and there are several places around the market to get great fresh sushi fresh off the morning boats. After touring the market you really should eat a good sushi breakfast (oh did I forget to mention you will have to go to the market really early to see it at its peak, like 6am or 7am or something and earlier if you want to see the auctions), these sushi places (I looked online and a place called Daiwa seems to be the most popular and I think that was the one I ate at) are not cheap but are certainly an amazing option for your first true ‘Omakase’ experience in Japan.

Other than that I didn’t have any fancy meals while I was there. In Tokyo I remember the Ginza district as being the upscale, fancy, posh, see-and-be-seen kind of area so you if that’s what you’re looking for then there’s an option.

I second Cassendra's advice to find a real good temepura place, it just might blow you away. A nod to trying to seek out good Yakitori place as well.

Your going in April so enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, I’ve never seen them in Japan but I will one of these years.

The Inaugural(?) Open Thread

How would Unicorn meat on a Pizza taste?

What Are Your Best Vending Machine Memories?

Pocari Sweat is my favorite sports drink! Nice a cold and great for days playing basketball outside in the summer!

Food Movies

@sailordave- The God of Cookery is really amazing! I found out about it a while ago on Alton Brown's website where he talked about it.

I'm a short order cook tonight! Dinner 1/11/2010???

Im gunna make some falafels for dinner I think.... and maybe a real ceasar salad as I have a little worschtesire sauce taking up fridge room and some day old Italian bread for croutons. It's Monday and I don't feel like doing any serious meat cookery.


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