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In Videos: Sarah Palin Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background

"This may sound stupid, but... Why do turkeys need to be pardoned???"

Maybe they've been bad turkeys.

Bad Turkeys. BAD... now off with your heads and into the oven.

In Videos: Sarah Palin Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background

And another thing... she is NOT attractive. I don't understand why people continue to speak of her as a good looking woman. She looks like a man who went thru a sex-change operation, and the closer you look the scarier she appears.

In Videos: Sarah Palin Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background

Seriously... just the sound of her voice irritates me.

In Videos: Sarah Palin Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background

I would like to see Sarah Palin going head first into one of those funnels.

I truly dislike her.

Exploding Nuts

Oh my God.. Perky made a nasty..

I need to have a few more drinks... this is all moving so fast...

Tears and Moments of Profundity (pt. 2)

What? Who is Karen? WHAT'S GOING ON?

Nobody tells me anything.

Damn it.

Tears and Moments of Profundity (pt. 1)

Who the hell is Karen? What the hell is going on?

Hey Perky, I'm drinking some Awesome wine right now!

How you doin? :-)

Tears and Moments of Profundity (pt. 2)

You drink too, huh? :-)

Exploding Nuts

Exploding Nuts

No, no, Perky, I didn't do anything.

La Divina started this thread.

She knew what she was doing.

Apple Cider Donuts from Atkins Farm in Amherst, Massachusetts

"It's Atkins Farms, not Atkin's Farms. The farms do not belong to one Atkin, they belong to the Atkins family. (In fact it should be Atkins' Farms, but if they've chosen to name it Atkins Farms then so be it, that's the name of the business.) But under no circumstances should it be Atkin's Farms."

Hahaha... what the HELL is wrong with you? LOL ;-)

Exploding Nuts

"Exploding Nuts" ??

Are you f-in kidding me?? You're going to post THAT title on a Friday?

Lord God... give me strength... I'm trying so hard not to say anything...

Is it too early to talk about letters to Santa?

It's ok wunami. Calm down. Bad Santa experience as a child or something?

Perhaps check out some decaffeinated coffee for lunch today! :)

Eating out..Alone

On a lighter note -- My first thought when seeing the title of this thread...

"Eating out..Alone"

Somewhere, right now, there's a lady turning to her husband and saying...

"If I could do that.. I wouldn't need you, and I've never leave the house."

Eating out..Alone

OK, I've been thinking about this a lot and I've come to a realization.

Besides a couple close friends, and family... I have trouble eating around other people, period. It seems I can't relax and I don't really enjoy the food as much when eating among strangers, people I've just met, on dates, or just in public generally speaking. Sure, I think lots of people are shy like that to a certain degree, but I become a zombie just going thru the motions... heck, I can't even remember the food I eat on dates because I'm too nervous trying not to eat like a wild animal or something... I couldn't tell you if the food was good, bad, or whatever, because I'm worried something about my eating habits or manners are going to turn off the girl.

I should probably do something about this, I think I've got a complex.

Definitely plays a part in why I'm still single. I love food... but have trouble sharing the experience on an intimate level with another person.

Wow... what a depressing f**d-up topic this has become. I hate this site.

Is it too early to talk about letters to Santa?

"I could use a pair of extra long tongs"

Yeah, I bet you could!

LOL ... hahaha... ok, I better stop posting now.

Is it too early to talk about letters to Santa?


[begin *pimp* mode]

Oh... believe me, I cook for all my ladies!

[end *pimp* mode]

Is it too early to talk about letters to Santa?

- A woman who will cook for me.

That's all.

Types of Pizza-Crust Eaters

I love when Perky gets excited.

Ok, I'm in the... "If It's Good" category... "Chewy-Selective" subgroup.

Eating out..Alone

I applaud anyone who can do it while remaining comfortable and confident.

I do it too, but often it makes me feel uncomfortable, especially if the place is crowded with couples, groups and families, and I'm the lone single diner... I feel like everyone is looking at me, thinking to themselves...

"Poor man, he must be lonely"

"I guess food is his only friend"

"Didn't I see that dude on America's Most Wanted"

Photo of the Day: Frank the Donnie Darko Bunny, Made of Franks

Hmmm... interesting, I wonder what he used for the spread / paste / color.

*Ok, I couldn't care less, but I didn't want Erin's post to go without a comment*

'New York Times' Dining Roundup

Seems odd, Kibayashis are both wearing sunglasses indoors, in a well lit room.

Maybe they're rappers? Or maybe they partake in more than just wine.

Most embarassing food moment?

PumpkinBear said -- "I don't know how to use chopsticks"

Chinese people don't REALLY use chopsticks. The whole thing is just a trick to make Westerners (specifically, Caucasians) feel clumsy and inferior.

Think about it for a minute... it's 2 STICKS. Come on!

Five Guys - Drive Thru?

@resellers0 -- Thanks for your reply.

I thought it might be against company policy. For example, Chipotle has no drive-thrus, and I've seen them comment publicly that they do not want them, and the whole concept goes against what they stand for.

So... since Five Guys is-to McDonald's, what Chipotle is-to Taco Bell, I was curious to see if they share the same feelings. And I don't recall ever seeing anybody mention a Five Guys' drive-thru.

For the record, I've written to them, but have yet to get a reply. That's why I'm asking my SE friends.

Go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game over, Phillies win. Congrats Izzy.

I'm glad somebody's team is doing well.

Five Guys - Drive Thru?

