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Top This: Cavolfiori (à la Stella 34)

Located high above midtown on the top floor of Macy's department store, Stella 34 serves Neapolitan pizza that's worth talking about. The Cavolfiori is a white pie with a base of creamy cauliflower purée, strewn with thinly sliced Meyer lemon and roasted cauliflower florets, and finished with golden breadcrumbs for texture. Although your kitchen may not have the same stunning view of the Empire State Building as the Stella 34 dining room, you can still recreate the restaurant's Cavolfiori pie at home. More

Top This: The Hellboy (à la Paulie Gee's)

Three years ago, Paulie Giannone told then-music supervisor Mike Kurtz he could apprentice at his newly opened pizzeria, Paulie Gee's. Mike told Paulie, "Next week, when I come in, I'm going to bring my condiment." It wasn't long before the two pizzaioli figured out that Mike's chile and vinegar-spiked honey and Paulie's Dellboy pizza (a salty, meaty, piquant pizza made with spicy sopressata, fresh mozz, and parmigiano reggiano) were a match made in pizza heaven. And that's how the aptly named Hellboy, a must-order pie on the Paulie Gee's menu, was born. More

Top This: Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Pizza (à la Williamsburg Pizza)

Ed Levine already named the slices coming out of the Vera Forno oven at Williamsburg Pizza "top-five-in-NYC quality." So we decided to hit up this South Williamsburg newcomer and talk to owner and pizzaiolo Nino Coniglio about his stellar toppings. Of special interest was an off-menu square pie topped with smoky thick-cut bacon, smoked mozzarella, pungent gorgonzola, and apples that go all soft and sweet in the oven. Click through the slideshow below to learn how to make this salty-sweet, porky pizza at home. What You'll Need (for one pizza) 1 dough portion (See Kenji's Basic Square Pan Pizza Dough... More

A Pizza My Mind: On Planning a Pizza Crawl

Ultimately, pizza crawls are about feeling accomplished when it's all said and done. And that requires eating a ton of pizza. When you think about it, the logical solution to maintaining your stamina is calling it quits mid-slice. But are you going to leave a slice from Di Fara's or a pie from Paulie Gee's unfinished? No, and I wouldn't either. More

Top This: Siciliana (à la Amorina)

We made a trip to Prospect Heights' Amorina to check out the Siciliana pie, on which the sweet acidity of orange segments marries with caramelized onions and fennel, to great effect. Throw some creamy ricotta, briny kalamata olives, and punchy mint on there like the boys at Amorina do, and you've got yourself one make-at-home-worthy pie. More

Top This: Anchovy and Pecorino Sardo Pizza (à la Franny's)

The pizza hits all the high notes in terms of flavor. Anchovy and capers bring a brininess and saltiness to the pie. Chile de arbor brings the heat. Aged Pecorino Sardo brings a whirlwind of flavors including grassy, earthy, salty, and slightly sweet. The pizza is finished with lemon juice for acidity, and a generous dousing of good quality extra virgin olive oil, which simply makes everything come together into one beautifully delicious work of minimalist pizza art. More

Top This: Pizza del Papa (à la Keste)

At Kesté on Bleecker Street, chef and owner Roberto Caporuscio combines roasted, pureed butternut squash with grated smoked mozzarella and creamy ricotta to create the "butternut squash cream" for his Pizza del Papa. The pizza is then topped with pools of gooey smoked mozzarella, marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers, and fresh basil. All that on Kesté's perfectly bubbly, airy, chewy Neapolitan crust? Man, we just had to make this one at home! More

Daily Slice: Pizza Gruppo, NYC

Known throughout Alphabet City for its solid thin-crust pizza, Gruppo is not truly a slice joint, but it does serve individual slices at lunch and at Happy Hour. The dough-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio is right on for their thin crust. More

Top This: Baby Sinclair (à la Roberta's)

@BGEPizza: Way to be resourceful! That still sounds awesome.

Top This: Baby Sinclair (à la Roberta's)

@BKMatt: Agreed!

@Tally: They really should re-air that show.

Forcella's Make-Your-Own Neapolitan Pizza Sessions

@imwalkin: So much fun.
@Mmmph: Definitely call and ask if Giulio will do it in April. I too imagine he will make an exception.
@gargupie: The session is about 10 minutes long. And yes, calling them is the best way to make a ressie.

Gift Guide: For the Pizza Lover

oh mann mike's hot honey is so freaking good.

Top This: Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Pizza (à la Williamsburg Pizza)

@imwalkin: Gorgonzola piccante. Enjoy!

Top This: Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Pizza (à la Williamsburg Pizza)

Top This: Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Pizza (à la Williamsburg Pizza)

Hi @FredipusRex. Nino usually puts walnuts on the apple and bacon pizza, as well as a similar pie that he makes with Bosc pears and gorgonzola. But he decided not to include the walnuts on the pie he made while I was there, and the pie was totally awesome sans nuts. So I'd say include the walnuts if you want, and definitely don't include them if you're allergic!!

@imwalkin-When I asked what type of apples he likes to use on the pizza, Nino said any type. That day, he was using apples he had picked in NY State a couple weeks prior. I would suggest using an apple with a good sweet-tart balance that holds some of its shape when cooked, like you would use for baking. Check this out: http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2009/11/taste-test-finding-the-best-apples-for-baking.html

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever (Unless You Have a Better One)

still a GREAT recipe...5 years later

Top This: Butternut Squash Pizza (à la Grandaisy Bakery)

@cbmiller..that can be arranged.

