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Win Two VIP Tickets to the 2012 NYC Food Film Festival, October 17 -21

The scene in 'Like Water For Chocolate' with the quail in rose petal sauce. That movie always makes me hungry.

The Best Ramen in New York City

Kenji, thank you so much for knowing what ramen is and not including Hung Ry in the mix. If another person tries to tell me that "Hung Ry makes better ramen than Ippudo", I will stab them with my chopsticks. Ippudo has been passing the drunk salaryman test in Tokyo for years. Comparing with Hung Ry is like saying that Batali makes a better ramen than Ippudo.

A Sandwich A Day: Tortas at Chavella's

I used to order from Chavella's all the time, even though their delivery takes forever. The last time I ordered from there, I found a long, coarse, black hair in my Plato Don. That was the end of the honeymoon for me.

The Vegetarian Option: M Noodle Shop

See, it's posts like this that make me think I maybe should've moved to Billyburg instead of the Financial District. I'd love to see a spicy hot pot roundup on Serious Eats next... 'tis the season for spicy soupy stuff.

Sweet Surprises: Bklyn Larder's Pistachio Cake

We used to make a pistachio cake that looks and sounds really similar (down to the decorative mohican of pistachios on top) at Rose Bakery in Paris. If it's the same thing, it's gorgeous -- and you can bypass the $3.50 per slice price tag by getting the recipe from the Rose Bakery cookbook.

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Watermelon?

This is SO gross but I remember people sprinkling some MSG on big wedges of watermelon when I was a kid growing up in Tokyo. It was always a big mystery to me.

Video: A Tour of the Doomsday Seed Vault

Thanks Adam, Shawshank - I should stop being so lazy and Google stuff myself :) Interesting find, Shawshank!

Animals Eating Friday: Dumpling the Dog Eating a Dumpling

If ever you need a dogsitter, Kenji, please hit me up :D

Amazing 66: A Truly Amazing Menu in Manhattan's Chinatown

Another small bone to pick, following that of the Rebbetzin: Japanese pumpkin is kabocha, not to be confused with kombucha (the ubiquitous seaweed-based health food store tea so popular in trendy NY nabes these days). Kambucha seems like it would be some autumnal fantasy drink for Park Slope yoginis that combine the two.

PS. I live in Park Slope and I love it. Not hatin'.

Celebratory Break-Up Dinner

I have no recommendations but congrats, bisou! It's a great idea - I might have to do the same.

Cook the Book: Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot

Yuzu kosho is one of those condiments that elevates a meal from being merely good to memorable. At home we used to sprinkle it into our individual bowls of pork hot pot with ramen, in which the citrusy peppery-ness of the sprightly yuzu kosho was particularly well-paired with the unctuous broth.

Eats in Japan

Totally agree with yukiyummy and hmw0029, especially on the sweet potatoes and chestnuts that come out of those van-vendors on the street. I also like the special-edition fast food that comes out in the autumn/winter seasons: the pork buns and their cousins (sweet bean buns! pizza buns! curry buns!) at convenience stores and the weird but consistently delicious soupy, stewy, wintry fare at chains like KFC. (Don't hate - KFC in Japan is amaaaazing.)