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How do you avoid overspending?

I guess every good picker has had some hard times
I have had my share
It's really kinda funny to laugh at it now
But I don't wanna go back there
So every now and then when I'm in a grocery
I'll take a little but not much
'Cause you never know when the hard times will hit ya
And I don't want to lose my touch.

(a little Jimmy Buffett for you)

The secrets to heating slices of Safeway pizza.

Whoa; so many details. It's like America's Test Kitchen for pre-baked pizza. Thank you.

I don't have a....

I work around a lack of skill and patience. Sometimes it works.

Dual Oven- Smaller top oven better for pizza?

I don't do much pizza, specifically, but the upper oven of the two rocks for browning and crisping, heats up faster, and puts less heat in your kitchen in the summer. If I have to replace my dual (gas) oven, it will be with the dual oven model and nothing else. As for losing heat, say when you open the oven door, this has not been a problem. Most of the heat is in the mass of the oven and what you are cooking.

Gas vs charcoal grilling in a gas grill

Do you mean instead of propane, permanently, or just sometimes? To convert the grill (like to avoid repairing the thing), you would need a bottom grate to hold the charcoal. It might be hard to clean out, as it was not designed for this, but possible. Also, a charcoal chimney starter instead of lighter fluid (about $15) avoids the lighter fluid taste and generally provides better results like faster and more even starting. A single page of newspaper will fire up the charcoal (make friends with an old person; they still read print on paper). I do caution you not to start the fire with your digital edition of the Times and this can release more harmful chemicals than lighter fluid, plus it gets expensive.

Eat More Sodium (Maybe) and More in Food Policy This Week

frackle is right! Salt soaks up that deadly dihydrogen monoxide.

Has anyone ever made a Fiatone?

And I thought fiatone was just an urban myth. Turns out it's not. Oh, and Emu48, you really should segue somehow into the slurs, if you are going to use them. I'd give you an example, but then I couldn't feel high and mighty.
Sanctimonious in the Central Kingdom,

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

Spaghetti is good and cheap, as well as adaptable to meat/meatless and the sauce recipes are scalable. Soak the pasta in cold water the night before to speed things up, you can use this scalable recipe for stable alfredo:

Servings: 50

1 lb butter
3 quarts half and half
3 t minced garlic
6.5 pounds shredded Parmesan cheese
3 pounds cream cheese
1 T powdered (dry) lemon peel (available at Penzey's)
3 t white pepper


Melt the butter with the lemon peel and white pepper. Add cream cheese and half and half, heat slowly in a covered pan. As the mixture heats, whisk the cream cheese into the half and half. Add the Parmesan cheese. Stir occasionally with a whisk until the Parmesan is melted and the sauce is an even consistency. The sauce will be stable if you keep it covered. It may be easiest to dip the fettuccine into the sauce with tongs.

Great Passover ideas?

How about a theme? Water into blood duck blood soup, frogs legs, any edible insect (maybe locusts if we are broadly interpreting and combining plagues) , any wild game (an interpretation that this plague is wild animals rather than flies, specifically), downer beef (must be imported, of course), anything boiled (like the black rice, below), anything grilled (like the downer beef), locusts, black rice, balut, and of course, spring lamb. It would be an adventure.

Police took 'too long' to activate anti-riot squad

Singapore/New York... Singapore/New York... Singapore/New York...

(moderately) enraging little debbie clickbait...

Swiss cake rolls are dry, disappointing imitations to Ho-Hos (at least the Ho-Hos of my youth; before the Hostess break-up). Nutty bars did rock, but a Swiss Cake roll in a lunch sack is sort of like one of those joke lottery tickets, and those are no joke.

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

Goat curry from a now-defunct place in Chicago. They adjusted the portion to the cash I had in my pocket. Nice.

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

Steam the head intact and dump cheese sauce over it. It's like a big, cheesy brain. Really, you can't beat cauliflower with cheese sauce (mostly because then it becomes whipped cauliflower with cheese).

summer rolls - how much ahead of time can they be made?

Using AnnieNT's timing, you could make them this year on June 21 between 2:51 A.M. and 3:51 A.M., EDT. Fall rolls and Autumnal burritos can be assembled September 22. I hope this helps.

First-world Grape Jam Opportunity

Thank you for the suggestions, especially the critter-related.

What do you think about Yelp/Foursquare?

and now for the rest of the comment:

has been accurate and helpful.

What do you think about Yelp/Foursquare?

I haven't found Yelp reviews to be trustworthy, but Urbanspoon

Zero-Calorie Food Tricks--

Freeze grapes, especially if they are getting to the end of their storage life. They taste sweeter.

Is there a way to message or contact someone on this site?

There is no messaging feature on SE, so you could email SE at , ask that your message is passed on, and hope for the best, leave a more specific note here, or dox the poster. Good luck.

I'm quitting the site

Oh, and when I make the pork, I will be smug and sanctimonious. And a little insulting. And I shall not make potatoes. Hurumpfff.

I'm quitting the site

I appreciate the change of pace in vegan month; it helps me stretch. That said, I look forward to MORE MEAT TOMORROW. In celebration, I will be preparing Kenji's Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder.

Regional Food Terms

I used to order a coffee, Boston, in the Midwest and wind up with a little coffee flavor in my cream and sugar. I am curious if the term relates at all in Boston.

Curry Potato Soup

I would eat the bacon totally separate from the soup. I love curry and bacon, but they don't strike me as a good couple. Whichever you choose, let us know, please.


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