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Wake and Bake: Baked Beignets with Chicory Coffee Sauce

Thank you, thank you thank you!

I'm on similar terms as your friend and have a health problem that constricts the amount of fat I eat. Therefore I cannot have anything too high in fat like, say, fatty cheese - let alone fried food! In fact, because of that I've never even had a beignet to my knowledge (gasp) so I'll have to try these asap. :D

Thank you!

Could I possibly request more of these types of makeoverish recipes?


- Eve

Raspberry-Rose Sorbet with White Chocolate

Mmmm this looks lovely! And dare I say someone could throw in some lychees for an easy pierre-herme-esque isaphan? :)

Congratulations to Our Own 'Bravetart,' Stella Parks, Food & Wine Best New Pastry Chef

Yayyyyyy! Congratulations Stella! I'm so happy you won. :) Voracious packing and prepping for England next week prevented me from putting a link on my site but I did force/coerce with macarons a few friends and family to vote for you so hopefully that helped! It's definitely well deserved. :D

And look, oreos even appear to have honored you with birthday cake oreos ;D hehe.


- Eve

England In Less Than A Month - I need some help!

CptBuck - St John has been on my to try list for ages! I'm definitely trying it this time. And ohhh my. That kebab vans sounds wonderful! I've got that one on my list now too. When I was there last I didn't see many but, then again, as I said in my previous post I had no time for searching out good food! Thank you!

dashofginger - Oh wow. Another good tip! I would have never thought of Kensington Palace or the portrait gallery for tea. Thank you!

ridethefader - Oh man. You have no idea how bad I want to go there. I also want to go to his new place in the Mandarin but, alas, the money. :(

diamonds - Thank you for the tip! I still haven't booked a place for the time we'll be in London so I'll check that one out.

chefteebs - A blog post?! My god, thank you. I've been following wonderful British food blogs for a while but I have yet to find a concentrated post... Until now! (maybe I'm not looking hard enough?) It definitely will help! And I know what you mean by the missing. Ever since I went for that brief trip last July, I've been scheming of ways to get back.

belinskaya - I just read about that in one of my British food magazines and it's on my to do list for London. :) Treacle sounds lovely, thank you!

eaguk - I know! Maybe it's just because it isn't really on the top list of places to go? Half of my family lives in Swindon and Gloucester so when I go to England, those are both musts! Maybe we'll get a tip soon?

chanjying - Oh I haven't heard of that one yet. Definitely going on my must try list! I have another chocolatier on my list already but I'm looking for all there is!

guycooking - Not true. When I went last year, even in the few days I had, when I could eat I had some wonderful food. In fact one of the best meals I had was a simple baguette from a little tiny stall in Bath on the fly. It was delicious and I know there's so much more to see (and eat!) You should definitely visit again - I'm sure your mind will be changed.

shady lane - Oh yum. I don't think I've had many brunch recommendations yet. I'll check it out! And I'll put those two locations on the list too - I love me a good pho no matter where I am. Oh! I bet that was the shop I was looking for! Thank you so much. And ditto with Swindon. There must be something good to eat there though. Right?

conaglio - Totally agreed. And when I was little and we would visit I vaguely remember I was soooo reluctant to try the dish of mushy peas... Until I did try them.

teachertalk - Agreed on the bread - I loved that baguette place in Bath. And I'm excited to try the Indian food!

conaglio - You aren't odd at all. As I said by the point when we stopped visiting England ages ago one of the foods I found myself liking was the mushy peas.

Angel in The Dock - jhkj!! Ohhh, man. Both are now on my list. Very near the top.Thank you!

belinskaya - Lucky you! And agreed on the supermarket food. I think we made one quick stop into one last July but I was amazed at the quality and taste of the quick lunch we bought.

Thank you all once again! Excitement level is still rising.

- Eve

Scooped: Thai Tea Ice Cream

Oooo yummy. You need to open a scoop shop. Here. Like, in the Minnesota wilderness. Now! Okay, just kidding but it would be a good idea!

This looks amazing. I love bubble tea and thank god our capital city has boba tea shops with good stuff, if not I would be very sad. I love thai tea but... I think I have to say that I love taro just as much, maybe even a tad more if I'm in the mood for mellow sweetness. Do you think you could get one of those in the works? I've never thought of taro ice cream but I bet it would be good in all of it's sweet and earthy mellowness.

- Eve

England In Less Than A Month - I need some help!

I should say that I went to England briefly last year but the trip was so short I had no chance to indulge in my food love. Thank you all so very much for the input, I'm about, oh, quadrupaly excited now!

Paulo - Thank you! I'll definitely check soho out. I was kind of uncertain about that one.

