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Pizza peel substitute?

Take a look at the Portion PadL on Amazon. The one side is a flat surface which is a great surface for prep and making your pizza. The other side is a peel and a pizza cutting board to cut equal slices. The Portion PadL has a heat tolerance that will allow you to take your pizza off the pizza stone while in the oven without the risk of getting burned. Like a Portion PadL custom made or questions? Email Greg Getzinger at

A Shortcut When Making Your Home Made Pizza

I own a pizza business. It's not unusual for my customers to want to make their own pizza, but don't have the time, knowledge or patience to make their own great tasting pizza dough.

Since I make the dough daily and are locally known for a great tasting pizza crust, some customers will buy just the fresh dough balls. That way they can spend more time making their own pizza sauce and unique toppings

If you don't have time to make your own pizza dough, check with your favorite neighborhood pizzeria. Maybe they will sell you a fresh dough ball too.I know this may not be acceptable for the pizza perfectionist reading this, but in a pinch, a great shortcut when making your "homemade" pizza.

I saw a recent post about making wheat pizza crust. I make a multi grain wheat crust. The recipe is a trade secret. I can't share the recipe, but our customers buy our wheat crust dough balls too. Their main reason, so they can make a healthier pizza.

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