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Hasselback Potato Gratin

I made this over the weekend and it was great! The only thing is it was a touch underdone. Not sure what happened there but the flavours were great. Will adjust baking time to 40 minutes covered next time. Looked beautiful and people loved it anyway!

14 Things To Make with Oreos

I love oreos and pie and ice cream, so I combined all three into one delicious dessert. This one is gluten-free but you can make this with regular Oreos too:

18 Winter Salads That Don't Suck

I had the most amazing Tuscan kale, currants and parmesan cheese salad with a honey lemon vinegarette at a local Italian place, and then recreated it at home. It's so satisfying.

Cook the Book: Molto Batali

My hubby and his foodie friends - they are tons of fun, love to drink and laugh, and really appreciate my home cooking. We always have a good time and even though it's more work for me, more often than not, I would rather cook for a crowd than go out.

Bake the Book: 'Flour,' by Joanne Chang

Level your measuring cups and be fearless - no wimping out because you're afraid it won't turn out. And bake with love. And sometimes it's the recipe, really.

Tiki Week: Shrimp Toast

my mom makes a really simple version of this and it was always a treat when we were growing up... will do a gluten free post on this soon! thanks for this :)

The Food Lab's Complete Guide To Buying, Storing, and Cooking a Leg of Lamb

Thx for sharing this. I don't eat beef or pork because of food sensitivities and am always on the lookout for info / ideas on cooking lamb! Great article! gorgeously gluten free living

Cook the Book: 'Serve Yourself'

An open faced tuna melt sandwich with lots of green onions (the resulting breath I get is what makes this a meal for one)

Cook the Book: 'Plenty'

Binkley's Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona - fried polenta cubes (made with cream) with truffled wild mushroom sauce and shaved black truffle. no meat in the universe could have made this dish more spectacular. i dream of it often...