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NYC Food Events for the Weekend and Beyond

Surprised West Indian Day Parade didn't make this list.

Suggestions to eat near Times Square New York City

There is a X'ian Famous Foods in Midtown. Haven't been, but they're always a good bet. The new one is at 24 W. 45th Street.

A Sandwich a Day: Fish on a Bun at Cup & Saucer, Chinatown's Old School Lunch Counter

If you ask them for American cheese they will gladly comply. A great counter!

Win a Copy of 'Left Coast Roast'

French press by the dock in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. I had been travelling for some time and drank some decent coffee on occasion, but mostly rubbish hostel brew (ie instant). But before arriving in the dreamy confines of Lake Atitlan I had never been surrounded by hills of bright red coffee cherries. That morning on my walk from lodging to the town I nibbled on the sweet fruit surrounding coffee beans. Along the path I passed through corn fields and saw the beans drying and being raked. Excited by my proximity to the coffee I became worried that the fine beans around me were destined for foreign lands. I sat down with my new friend on a deck overlooking the shimmering lake and ordered my own French press. After plunging the device my worries vanished with each breath and each sip. The coffee from up the hill.

Bronx Eats: Discovering Cashew Apple Juice at Seis Vecinos in Mott Haven

Had it recently at La Cabana Salvadorena in Washington Heights.

Cook the Book: 'Eat with Your Hands'

Saltenas in Bolivia. Basically the soup dumpling of the empanada world. The breakfast of champions. Bite, slurp, and enjoy the salty sweet filling. Many use spoons, but hands are all you need.

Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda

And if you happen into Ferdinando's Focacceria in Brooklyn they have Manhattan Special on their soda fountain. That with a panelle special and you're in business.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Poured from the yellow spherical Modern Classic Thermal Carafe designed by Ole Palsby from MOMA. I drink the french pressed coffee black two hours after my girlfriend put it in the carafe. I wake up and it is ready, the perfect gift each morning.

A Sandwich A Day: Cachapas from Cachapas Y Mas

If you get a chance to have a yo-yo mixto you will absolutely plotz! Instead of the fried green bread replacement of a patacon it has mashed ripe sweet plantain in its place. Can't miss food at Everything is smothered in sauces, corn, lettuce, and cheese. The most amazing delivery option in Inwood, and one of the greatest late night options. The perfect accompaniment to a night of Alan Alda movies and a 24 oz. can of Coors. Do I want maracuya, or don't I? It'll be here in twenty minutes...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

With a glass of port, a bowl of brown turkey figs, and cubes of Provolone Piccante.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Russ and Daughters sable with scallion cream cheese, herring in cream extra onions eaten with torn pieces of pumpernickel bagel, Super Heebster consumed on a bench at Nathan Straus Playground or Seward Park if too many kids are around.

Lunch for One: Toasted Manti at Prune

Had pretty much this same lunch two months ago at Prune, sweetbreads instead of soup. Looks as good as when I had it. The radish and roe and the manti are such delicate beauties.

Especial de la Semana: Albondigas

Hard-boiled egg meatball is always a treat. These look like a perfect order-in option. I would definitely invite those guys to my couch for dinner.

Cook the Book: 'Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous'

At a Hanukah party at my house growing up my friend's little brother dipped some cheddar cheese into applesauce. We laughed and mocked him and declared him the grossest little kid of them all. But it was cheese and apples, we were the dumb ones. We all agreed that applesauce and sour cream was the way to go. I feel bad that we ridiculed the youngster. I think this year at Hanukah I'll dip some Cabot Clothbound in some applesauce made of Golden Russets.

Market Scene: Xochimilco Market, Mexico City

Dios mio! Que diferente ese sope, pero no hay algo que quiero comer mas. Gracias para el viaje, siempre me enamora tus fotos y info.

Cook the Book: 'The New Brooklyn Cookbook'

How about Charleston, SC. The longstanding and distinct lowcountry food culture is growing, they have the last three James Beard winners from the South, and local foodways are being revived. Not a month goes by in NY where a restaurant doesn't seem to be mimicking an average Charleston restaurant. The original is definitely the star.

