Point/Counterpoint: On Dairy Queen Coming to Manhattan

I grew up in New Jersey and fondly remember the taste and flavor of Dairy Queen being a unique and special treat on a summer afternoon.

In my opinion, what makes New York special is that we get transplants from all over the world: Ramen from Tokyo, check. Upscale Russian from Moscow, check. Macarons from Paris, check. American ice cream chain, check....check.

We, as Americans and New Yorkers can be just as excited about this addition to our culinary landscape of our city as we are about a fast food chain from the Philippines bringing frozen sweets to Queens.

It's nostalgia, it's flavor, it's special. And instead of shunning it, why not embrace it. Recently New Yorkers have opened their eyes to the glory of an Aussie meat pie via the Pie Face franchise...and I say hooray! What makes our city special is that we are full of chains and local eateries, from all over the world. Let's not leave an American classic out! New York has everything, and I am thrilled to be first ON line for my oreo blizzard!

Where Are You Eating Mooncakes in NYC?

Lung Moon Bakery on Mulberry! 4 luscious, large mooncakes for around 16 bucks in a beautiful red bakery tin. To celebrate, I have the original lotus with salted egg yolk, black bean, green tea with egg yolk and a new mixed nut and coconut. All are delicious and the service is great!

Lunch To Go: Salads at Macaron Cafe

i was just here yesterday for lunch! i had the paris, a sandwich almost too good! i saw that caesar being devoured next to me and it looks like heaven!

Lunch Today: Canton Kitchen

I live right above Canton Kitchen. My apartment building is literally right next door. Nothing is so good there.....But it's serviceable at best.

Ethnic Eats Ideas

Definitely eat Indonesian food in Elmhurst, Queens. Upi Jaya, Java Village, and Minangasli are all authentic and delicious!

5 Matcha Sweets We Love

not a sweet, but the matcha baguette from takahachi bakery is to die for...perfect when toasted and spread with some kaya jam!

Good Bread: Takahachi Bakery

Ideas for TEA in NYC!

Hi All!

Long time reader, first time poster. I'm Ethan, and I write the small and humble tea blog, the tea gastronomer:

For a little over a year, I have been going to tea rooms and tea shops across New York and New Jersey (with a little Southeast Asia thrown in) and writing about it. Check out my blog if you are interested!

Anyway, I certainly have my favorite places in the city, but I'm looking for new places, maybe places that aren't as famous, but have a really good cuppa. I'm always searching for a new place for tea. So if you see a place I haven't yet written about, let me know! Thanks in advance!

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