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Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

@dmcavanagh, please let me and Norma know too! We'll get us a table reserved right by the oven!

Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

Baltimore's practically in my backyard, only why do I have such a damn big backyard? That's cool though. I'll definitely make the trip!

Serious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Buffalo chicken and garlic alfredo sauce with smoked gouda and mozz.

My Pie Monday: Shallots, Ajvar, Onion Crema, and Much More!

@Adam, Thanks a lot. That's high praise coming from someone who really knows great pizza!

My Pie Monday: Wagyu Beef Bacon, Hot Dog Stuffed Crust, and Much More!

Thanks for the nice compliments on the Airstream project. As for San Francisco, I know there's another Airstream pizza trailer, "Wanderlust Pizza", that started in St. Louis and moved to S.F. I was following him on facebook but haven't heard a peep since he moved. His was actually the inspiration behind ours.

My Pie Monday: Wagyu Beef Bacon, Hot Dog Stuffed Crust, and Much More!

@jjdeco5- The project doesn't have a name yet but the construction phase is nearing completion. Basically, it's a 1967 vintage Airstream camper, converted to a rolling neapolitan pizza kitchen. If you can find a link to Norma427's blog, there are pictures there.

Daily Slice: Purple Pig from The Rolling Stonebaker, Beverly Shores, IN

@scott123- I'm with pizzaverde. As a guitar and a banjo player, I can tell you they're nothing alike. Where I once was a pretty decent guitar player, after 5 or 6 years, I'm still a poor banjoist. Lol! A better analogy would be so say a rock guitarist could easily learn to play the blues. Same instrument, different style. Having said all that, let me further say that I get your point! Ok, y'all can carry on with the not so friendly debate now.

Go Paulie Gee!

I was amongst the "pizza tourists". Our group hit, what, nine or ten pizza restaurants that day, saving the best(Paulies) for last!

Go Paulie Gee!

I had the pleasure of spending time at Paulies for his 2nd anniversary on Friday evening. The pizza and the hospitality were awesome , as usual! Thanks Paulie!

My Pie Monday: Bottarga, Jumbo 'Jet', Bananas, and Much More!

Great looking pizza everyone! One of these days, I'll get back to posting photos.

Top This: Cherry Jones (à la Paulie Gee's)

I've been to Paulies, met the man and ate the pie. I thought it was most awesome! In fact, I have some dried cherries for the next time I fire up!

My Pie Monday: McRib, Pepperpeener, Mike's Hot Honey, and More!

Great pies everyone! I like Mikes Hot Honey too, but I don't know why it says on the bottle to "shake well". Have you ever tried to shake up a bottle of honey?

My Pie Monday: Texas Rosa, Marinara, Mellow Mushroom, and More!

@jimmiyg - It's a part-skim called "Country Brand" that I get at a local cash&carry supplier. It melts great, tastes pretty good and not near as chewy as Grande.

My Pie Monday: Finochietta, Blood Orange, Tater Tots, and More!

@jimmyg - The Tapenade was amazing! Unfortunately, I only see Tammy twice a year, so I'll have to wait til May to get her recipe.

My Pie Monday: Ground Cherries, Bacon Chutney, Buffalo Chicken Alfredo and More!

@JimmyG, It's not a true wfo, but a wood assisted gas oven, so it only runs around 600F or so. The alfredo sauce(from a jar) held up just fine to that temp., however it seems to do fine in the real wfo as well.

My Pie Monday: Smoked Jalapeno, Langoustine, California Club Pizza, and More!

This thread basically details how I built this oven. It runs on a combination of propane and wood. The turkey fryer burner provides most of the heat, enough to ignite the wood on the top. I can easily get 700 degrees or so.
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My Pie Monday: Arugula, Mushrooms, a Deep-Fried Pie, Chimichanga Pizza(?!?), and More

Yes, it does. Not much though. Only 1%. The rest of the recipe includes 2% sugar, 1.75% salt and .4% IDY. I think you can do a same day dough with a pan proof but I almost always do at least 24 hr. cold ferment and skip the pan proofing.

My Pie Monday: Arugula, Mushrooms, a Deep-Fried Pie, Chimichanga Pizza(?!?), and More

Ratbuddy - The original recipe calls for bread flour a 63% hydration, how ever, I've used leftover 00 Caputo doughs from the wfo and leftover N.Y. style dough with very good results. I use 10 inch steel pans with a light coat of olive oil. 250-280 gram dough ball. About a half pound of mild or medium white cheddar. The important part is to spread the sauce and cheese all the way to the pan! The crusty mixture of semi-burnt cheese and sauce is the best part!


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