Peanutty Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Not that I have anything to compare it to, but I had a version of these at A-Wah. The peanuts were coarser, but they were delicious. Eating in Translation has a pic Are they as good as Hong Kong? I have no idea.

El Cuartito: Serving Pizza to Buenos Aires Since 1934

The type of pizza at Cuartito appears to be pizza al molde, definitely the dominant style in Buenos Aires. Also available is pizza a la piedra which tends to be of the thinner variety, more similar to NY style, but different. When I was there it was definitely difficult to get used to the amount of cheese, which wasn't always the best. With that said, it is a different style and some are really delicious. And a slice of fugazza, faina, and a glass of moscato, to cut the fat, at the busy Guerrin is pretty great. Though not Neapolitan or New York, the pizza al molde often seems like focaccia with toppings. Is that so horrible?

Cook the Book: 'Street Food of India'

Anticuchos de corazon in Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Sure, I had already acclimated to the altitude of La Paz, but maybe the bus, an even higher altitude, perhaps the hooch, the blistering cold ,or all the elements mixed with a crowded plaza made me unwell. I rested and tried to recover myself so I could enjoy a dance with my Bolivian friend at the celebration of the Aymara New Year, the southern hemisphere winter solstice. I cooled it with the drinking, except some warm frothy milk ponche mixed with booze, which I had to try.

The wind and cold altiplano air was taking its toll, and I was seemingly the wet blanket of my group. But there were little grills on the way from the town plaza to the ruins where the first sun rays of the year were taken through the Puerta del Sol. But, before arriving and waiting for the sun I ate heart skewers. Some fall ill and abstain, but I chose to indulge. The line for meat was long and the heart delivered warmth and charred fuel. An accompanying green salsa for brightness and I was ready for the sun. Maybe grilled heart on a stick was what I needed all along.

Vendy Finalists: Patacon Pisao

Down the street Cachapas y Mas does patacones and they're open from 10am-6am. Also good, and lucky for me they deliver. Patacon and pink sauce for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mexican Food You've Maybe Never Heard of: Mixiote

This article is great, and though I've heard of mixiote I look very much forward to the next installment. My jealousy is salivating.

Have You Heard of JoJos?

We had them them at the supermarkets in Arizona, but it wasn't until I moved to Oregon that I noticed places specializing in them. The Reel M' Inn with its tantalizing Chicken and JoJos sign in red and yellow on Division St. has some of the biggest JoJos I've ever seen. I grappled with the temptation of those giant wedges and some chicken thighs every day. Oh, the JoJos and their friendly companion the Sauce Packet.

Mexican in NYC?

I'm with Saria, it's important to qualify what your idea of good Mexican food is. It isn't one food across a vast country, but a patchwork of impressive regional specialties. Is there more in California certainly, is there a lack of SF mission style burritos? Yes. I think maybe the mid-range Mexican food in NY, mostly gringo fare, is abominable but if you're willing to find the cheap spots there are tremendous rewards. Trucks, bodegas, and small storefronts are wonderful. In Inwood where the food is decidedly not diverse, mostly Dominican, I can get excellent 3 excellent gorditas for $6. Is there great Mexican in every neighborhood, probably not.

But, where there are Mexicans there is good food. Go to Queens, get off the 7 train at 82nd eat a tamale from the lady at the bottom of the stairs, walk down the street for a handmade quesadilla of squash blossoms, then tell me NYC doesn't have great Mexican food. It all depends on what kind of snob you are, I'm from Arizona where Mexican food is everywhere, just look a little harder here and hopefully the snobbery will be broken. But if what you're looking for is primarily overstuffed flour tortillas, yes, you may be out of luck.

Taco Thursdays: East Harlem, Taco Mix and the Tacos de Arroz Grocery Cart

I do believe that buche is pork stomach, not jowl meat. Great write up, I'm ready for a mixto and al pastor, then an egg and rice.

zucchini blossom in manhattan??

Esca had them when I was there two weeks ago.