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The Food Lab: Do 'Better' Eggs Really Taste Better?

Great stuff Kenji! 'Tis what I always suspected but never confirmed...

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

ADORABLE. You guys are the best. Love Ed's shoes, happy AK pic, and the 50's-esque soft-serve photo.

P.S. I am constantly wearing a snuggie at work so I'd consider Ed's shoes legit and professional.

Shabu-Shabu 70 on the Upper East Side: What All Neighborhood Sushi Should Be?

Yup, pretty much. My genetic make-up allows me to be an authority on nigiri, but not maki.

P.S. Have you tried kurobuta from Kagoshima? I feel like you'd be a huge fan. Best tonkatsu, ever.

Shabu-Shabu 70 on the Upper East Side: What All Neighborhood Sushi Should Be?

Also: For any Bay Areans in the Peninsula, a good neighborhood semi-reasonable sushi restaurant is in downtown Mountain View -- Sushi Tomi!

Shabu-Shabu 70 on the Upper East Side: What All Neighborhood Sushi Should Be?

I like delicious fish and delicious sushi.

I've had amazing sushi in Japan and in the States, and while it's inevitable that a good number of the million sushi joints won't be "authentic" or be made with the same traditional attention to detail, I wouldn't say it's ruining the cuisine. Sushi is now accessible to and popular with a huge proportion of the population who would not have been able to tell it from Chinese food a while ago. I'd say that's doing Japanese food a favor, not "bastardizing" it. And this is all coming from a belligerent sushi-elitist.

P.S. Before anyone attacks me for having a Chinese last name, I'm half-Japanese and very much culturally so.

Weekend Giveaway: 'United Cakes of America'

I WANT THIS BOOK! The whipped cream from Borrone's. Regional to...Menlo Park, haha.

Seriously Asian: Bitter Melon

Made it this week to try to acquire a taste for it.

No luck yet.

Has anyone in real life ever figured out you were an SE'r?

That too. Did you by any chance have a compulsive habit of checking the next day's menu on first class and rejoicing when your fave dishes showed up?

Has anyone in real life ever figured out you were an SE'r?


Has anyone in real life ever figured out you were an SE'r?

@Casti Peeps: I must disagree. I was part of a persecuted minority that did not see the big deal about the enchiladas.

Now, the grilled cheese when not yet soggy with butter (my record stands at 10 grilled cheeses soaked in Campbell's; my friends had to leave the table in disgust...ew Castilleja, you created an all-you-can-eat monster) and the kind of gross but somehow still delicious Eggs Benedict that I had to sneak away from class and fight the middle schoolers for, and my favorite...POT ROAST.

Everything That's Wrong with the $40 Ham Sandwich from Jezalin's Gourmet Market

P.S. This ham sounds a lot like Kagoshima kurobuta (black pig) that they make tonkatsu with down south in the homeland. Melts in your mouth like butta.

Everything That's Wrong with the $40 Ham Sandwich from Jezalin's Gourmet Market

Hmmm...beef jerkey sandwich...I'm going to let that marinate in my mind for a while and get back to you with what I come up with. Muahaha.

Food Charity: God's Love We Deliver

This turned out wonderfully! I wish we had enough time in the video to include Natalie's entire life story :)

Amazing job, Liza!

Meet & Eat: Faye Leong, Serious Eats Intern

@MariannaF: My secret is being Asian.

@funkopolis and mh275: Both the documentary and book are great. I haven't read a book that ravenously since Harry Potter! And his menu will entertain you for hours. I had it as my desktop background for a while.

Meet & Eat: Faye Leong, Serious Eats Intern

To those who are confused -- I consider Splenda and diet soda guilty pleasures because I consume them at cancer-causing levels. Every time I get sick or even in a bad mood, my family blames Splenda. (My dad is convinced Splenda messes with your brain chemistry).

@Erin: Everyone at my new office has already commented on the constant popcorn smell! I think I'll wait to introduce to introduce the bacon lest I become the office "bacon freak."

@Kenji: Sweet. But Dumpling's coming. I really want to try New Mexican food (and all offals) now that I've tried some of Chichi's NM-themed cooking. Tell her I spent my plane trip back to SF researching and planning to roast and braise various nasty bits. Roast lamb head is first on my list. Also I recently made some salsa and diced the onions the way I saw you cut them on taco night. I felt so professional.

Favorite Potato Chips?

Miss Vickies, but I'm biased as a Canadian college student. The rosemary & basil flavor is super tasty.

Fresh Food on TV: Weekday Edition

@LauraJ: It's new on the network, but I just looked it up and it seems it may be a re-run from a long time ago as plazmaorb observed. Disappointing! I hoped the Cooking Channel was airing all new material.

The Best Falafel Sandwich in New York City

@gargupie: I personally LOVE the harissa flavor!

The Best Falafel Sandwich in New York City

@famdoc: Alfanoose is listed in the article, just not in the final 7 slideshow.

Montreal Eats

For the classic poutine, hit La Belle Provence. There are other fancier versions of it, some versions with stringy cheddar and mozzarella instead of squeaky cheese curds (sacrilegious!), places like Frites Alor or La Banquise which serve some 20 different kinds of poutine with an even more heart-stopping combination of sausage, smoked meat, etc...but any native Montreal-er, when they crave poutine on those late nights, want La Belle.

Another good cheap eat place is a Lebanese fast food joint called Boustan on Crescent St. Ask the guy for the "creation" (it's sometimes not on the menu) - you won't regret it. It's a moist, tasty chicken shwarma wrapped up with eggplant, pickled turnips, garlic potatoes, and everything else that is delicious in this world. But it's imperative that you eat it right as it's made because it has a half-life of 5 minutes. Do NOT get it delivered.

There are also great Portuguese rotiserrie joints all up St. Laurent. I'd recommend Jano's. They have this plate for 2 for $30, and you can choose from a list of awesome meats and seafood which is then grilled to order and then served on one big silver plate. Maybe not a great date spot though. Casa Minohta is another good Portuguese restaurant on St. Laurent.

As for a fancier spot to eat, Alexandre's on Rue Peel is worth checking out.

Have fun!

Fresh Food on TV: Weekday Edition

@Nussy. I am using the info from TV Guide listings; I do notice once in a while that they'll say it's new when an episode looks familiar -- which is odd considering that TV Guide should be a reliable source for TV listings. I'll do a double check next time!

Poll: How Do You Eat String Cheese?

I personally never found the small bite necessary. I like to peel it in as thin of strings as possible. So thin you don't have to chew the cheese because it just melts in your mouth.