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  • Last bite on earth: Blackberry Cobbler with French Vanilla Ice Cream!

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How to Bake in a Salt Crust

@foodtopiarecipes, have you tried Rosemary Flake Salt? It's pretty good. You don't have to buy two different ingredients since the salt is infused with the flavor.

I bet it would be delicious to add different flavors in with the salt crust. Sounds delicious! I look forward to experimenting!

What Common Food Debates Do You See Online?

I don't know if this is really a debate...but Sodium. Many people do not know the full advantages of Sodium and how important it is for the natural function of the body. They do not want their meals to contain it. STAY AWAY SALT.
In reality, they may not fully be educated.

Sea Salt Flake Recipes

@OnMyFork, Have you tried Rosemary Salt on lamb? Use it like you would a typical meat rub (a little less, since it is SALT!)

Also, my dad made some French Bread the other day...he coated the slices with olive oil and then sprinkled the Rosemary on them. Maybe this would be good to use your salt for?

Eating in class?

I eat in class all the time. I am in Graduate school. Although, I try not to be distracting. I will put potato chips or pretzels into ziploc bags so the crinkle of the orginal bag is missing. I also bring enough to share with my neighbors (not the entire class...unless I'm presenting, then they can eat and be distracted and not really pay attention to me).

Just eat with your classmate and then it might not bug you so much! Good luck!

Table salt, sea salt, flake salt, rock salt, finishing salt...

Salt is a big topic lately. I do agree that it's overwhelming! (Food and Healthy Industry). When is it too much? I have been restricted to a low sodium diet, so the idea of finishing salts is great. You don't have to have your dish saturated in all of the salt and sodium but you can still get the taste you want by having it as an addition or complement at the end of your preparation.

Got Food Mill?

Jelly and Purees. The mill is great for those. I second the Mashed Potatoes idea as well!

But remember, always blanch or boil your products before using the mill. The food has to be soft enough to go through the holes.

Food for when it's REALLY Cold

I might be a little crazy here...but something about a huge bowl of ice cream in the middle of winter has always been a favorite. Just when you think it can't get any colder, you start to chill yourself from the inside out. It evens your core out and then you become almost reptile like.

Chocolate Ice Cream, Cashews, Caramel & Chocolate Syrups and topped off with a flake sea salt...mmm...a little bit of heaven in your mouth.

New Years Eve Cocktails (yes I'm already thinking ahead)

Three Olives Root Beer Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, and Ginger Ale (Ratio in oz: 1:1:4) It's delicious!

What fruit to use for tart with pastry cream?

Raspberries and Apples (like a chunky sauce) together! mmm! You can even add some strawberries. (I envision a McDonalds Warm Apple Pie, not that I eat those, but something along those lines with chunky apples, sugar glaze, and some berries!)

Help! My Swedish mother-in-law is coming to town!

I tend to use sea salt by pinching and sprinkling a rosemary infused salt on chicken breast. It's also delicious using a cheese ball mixed with dry cranberries and use the salt on top. it add a crunch but also gives you that sweet and salty combination that everybody loves! Good luck with your Mother in Law (wish I could help with some Swedish Ideas for you. But you can try some Swedish Fish! ) :)

What to do with Mascarpone

@flavorseeker, that pizza sounds delicious!
@hungrychristel, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely try this one out! :)

Christmas breakfast: Do you do anything special?

We do a baked French Toast.
Challah Bread (Cut in chunks)
Then we layer the bread and pour our egg, cinnamon, cream base over top. This then gets put in the fridge over night. Christmas Morning, before we start doing presents, we throw the French Toast in the oven with a prailine, brown sugar, and butter topping!

This is so delicious! (I don't have the exact recipe accessible at the moment but would love to share if anyone was interested!)

What's for dinner Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve, 3 families get together (Cousins, Aunts & Uncles, there's 13 of Us). We sit down and crack open a bunch of red wines and enjoy HUGE Alaskan King Crab Legs with Filet. This year were are adding a Party Potato! Mmm! Love my mom's party potatoes! For Dessert, we will be doing Brownies & Ice Cream (But baked in cupcake pans). The Brownies are excellent because you don't have to wait for them to cool before you cut them, in fact you don't have to cut them at all!! :)

Wishing everyone a very blessed holiday season! Happy and Healthy one!

Holiday Bake Off...Need ideas!!

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies! Eatrunread, thanks! I will definitely try this! and Morgancain, your ideas are wonderful!

I think I'd be able to get away with doing a cupcake or a candy. It's just amongst friends, I don't think they'd kick me out. :)

But all great suggestions! Now, I only have to choose where to start! haha

Help: Deep fried turkey not crispy

I think your oil may need to be at a higher temperature. Try that. Good luck!

What to do with roasted Garlic?

Have you have tried roasted garlic spread on pizza before you spread the sauce? It's really good!

Flavored Flakesalt...what are your favorites?

Hey guys.
First, thanks to all who were defending.
Second, wasn't trying to create drama.
I wasn't intending on sounding misleading. I seriously did see the product and was inquiring about it. I am new to the blog circuit.

Flavored Flakesalt...what are your favorites?

It's a crystal flake sea salt. Really big flakes and they seem great for crumbling. Like a finishing salt.


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