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Low-budget, rustic, Rosh Hashanah dinner?

For rosh hashana you need something sweet......

so make some kind of chicken with
dried fruit

or couscous with vegetable soup which is cheap

Seattle restaurant recommendations

honestly guys... not too expensive, igault?? super expensive,
cheaper would be the newly opened Poppy by same owner

Seattle restaurant recommendations

OLIVAR, small and delicious..
small plates, fresh and not expensive

Funny food word pronunciations expanded

melk instead of milk........ makes me want to hurl

Pike Place Market in Seattle

Hilary, too bad ......... we had the food blogger event this week on Tuesday. I wish I would have known you were here.

DInner: Cafe Campagne
Happy Hour: Maximillian
Home style russian food: Cafe Yarmurka
Wine tasting: wine tasting at Bueno Tavola, 3 wines for 5 dollars
Cheesy Snack: World's Best Mac and Cheese at Beecher's

The versatile tortilla

i know this is sick......... tortillas with nutella!

Got roasted peppers. Need inspiration.

try them in a sandwich with melted mozarella and basil
I am thinking that could be yummy

Bacon Salt

Natural Bacon Salt is just as great!

I have tons of Za'taar... help!

I have tons of ideas....

Make pita
Now to make pita with Zaatar,
mix a half a cup of olive oil with and half a cup of zaatar, brush on pita and bake 10 minutes at 400 degrees. keep checking to make sure it doesn't burn.
Or cut leftover pita in strips and brush with olive oil and zaatar.
bake in oven and get chips.

or like in Israel, on top of a tomato and cucumber salad, yogurt and zaatar

Hope this helps........

what kind of knives do you have and how do you sharpen them ?

I only use my chef's knife, a Wusthoff . Every chef I know taught me that you really only need one knife. I love it so much. Scary to use a chef's knife in the beginning but once you learn how, there is no turning back,

Sandra Lee

Everyone is just being plain snobby. I hate her cooking. It makes me want to vomit, but hey...that is because I like cooking and taking my time. I know a lot of people who hate cooking and Sandra Lee is a good solution for those people. It's better than buying everything ready made. Trust me sometimes when I look in people's carts ate walmart, I feel sick when I see the things that you can actually buy ready made.

Cooking camp for kids -- need help!

I have taught kids cooking............. I recommend making pizza , kids love making dough. Also tortilla's work very well.

check out instructions:

other ideas would be pasta, something they can teach their parents later.......

food processors anyone?

I bought a black and decker cheap one. I think 30 dollars. It works really well but food gets stuck in parts that I can't really clean

Wedding Eats

at my wedding we had argentinien asado meat. We had 7 kinds of meat and each came on sticks and they cut the meat in front of each person. We also had about 7 different salads, eggplant with tehini salad, , cherry tomato salad with pine nuts, a beet salad and tons of sides. It was in Israel on the beach

need healthy high calorie recipes

I am so jealous! Fruit shakes, banana bread, nuts, avocado

Food blogs

my blog:

A blog about Seattle food events, recipes and food news. I started as someone who wanted to be a cook and since then I have devoured every bit if food info I can

How far do you go on Passover?

As for as I go, will eat kosher on Seder night. That's about it. In Tel aviv, you can get pitas on passover and when I was in the Israeli Army, we snuck pitas into our rooms on Passover. A lot of Israeli's are way less observant than the Jews in America, the reason for this. Some just don't feel the need to prove they are Jewish.They just are.
One thing that we always do for Passover is make sure that we have some people who are not Jewish at the Seder. That is the most fun. Everyone should come to the seder, last year my friend who is Greek came and my friend who is filipino. Then we celebrated Greek Easter a week later. Passover is about bringing people together to celebrate a Jewish holiday, regardless of race.


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