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Traditional New Years Dishes from Around the World

I was somewhere a few years ago when I had a piece of herring stuffed into me for good luck. Apparently a German tradition that had been transplanted to a UES bar.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Amateur Gourmet'

I was trying to create my own chili spice rub for a piece of flank steak. One bite and my husband - who has a high tolerance for spicy - had tears in his eyes. He got up and ran the steak under the faucet to wipe off the rub.

Do you have any great ideas for using mushrooms?

I'll take any kind and saute them thusly:

Start with olive oil & butter in cast iron skillet over very low heat
Add 1 thinly sliced onion -- cook for about 5 minutes until soft
Add in 1 pound or so sliced mushrooms of any or all varieties.
Toss around.
Put 2-3 small pats of butter on top of mushroom.

Walk away for about 20-30 minutes while it all cooks down (return to stir once or twice) into brown beautiful mushroom & onion goodness.

Remove and top with Maldon.

Mmmmmm..... Amazing with any steak.

Grocery shopping confessions...

Doesn't anyone eat eggs?? I'm really surprised to see only one egg entry.

My cart doesn't vary much either

Eggland's best eggs
Bell Peppers (red & orange)
Fresh greenbeans
Steak & Chicken
Some version of cheese
Garlic & onions
Tomatoes (for the husband)

We're very Atkins in our house.

A Truly Local Fave: What's Yours?

So Ed, what are your local faves here in NYC?

Meal Planning - Does anyone still do it?

Ah, glad to see there are other planners out there. I started just a few months ago when my husband and I were reviewing our credit card spending. Ooops...too many restaurants, that newlywed thing I think. So now I do a big shop (either Fresh Direct or Whole Foods mixed in with the Union Sq. farmer's market) on Saturday and plan at least 4 meals (which gets us 5) for the week. Idea being we won't head out to eat if there's a nice steak or hunk of lamb in the fridge.

Been working swimmingly I might add as a budgeting method. We always marvel how these gorgeous dinners usually cost less than $7 a person when you break it all down. Yay for knowing how to cook! ;)

Tried and true eatery

Rare Bar & Grill on 37th and Lex. Always a great burger and great staff.

I want to try ___________.

A really good Kobe steak. Ah, the rumors I've heard.

Talking Sausages....

If you're in NYC, you won't ever get better than Hallo Berlin. Check it out.

Question of the Day: Listening to music while cooking?

Either a good 70's am mix on the iPod, or Ottmar Liebert. Then again, I find Ottmar Liebert appropriate for almost anything.

What's your Favorite Food Movie?

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

Yum and yuck all at once.

Canned tuna creation

Perhaps pedestrian, but it's such a staple. Mix the tuna with mayo and onion powder (fresh diced onion if I'm not being lazy).

Serve on nice cleaned romaine leaves sprinkled with crumbled bacon/real bacon bits stuff and sometimes pine nuts or shelled sunflower seeds

Question of the Day: When left uninspired, what dish do you fall back on to feed the masses?

Another roasted chicken here. Prefer the parts the whole. I do it with bell pepper (red or orange), diced sweet potato, onion, garlic, fresh tarragon, and plenty of S+P.

A one pot wonder, and when using the foil roasting pans from the supermarket, they just get tossed when done. No clean-up!

Have you ever won a food-related contest?

Ronn, I got my copy today. I'm less than 10 blocks from SE HQ. Yours must be on the way.

Have you ever won a food-related contest?

I won a cook book from right here at Serious Eats! ;)

How to Become an Unpicky Eater

My husband nags me over and over until I've eaten something enough times that my taste buds are used to it and aren't revolted.

I actually eat olives now. *shudder*

Question of the Day: Dinosaur Food

Happy-nick (sp?) cookies. They were the genesis of all those have a nice day smiley face yellow cookie jars, everyone seems to have forgotten the cookies though. Mmmmm...simple vanilla and chocolate cookies, nice and dense and yummy.

July 4th picnic. I'm taking______

My every year winner -- red white & blue fruit salad. Strawberries cut and sprinkled with sparing amounts of splenda, blueberries, and the big splurge: white chocolate chips. Oh so divine.

Cook the Book: Taming the Flame

Sadly, with no outdoor space here in my Manhattan box, my favorite "grill" is my All Clad grill pan -- perhaps the best thing to come off my wedding registry. I know it's a sad sub for the real thing, but I don't know the NYPD would take to kindly to us setting up a grill on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Does Eating (The Best?) Pastrami Prolong Your Life? What's Your Favorite?

I love Sarge's pastrami, but maybe that's because it's across the street!

Cook the Book Giveaway: 'Pork & Sons'

Bacon bacon and more bacon. Especially back bacon.

How long will a cake layer keep in the freezer?

I'm counting on my wedding cake top to last another 3 months and still be edible. Somehow, I'm doubting it.

Cook the Book: 'The Summer Shack Cookbook' Giveaway

Husband and I went to Hilton Head, SC for our honeymoon -- the crab claws overflowing everywhere were unforgettable!


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