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How to Whip Cream

I have to say, I grew up with my parents and I making our own whipped cream, and I never understood the crap in the cans. Whipped cream is easier than making ramen practically, and takes less time. I fail to understand how it is impressive, other than that our society has stooped to all-time lows of laziness and convenience. I try not to be negative, but really- whipped cream? *facepalm*

Etiquette for Eating on Planes/Trains/Buses

If people are going to say that it's the food for purchase or nothing- then the airlines need to start being more concientious of what they offer. Vegetarian options as one person pointed out. Kosher and Halal options is another important thing. Gluten free. I've asked on various flights and none of the snacks offered were kosher. Finding past-security food which is kosher is practically impossible in many airports, if not totally impossible. There are some of us who are going to have to bring our own, until the airlines and airports start offering better options (like, oh I don't know, they had back when we still had real cutlery and cups on flights?).

What Are Your Favorite Matzo Recipes for Passover?

I don't make stipulation for non-gebrokts but I do refrain from kitniyot. Every year I do wonder WHY I keep my minhag and avoid kitniyot, but I still do it.

Uses for Tamarind Paste?

Thai food uses tamarind a lot- I use it to make Pad Thai and Satay a lot, as well as various curries and whatnot.

And Now, We Present the Mobius Doughnut

Except, much like the bagel, this isn't a mobius. The CUT may be a mobius, but the end food item is two interlocking rings. You can't trace it as one infinite loop, the true mark of a mobius.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

I'm torn between a bialy or black bread with smoked whitefish salad and chopped liver. Mmm.

Lactose-free Thanksgiving etiquette tips/dessert ideas please!

I'd ask the parents of the wee one what thanksgiving dishes he likes- if he's picky he might not even like a number of the sides. I know when I was a kid I pretty much just ate stuffing and mashed potatoes. That way you set aside a little more of that which he's likely to want, and less if any at all of something he's not going to eat (beets or brussel sprouts or whatever).

Cranberry relish and PA Dutch 'potato filling'?

@finewinedine: That looks just right! Thank you so much!

@PerkyMac: It definitely wasn't jellied cranberry sauce, it was looser than that when stirred but when in the bowl more jelly-like and transparent, hence my guess at jell-o. It was also fairly sweet, much more so than any store-bought that I've ever had.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Cranberry sauce with champagne and currants sounds pretty tasty, that might be my next pick after the ravioli from yesterday...

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage is probably the tastiest idea ever. All my favorite flavors, combined into love on a plate.

Some potluck etiquette questions...

The only time I don't put out something that a guest brings to a potluck is if it is a 100% match for something we already have. Example being someone brings a jar of a specific brand of salsa and a second person brings another jar of the exact same salsa. This happens more often when we have themed potlucks, particularly taco/fiesta parties. We often end up with two or three identical jars of salsa and more than a handful of chip varieties. We put out one bag of each style of chip or salsa and then open the next as the first is consumed.

Cook the Book: Eugenia Bone's 'Well-Preserved'

I can practically everything as it is, but new recipes, especially for proteins, are something I'm actively seeking right now. Moving away from sweet preserves and moving more into the range of things I'd normally buy at the grocery store.

TV Cooking vs. Real Cooking

This is something that I love about Jaques Pepin Fast Food My Way (and More Fast Food My Way). He'll stutter and forget words, and he'll burn himself, and he'll scorch his burgers (I also love how he says burger). Stuff gets messed up, and he says the wrong thing, and they just keep going. It's much more real.

Passover Q&A

A lot of KL'P foodstuffs is packed in extra packaging to protect against these sorts of things, and KL'P food kept unopened from the previous year is (generally) still KL'P this year. As with all things jewish, minhag may vary so AYL(O)R (ask your local (orthodox) rabbi).

Healthy & Delicious: Red Cabbage With Apples and Honey

Sounds like a variation of traditional German rotkohl. I love myself some tasty rotkohl, and every year I make and home-can a big batch of it. Yum.

Concern Over Food Safety and Recalls

I was just going to bring up HR 875 and the other current "food safety" bills in committee right now. Looks like dhorst beat me to it.

Personally I think a good part of the solution is to change the mentality of how we get and produce our food. Big factory farming and getting everything from a supermarket maybe isn't the best way.

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

Puttanesca has recently become one of my favorite pasta dishes, with or without the traditional anchovies.

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

Raw beet ravioli with raw butternut "spaghetti". Yum.

Potato-Broccoli-Cheddar Soup, Without a Lot of Milk?

@renzata thanks, that sounds very helpful. I totally didn't think of doing it fondue-like, but that makes sense!

Potato-Broccoli-Cheddar Soup, Without a Lot of Milk?

@thepictsie yes, serious. A lot of time when I've tried to make something like this without adding a TON of cream or milk, the cheese just sinks to the bottom and makes a big blob and doesn't distribute through the soup well. Hence my asking the question. Thanks for the condescending remark.

Chiquita Banana Lied: Way or No Way?

I have an easy solution- don't eat them at all! Personally, I find banana to be one of the few things in the world that are most foul and ruin everything they come near.

Chicken Liver Pate, hard boiled eggs or no?

I like to have minced boiled egg as a garnish, but not mixed in. That's me though.


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