owner of a pizza counter at the Northside Market in Fredericton NB. we do a ny/italian Hybrid and we cook it on a grill. I am on a mission to open a pizza truck then a pie/slice takeout and perfect my pies to be NYC quality.

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Slice Size

@scott123 Thank you so much. We are set up at a Farmers Market and only sell 9-10 inch pies. Just got a warmer and I want to be as authentic as possible for slice size etc.

Slice Size

That should read I regrettably only *have* ever had

Emeryville, CA: Playing Hot or Not with the Pizzas at Hot Italian

Thanks for this article. May not be the best pizza in town but nonetheless interesting.

Slice Size

How big are the pies that they take slices off of at the best pizzerias in NYC. I regrettably only ever full pies when I am in NYC as one slice would never cut it. haha

Thanks guys.