A Pizza My Mind: On Planning a Pizza Crawl

@TXCraig1 - I will seriously work on my stamina and then I'm coming with you, Adam and FredipusRex on a crawl. And finishing every single slice.

Daily Slice: Al Pastor Pizza from Rosario's, Philadelphia

OMG, my two favorite foods combined into one.

Top This: Pistacchio e Salsiccia (à la Don Antonio)

@John Wozniak, let me know how the pie turns out! I'm very curious to see if raw then toasted pistachios trump roasted ones in the flavor dept.

Top This: Pistacchio e Salsiccia (à la Don Antonio)

@John Wozniak, the pistachios are raw, and then they are toasted. The toasting helps to intensify the pistachio flavor.

Top This: Cotechino and Cavolo Nero (à la Pizzeria Ortica)

I think you just "topped" my last pizza oven shot with slide 6

Best Moments at Serious Eats World Headquarters from 2011

Slide 5: SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

Top This: Anchovy and Pecorino Sardo Pizza (à la Franny's)

Thanks jimmyg. And thanks Kelly--I thought my camera was going to melt!

Top This: Cauliflower 'Merguez' Pizza (à la Pizza by Cer Té)

@jimmyg: You noticed right! Chef Edward puts mozz on the dough, par bakes it for a couple minutes, and then takes it out. He then adds the fennel, sausage, roasted red pepper, and more mozz, and cooks the pizza until it's done.

Chef says he does this because he likes the cheese to be extra bubbly, but in a home oven this step would probably prove superfluous.

@age136: Thanks for the reblog!

Los Angeles Tacos: Birria for the Hollywood Masses at Cactus Taqueria

God i love cactus. But since were talking about birria here-head to El Parian on Pico (near downtown). The meaty, aromatic broth...the tennnder pieces of goat...the handmade tortillas...it's just insane.

Daily Slice Sandwich Deluxe: Shortstop Deli, Ithaca, NY

...and next time you go you should get the dinosaur bbq pulled pork sub

Daily Slice Sandwich Deluxe: Shortstop Deli, Ithaca, NY


@meredith, thanks for doing shortstop justice ;)

Cocoron Shows Us What Soba Should Taste Like

Cocoron Shows Us What Soba Should Taste Like

This place is across from my apartment and it is THE BEST.

For dessert the other night, I got green tea affogato with red bean, corn flakes, and mochi. Excellent after the stamina soba.

Daily Slice: J&V Pizzeria, Brooklyn

@John Wozniak: poetic license?

Daily Slice: J&V Pizzeria, Brooklyn

@square_pie: I paid $2.50 for the slice.

@everybody - You're right, that was not their plain slice. It was a slice with fresh mozz. My B! I'll need to pay J&V a few more visits to try everything, including the plain slice, because this place is awesome.

Top This: Montanara (à la Forcella)

Help PizzaMoto Settle in Red Hook with a Turn of the Century Oven

We fell hard and fast for PizzaMoto's mobile wood-fired pies back in 2009. But mobile ovens can be as tricky to find as they are to operate and maintain, so we were pretty pumped to learn that the PizzaMoto team is getting ready to open their very first stationary pizzeria this fall. And they want your help raising the $50,000 they need to restore the turn of the century oven in their new Red Hook location. More

We Chat with Chef Carmen Quagliata of Union Square Cafe

Chef Carmen Quagliata has been at the helm of Union Square Cafe for eight years now. And along with some big changes (adding a small plate menu for the bar, starting a weekend brunch program and recently opening up the front of the restaurant for a 14-seat chef's table), he's constantly developing his menu, keeping in touch both with his Italian roots and the ever-evolving ingredients coming from the market only 50 yards away.

We chatted with Quagliata about this line—how do you evolve such an iconic restaurant while making sure it remains true to itself?


Video: Farm to Keg Pumpkin/Squash Ale from Captain Lawrence Brewing

Friend of SE Liza de Guia recently shared a new Food Curated video that captures the making of Katchkie Harvest Ale, a collaboration between one of our favorite local breweries, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY, and Katchkie Farm in Columbia County, NY, along with Executive Chef Robb Garceau of Great Performances. The brew used 300 pounds of purée made from fresh local pumpkins and kabocha squash. More

The Food Lab: How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho

There are few things better for the soul or the body than a tangle of slick rice noodles in a rich, crystal clear, intensely beefy broth; the warm aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and star anise rising up in a cloud of steam. The intensely savory-salty hint of fish sauce balanced by a squeeze of lime juice and a handful of fresh herbs and chilies that you add to your bowl as you eat. Here's how to make it at home. More

Forest Hills: Gloria Pizza's Triumphant Return

Gloria, hallelujah! Among Queens residents who've been around long enough to remember it, the second coming of Gloria Pizza is kind of a big deal. The stuff of Chowhounder legend, the original Gloria, in Flushing, closed in the mid '90s but lived on in the memories of fans and on the message boards of the foodiesphere. The reincarnated version opened in Forest Hills on Tuesday of last week. More

Pizza Preview: Don Antonio in Midtown Manhattan

It's no surprise that the menus at Kesté and Midtown Manhattan newcomer Don Antonio are similar, but there are some exciting new pies at the Midtown joint — including the Montanara Starita, a version of the deep-fried pizza that's been cropping up among the newer Neapolitan places. Slice got a sneak peek at some of the items exclusive to Don Antonio. Peep the slideshow here to get the skinny. More