Hello everyone. I hope you're doing well tonight.

I'm pretty certain Five Guys has no drive-thru's at any of their locations, and it's probably not even possible given they cook everything from scratch... but can somebody please confirm if possible, that Five Guys have no drive thrus?

Starbucks wasting millions of gallons of water?

"STARBUCKS was blasted by environmental experts last night after Britain's Sun newspaper accused it of pouring millions of litres of precious water down the drain at its coffee shops."

"The giant coffee chain allegedly has a policy of keeping a tap running non-stop at all its 10,000 outlets worldwide, wasting millions of litres a day.

That would provide enough daily water for the entire two million-strong population of drought-hit Namibia or fill an Olympic pool every 83 minutes."

Woah! What the heck? Read the story here.

Pro-HFCS Campaign Underway.

So, I'm sitting here watching an episode of Jerry Springer (Lesbian Bikers who love Midget Firemen) and I see a commercial that started out sounding like it was going to be anti-HFCS but then spins around 180 degrees into a pro-HFCS campaign, and directs me to the following website.

I guess the Corn Refiners Association must be getting hit pretty hard.

Hershey's removes Cocoa Butter from candy.

Due to higher cost of ingredients, Hershey's is removing Cocoa Butter from many of it's popular chocolate candies, and replacing it with cheaper Vegetable Oil.

The package labels are changing too, because the FDA says anything containing vegetable oils cannot be called "Milk Chocolate".

Watch the Today Show / MSNBC video here.

Yikes! :(

Serious Eats T-Shirts

Hey guys and gals. :)

We need some t-shirts (or caps) to show our love and support for SE.

Are there any future plans to make such things?

I know makes it easy to create stuff. I know a lot of people use them, but I cannot say anything about the quality because I've not used them myself.

What do you think?

Popeyes Onion Rings

Some of the best fast-food onion rings I've ever eaten come from a chicken place. A pleasant surprise! Popeyes is proud of them too, because they count the number in each order, serving either a 6-piece or 10-piece.

Popeyes Cajun Rice

I know there's some Popeyes fans in the SE house, and I'm definitely one of them. The Fried Chicken, Chicken Strips, Cajun Fries and Onion Rings are all very good.

However, the Cajun Rice (aka "dirty" rice) is.... Bleh.

It's dry and bland, almost flavorless, despite (supposedly) having ground beef, chicken gizzards and green onions in the mix. I don't understand this, because I've heard other people rave about how good it was.

The Red Beans and Rice was fine, but the Cajun Rice was just plain bad. I've tried it twice, and cannot see myself ever eating it again, and certainly not recommending it.

Are the Popeyes in my town preparing it wrong?

Has anybody else had this dish? Positive? Negative?

Bubble Bath at Burger King

People do stupid things. That’s not a surprise. But sometimes their stupidity hurts innocent folks, such is the case with this Burger King employee who decided to take a bath in BK’s kitchen sink, and film the stunt for the whole world to see. The result of that strange behavior was the entire staff getting fired, including the manager who had 20 years on the job, and no involvement or beforehand knowledge of his plans.

Video on


My Goldfish Cracker

I found this interesting Pepperidge Farm Goldfish cracker in a recent box I purchased. I've uploaded a photo to a free image hosting site so everyone can see. Please note: it's inside a ziploc plastic baggy for protection.

Goldfish Cracker

I see two angels protecting a fish caught by Jesus. :)

What do you see?

Chipotle's Burritos Overrated?

I've read and heard many good things about Chipotle over the past year, but I hadn't got around to trying them until tonight.

First impression -- Totally underwhelmed.

[ Pros ]

- It's BIG. Definitely the biggest fast food burrito I've ever had. And it's heavy too, like a brick. You could probably throw it at somebody's head and kill them.
- The ingredients are supposed to be more 'natural' and higher quality than typical fast food joints. They call it "Food with integrity". The beef and chicken are raised naturally, no antibiotics, hormones etc.
- They make the burritos right in front of you at the counter, similar to a Subway sandwich shop. You get to see everything!
- They're not greasy at all. It definitely felt like I was eating a heathier burrito than Taco Bueno or Taco Bell.

[ Cons ]

- The main ingredient is white rice. It's OK, has a dash of cilantro and lime juice, but it's rather bland and there's so much of it, the other flavors are beat down.
- There's not much meat. I tried both the Steak and Chicken varieties, and both were small portions. Furthermore, the steak was rubbery and had very little flavor. The chicken was better, but still nothing impressive.
- There's not much cheese. It's a mixture of Jack and White Cheddar, but there's not enough to even tell what's going on.
- The pinto beans were good, but again, very small in quantity.
- The salsa was good, but it was all loaded at one end of the burrito. I'm told this is on purpose. Why, I have no idea.
- Each burrito costs almost $6
- The bottom line: A big bland rice burrito, with a little bit of meat, cheese, beans and salsa that didn't stand a chance. I have no desire to eat them again.

I don't want to sound too critical, but I was expecting more!

Is this really a better burrito? Is this really what higher-quality natural ingredients taste like?

Anybody else have a similar experience? Maybe I hit them on a bad night?

Most obese states in the country. CDC report.

linky linky

"Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee lead the nation when it comes to obesity, a new government survey reported Thursday."

"Colorado was the least obese,"

At the bottom of that page, there's a map where you can click on each state and get the statistics.

I'm surprised my own home state, Texas, wasn't the worst.

How fat is your state?

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