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For more than 11 years, was the food writer/editor at the San Jose Mercury News. Now is a freelance food-and-wine writer for various publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle, and Via magazine. Founded the food blog, in spring 2008.

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  • Location: Silicon Valley, CA
  • Favorite foods: Chocolate, cookies, sushi, Dungeness crab, homemade pasta, ramen, and perfectly ripe and wonderful peaches and figs.
  • Last bite on earth: Something made by Chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry.

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Ferran AdriĆ  Says He's NOT Closing El Bulli Permanently

So there's still a one in gazillion chance I might be able to eat there some day? ;)

Giant Gum Sculptures by Simone Decker

Uh, who had to chew all of this to get it to just the right consistency? ;)

Blogwatch: Gazpacho

I cannot wait for heirlooms to get ripe enough for picking. The supermarket tomatoes right now still are so flavorless. Looking forward to cooling off with some zesty gazpacho this summer.

Who's Hotter? Young Colicchio vs. Young Bourdain

Bourdain for sure. There's nothing sexier than a man with a sharp wit and provocative intelligence.

Photo of the Day: Meat Face

Oh man, kids would go nuts for this!


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