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Jelly filling for chocolates

Oh I should also mention that I don't have access to pectin either. And I also don't want to use a jam because I want to keep the chew and texture of a firm jelly.

Fruit Candy is Not Solidifying?

I think I'll just melt it down and make fruit leather.

14 Burger-Shaped Gummies

Now that we have burger shaped candy, how about candy shaped burgers?

Care to introduce yourself?

I am a high school student living in Indonesia. I enjoy cooking and baking and making things from scratch as a hobby. I don't know whether I want to become a paeleontologist or go to culinary school and open a bakery. I enjoy sweet foods, pastries, cheese, bacon, pizza, spinach, mushrooms and congee.

Mother's Day: How to Make Chocolate Flowers

How well would this stand heat and humidity? I might make these and bring some to school.

Making Candy for an English Project

Its an independent study on anything that you want. It requires responses to different prompts each week, a journal with all my research and a final culminating project on what I learned with an oral presentation. I chose candy making because I want to learn how. One of my friends is designing a sustainable city. I have 6 weeks for this project and a candy thermometre.

Making Candy for an English Project

And recipes that do not require gelatin or corn syrup would be best.

International Serious Eats Day: January 8, 2011

Is there one for Jakarta?

Help with New Years lamb dinner

My older brother has an aversion to mushrooms so I can't cook them.

Edible DIY: Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut Almond Spread

could I use a blender or mortar and pestle instead of a food processor?

Uses for Grape-Nuts?

Thanks for all the suggestions! Ill probably use it for stuffing on my first turkey for christmas. If all else fails Ill just toss them to sparrows that live on my window sill.

What do you mean, you hate _________?!

I HATE tomatoes! They taste like dirty water to me unless cooked into a sauce.

I never really liked dried coconut shavings. Fresh coconut meat is wayyyyy better.
Never really got used to the taste of bell peppers either, or white chocolate.

Grilling: Dried Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin

What meat could I substitute for pork? Would turkey work?

Seriously Asian: Gado Gado

Yeah this is can get it everywhere here but I cant find it very easily when I visit Malaysia...

Snapshots from Asia: Jook

In Indonesia we call it bubur and it is on of my favorite comfort/breakfast foods when served with peauts, shredded chicken, sweet soy sauce and tiny crispy fried onions.

Thai Noodle Soup?

Greetings, today I had the most amazing soup for a cold and I am trying to find a recipe. It was just called "thai noodle soup". I think it might have been tom yam but I'm not sure. It had a clear, orange broth, angel hair noodles, cilantro, chicken and bean sprouts. The flavour was sour and spicy. I don't know if the sourness was from lemon or tamarind. All the tom yam recipes I found used kaffir lime leaves and shrimp instead of chicken. Does anyone have a name or recipe?
Thank you :D

Snack ideas for a party at an orphanage?

Hi, my class is hosting a large party for the children at an orphanage who have had a birthday this month. I am part of the food committee and I need to bring something healthy to balance all the snack food. Do you have any healthy snack ideas that I could bring for a party of over 50 kids? And I want to avoid any common allergens like peanuts. I was thinking vegetable sticks with dips, so ideas or actual recipes would really help. Thank you! Cheers

Jelly filling for chocolates

Lately, I have been making many chocolates filled with a flavoured fondant filling. I want to experiment with jelly fillings after dipping a lychee jelly into some tempered chocolate. It was delicious but the chocolate didn't solidify even though it was properly tempered. I don't have access to any gelatin where I live so the jelly I used was an agar-agar and konjac blend. Does anyone know how I can get the chocolate to stick to the jelly while still maintaining the flavour and texture? Any recipes or tips?
Thank you and cheers!

Fruit Candy is Not Solidifying?

I was making mango pate de fruits for a project, using homemade pectin, and it is not solidifying. I made the pectin from apples and it gelled when it was added to rubbing alcohol. The pate de fruits was made using this recipe.
Should I melt it and add more pectin? How should I go about doing that?

Where can I find pectin and gelatin in Jakarta?

I want to make candies like gummies and pate de fruit which require gelatin (not agar-agar) and pectin but I can't find either in the supermarkets. Does anybody have a recipe for either of these that do not require pectin or gelatin? Does anybody where I can get pectin or gelatin in Jakarta Selatan?


Making Candy for an English Project

For English my class is doing an Independent Study and I chose to do mine on candy making. To start of I want to do something simple such as rock candy. Because my kitchen is very humid and easily gets ants I don't want to leave an open jar of sugar syrup on the counter. Is there a way to make rock candy in the fridge? Does anybody have a recipe for an easy candy such as lollipops, brittle, taffy or chocolate?

Help with New Years lamb dinner

For new years I'm going to be cooking lamb (probably rack) I was also thinking about serving risotto along with the lamb because I still have alot of the rice. What kind of risotto should I cook to go with the lamb? Maybe something garlicky?

Uses for Grape-Nuts?

I recently bought a box of grape-nuts cereal but I didn't really like them. I don't want to let the rest of the cereal go to waste so are there any recipes, such as bars, that I could use them in?

Waffle Sandwiches?

Lately I have been craving waffles (who doesnt) and have been convincing my mom to buy a waffle maker. But my mom wants to get a jaffle maker (A press that makes triangle shaped sandwiches). One of my friends sometimes makes sandwiches in his stroopwafel iron so I would like to know if I can make sandwiches in a waffle iron so that we can save money.

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