Conaglio - Ooo Pierre Herme. I've been gaga over making macarons lately so I might have to go there to make sure I'm not utterly failing in mine. And thank you for all of the Bath suggestions! Even though I couldn't explore too much, I utterly fell in love with the city while I was there last.

Claire - Thank you! I've never heard of that one.

Amandarama - When I was in London last time (I only had 1 hour or so) I had to be dragged past Harrods drooling. Definitely a must this time!

Annet - Awww well thank you for the help! I hope you get to go soon. And oh no. Books for Cooks...? There goes half of my budget. xoxo

AnnieNT - Oh goodness. Thank you for all of the suggestions! I also had to be dragged past Borough Market. It's been on my list since I found out I was going! And so is scoop. I am so utterly excited! We have no gelato here - even in our capital. And tea is also on my list. Even if it's indulgent. And hehe. My Father is British so I remember when I was young I would wonder why on earth he was putting chips in buttered hot bread. I soon found out why - oh the simple pleasures.

ispygoodeats - I totally agree. I loved Bath when I was there and I'm even more excited now that I get to explore its foodie pathways! And while I was there I was horrified by the line I walked past at Sally Lunn's - maybe there won't be one this time?

Paulo - Oh thank you! As I said above, I am so excited for the ices/ice creams/gelatos while I'm in England.

conaglio - Mmm chorizo and that toasie sounds good. And while I was dashing about last time I was there (it was about a two day trip) I did have a chance to fall in love with the coffee in England. I don't know why but I found it much better than what I have around here.

cyberroo - My father is British so I know what you mean! His family is there and visits are in store but, thankfully, we'll be there long enough that I'll have time to enjoy my food. And I'm glad this thread could help!

pkbnyc - Oh I've never heard of that one either. I'll have to look it up - thank you!

Thank you all once again! I'm excited for more input. My to-do notebook is finally starting to fill up.

- Eve

Foodisphere Erupts Over Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement

@ smsingram - No idea but it is what I see on all of her magazines and such. That poofy white hair, gleaming white teeth and those eyes. Maybe all three are fake? Either that or photoshopped because my god I think that she could make money just off that "look" (see top left, bottom right pictures) that permeates everything she touches.

On a side note, I was at dinner with my father the other day (far older than paula, non-food-obsessed) and mentioned this topic. He asked me why in the world there has been such an uproar and why everyone cares so much. I do wonder why other than the obvious hypocracy and coming out so late?

Foodisphere Erupts Over Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement

Just a little add in to the conversation - her son Bobby just came out with a show about a week and a half ago (I believe) called "Not My Mamma's Meals" on the cooking channel - I wonder if that's purely coincidental? A big part of the show is Bobby making super light versions of Paula's food (like her krispy kreme bread pudding) and then having his Mom taste it. Thus far she seems to have been absolutely delighted by everything he's made.

Get to Know Us: Stella Parks, BraveTart

Hajimemashite Stella! And oooo I envy you! I would love to just drop everything and go on a trip there and somehow find a way to inch myself into Japan but I have no idea how. I'm currently going to school to be an English teacher (easiest way in, I think) but my obsession with baking and sweets has me totally conflicted. I would love nothing more than to (as I said in my other post) go to culinary school for pastry - I just have no idea how I would be able to make it in Japan as a baker!

Once again, love your recipes and thank you again for the wonderful macaron recipe. :)

- Eve

Get to Know Us: Stella Parks, BraveTart

Oh and PSS I forgot to add that along with my ridiculous sweet/baking obsession, I also have a long lived obsession with Japan to the extent that I taught myself Japanese two years ago and still keep up with it (by the way, thank you for the awesome link to findingsachi! I have no idea why I've never seen this blog before). And so I'm curious - did you go to Japan to work? Or was it just a trip?

- Eve

Get to Know Us: Stella Parks, BraveTart

Loved the interview, your writing and love your treats Stella! Your macarons are the only recipe I've tried thus far, however, they have procured me many fans from many people with unbelievable ease.

Also, I totally admire you. I have a ridiculously awful affair with all things sweet and I would love to become a pastry chef someday if I can find the guts to go for what I'm passionate about!

Also, is this verysmallanna the very same anna from ? I have been reading this blog for a while but I didn't know you two are buds - how neat!

- Eve

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

My favorite knife is my Global Chef's knife. I bought this knife right before getting my first job as a prep cook and basically learned how to use it from the other chefs. I remember though that all of the chefs had beautifully crafted Japanese made knifes (and a few wustofs) and I would watch in awe as the knives would cut through veggies and meat like a razor.

Ever since then I have desperately wanted a Japanese knife and I just so happened to recently read an article on Japanese knives in Lucky Peach which tripled my craving for one of the shining beauties.


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